Kirill Rozhkovsky
“We live in the era of informational overdose when the possibility to get relevant, high-quality, accurate, and perfectly packed content for fast consumption is precious. And somehow the conferences that generate this kind of materials are not digitized yet — and all the knowledge and insights of industry thoughts leaders are not available after the event. The ConferenceCast.tv fill up this gap and provides the content that you need and in the form that you prefer: videos with time-tags and highlights, text scripts, fast search by keywords/author/event, audio versions of the talks, decks, and many more.”
ConferenceCast is a team of professionals who digitalize conferences and different types of events for ten years. The top-level experts have already helped many conference organizers to increase their revenue by up to 30% in Western and Eastern Europe and the U.S.
+1 (929) 333-5537 welcome@conferencecast.tv
c/o Doodle Studios 446 W 14th St, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10014
Kirill Rozhkovsky
Serial entrepreneur. Launched mobile ads network Wapstart, digital platform for offline conferences Omyconf!, was a director of business development at Eventicious.com
Dennis Zhuravlev
CTO, IT-entrepreneur. A developer of high-tech software products since 1998. An owner of Ph.D. in Tech.
Tanya Shevchenko
head of operations
Has 10 years of experience of developing IT-projects, “heart” of the processes at ConferenceCast, and amazing mom for her kid.
Svitlana Rahimova
Bizdev in the US. Has 18 years of experience as a tech journalist and editor, 9 years of Media Relationship, PR and Marketing Communications consulting, Content Marketing Production for IT-companies.
Nikolay Ovchinnikov
Art-director. Has 15 years of experience in web-design. Worked for SeoPult, ChefMarket, Mirvracha, etc.