Any effective sales email has several basic elements, each of them should serve to capture and retain your prospect's interest at every stage of your sales letter.

1. Catching subject line

The headline should be related to the content of your message and interest of your recipient (in the context of your proposal) - based on what you know about it in advance.

Avoid catchy slogans (so that it doesn't look like a standard PR trick).

A good question pertaining to the recipient in the subject line can significantly improve open rates.

2. Start with essentials

It is important to know if your prospects appreciate the opening of Mrs or Mr, or less formal. To clarify this, accurately represent your ideal client profile.

The beginning of the letter should be related to the subject.:

  • quickly identify the context of why you are applying
  • take a step towards building trust and authority
  • extend the natural transition to your sales pitch

All of this is good to fit into a short sentence or two, which are relevant to the subject line that started this original sales letter.

3. Сreate a strong pitch

Provide enough additional context about who you are.

In one simple sentence, explain the problem you are solving.

Highlight clear benefits that may be relevant to your prospect.

And try to make it clear that this letter was created by hand based on real research that you (or your team) have done.

4. Give A Clear Call To Action

Simple examples are:

  • give specific dates and times if you’re asking for a call or demo:
  • offer no more than 3 options
  • use the 1, 2, 3 email hack if you haven’t been getting replies.

You can learn more about writing the newsletters that will provide you with revenue from the following videos: