This personality type has many benefits, but it is difficult to be open and connect with new people. Attending networking events and meeting new people can be quite intimidating. Here are some guidelines you might find useful.

1. Before attending a certain social event, it is worth determining how many people and what you want to communicate with. Perhaps prepare questions for new people in advance. It is also worth considering what to tell about yourself.

2. To make it easier for you to attend the event, you can bring a colleague or friend with you. If you need to go it alone, you can establish at least one connection.

3. Schedule multiple icebreakers or casual conversations. The goal is to simply start a conversation without being awkward.

4. Being an active listener part helps to become an interesting conversationalist. It means being present and listening without constantly thinking about how you are going to respond. It also means participation without words. If you just nod in the right places, make small or minor interjections, and maintain eye contact, the other person will become interested and the conversation will flow naturally and easily.

4. To stop worrying about what to say next and what the interlocutor is thinking, it is better to try to focus on your new acquaintance.

5. Trying to relax, smile, and look as warm and at ease as possible will open the door for someone to come up to you and start a conversation. Even a slight smile will show openness to communication.

6. The quality of the interlocutors is more important than the number, so don't be upset if you leave the event without a ton of business cards. It simply means that the goal should be to create strong bonds, as opposed to many weak and superficial bonds.

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