After a year of pause for much of the world, the cannabis industry is coming back full force this year. As the cannabis movement grows around the world, the industry continues to present exciting products and overcome prohibition all over. Follow our catalog so you do not miss the best medical cannabis business conferences for 2021 and other upcoming cannabis industry events.

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  1. Cannabis Industry Conferences 2021 Overview
  2. Best Cannabis Conferences in 2021
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Cannabis Industry Conferences 2021

Last year presented many challenges and forced a change of course in every industry. The cannabis industry was no different. Cannabis industry conferences and events provide great opportunities for consumers and entrepreneurs to network and discuss the industry's growth and developments. Unfortunately, many had to miss out on learning about new cannabinoid products, scientific discoveries and positive worldwide policy changes. Although some conferences adapted to a digital form and offered the option to attend virtually, many were canceled.

However, cannabis conventions in 2021 are making up for lost time, with over 50 conferences and awards ceremonies in the first half of the year and over 30 more to happen still. CBD events are taking place all over the world, from Las Vegas to South Africa. Hot topics this year include expanded legalization, business advancement strategies, new solutions to industry challenges and exciting new products. Experience the 20 best CBD events of 2021 to see the industry's growth.

Best Cannabis Conferences in 2021

Cannapalooza Worldwide 2021; Bentley, MI

August 20-22

Cannapalooza Worldwide happens yearly on the third weekend in August. Cannapalooza is dedicated to eliminating cannabis prohibition throughout the world. The event features music, arts and education with guest speakers and artists.

Cannabis Conference; Las Vegas, NV

August 24-26

This conference is great for both newcomers and veterans in the industry. The event focuses exclusively on plant-touching businesses, bringing together cultivation professionals from all over. Experienced speakers will discuss topics like cultivation, extraction and technology.

Tri-State Summit & Expo, Philadelphia, PA

August 25-26

The Tri-State Cannabis Summit & Expo will feature seminars, exhibitions and networking opportunities. Attendees will learn about the latest legislation and licensing while also learning new selling and production strategies.

Grow Tradefest; Lake Ozark, MO

August 27-29

The Grow Tradefest features three days of vendors, educational seminars and opportunities to network, build connections and trade industry knowledge. Hosted the same weekend as a boat race, it is a great opportunity to market your brand and build your following.

Southern Hemp Expo; Nashville TN

September 2-4

The Southern Hemp Expo will have over 150 exhibitors, over 100 industry expert speakers and three days of educational seminars. The event discusses a wide range of topics, from farming to processing to food products. The expo sold out in 2018 and 2019, so get your tickets today.

Midwest Cannabis Business Conference; Detroit, MI

September 22-23

Led by the National Cannabis Industry Association, this is the first-ever Midwest Cannabis Business Conference. Business executives, cultivators and innovators will gather to discuss the growing Midwest market. Sign up to register as soon as registration is announced.

The State of Cannabis; California

September 17-18

The State of Cannabis is a two-day event that brings together industry leaders, investors and policymakers. The conference features a valuable opportunity for legislators and industry professionals to discuss the industry's challenges in order to create policy for a sustainable future of cannabis in California.

The Cannabis Expo Johannesburg; Johannesburg, South Africa

September 16-19

The Cannabis Expo features education, innovative products, and various businesses in the industry while discussing the health, agricultural, and financial aspects of cannabis. The expo is considered a global marketplace and is the largest expo of its kind in Africa. This year, the Cannabis Expo featured an event in Mexico and will feature another in Cape Town in November.

Women in Cannabis Expo; Reno, NV

September 27-29

The Women in Cannabis Expo was established to bring together women from around the world who are working in, or hope to work in, the cannabis industry. The event features three days of exhibitors and speakers, providing opportunities to discuss working in the industry and build connections with other women.

CannMed 2021; Pasadena, CA

September 29-October 1

CannMed highlights the progress in cannabis cultivation, science, medicine and safety. CannMed gathers experts to discuss the latest findings and technologies surrounding the health benefits of cannabis. CannMed is one of the best medicinal cannabis business conferences for 2021.

Business of Cannabis: New York; New York, NY

September 29

This event is organized jointly by Business of Cannabis and Prohibition Partners, featuring over 300 industry leaders to discuss the future of the cannabis sector in New York. With guest speakers like Senator Liz Krueger, Pablo Zuanic of Cantor Fitzgerald and Cornell professor Dr. Carlyn Buckler, attendees will discuss cannabis legalization in New York and answers to the questions that come with it.

MJBizCon; Las Vegas, NV

October 19-21

MJBizCon is a chance to hear from industry experts and stakeholders and learn about the most recent developments and news surrounding cannabis. The event features over 1,000 exhibitors and over 80 speakers. This year will feature Shark Tank Star and CEO of FUBU, Daymond John, in one of the best CBD conventions for 2021.

USA CBD Expo; Chicago, IL

October 28-30

The USA CBD Expo is the largest CBD event in the nation. The expo features over 50 speakers, over 300 vendors and over 10,000 attendees. This provides for unlimited networking, great seminars and opportunities to hear about the latest cannabinoid products and developments in the industry.

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo; New York, NY

November 4-6

The CWCBExpo provides all of the inside information that comes with running a cannabis, hemp or hybrid business. The event is a great way to experience the market, market your business and meet with leading exhibitors, all while building new bridges for potential collaboration.

Hemp Grower Conference; Orlando, FL

November 8-10

Hemp Grower Conference will bring together hemp companies, researchers, entrepreneurs and legislators with a stake in the market. The conference will feature speakers, educational seminars and an abundance of networking opportunities throughout the event.

Canna Pharma 2021; San Diego, CA

November 9-10

Canna Pharma 2021 takes place in person and online, featuring scientific discussions on cannabis and providing two full days of presentations and networking opportunities. A lineup of 20 industry experts will provide insight into cannabis cultivation and developments in one of the best medical marijuana events in 2021

Black CannaConference; New Orleans, LA

November 18-20

The Black CannaConference is a national conference for cannabis founders, experts and consumers of color. The conference provides a space to hear from business owners and speakers of color and learn about approaching the industry from various backgrounds.

Lift & Co. Expo; Toronto, Canada

November 18-21

The Lift & Co. Expo takes place in Canada every year, focusing on cannabis and psychedelics. The event attracts tens of thousands of visitors from around the world and features more than 250 exhibitors and over 100 speakers. It is a space to build connections, learn from others and showcase products.

CannaCon Northeast; Virginia Beach, VA

November 19-20

CannaCon Northeast is one of several events this year after successful past events in Chicago and Oklahoma. CannaCon will bring together cannabis businesses, lineup and experts to discuss the latest cannabis products and technology along with presentations on business values and responsible community involvement.

Oklahoma Cannabis Convention; Oklahoma City, OK

November 12-13

Sponsored by Imperious, the Oklahoma Cannabis Convention features over 50 entities to discuss the business and opportunities of cannabis. This exciting opportunity allows attendees to make face-to-face connections, build business relationships and learn from the best in the industry. Keynote speakers include the trailblazing Ed Rosenthal and the influential Chip Paul.


There is a wealth of opportunities to learn more about the cannabis industry this year. Find which conferences are right for you so you stay on top of the latest industry developments.

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