Regardless of the industry you work in, there is no escaping business slang.

Business jargon can be helpful early on in your career, and using it can signal that you are part of a team. The problem is that there are often boring phrases, phrases that express what can be said much easier and more clearly.

Here are some examples:

  1. It's a win-win situation - It’s a situation or outcome where everyone comes away happy. It is useen too often to sound convincing of at least funny.
  2. Think outside the box - This uncreative saying means the person might already stuck inside the box.
  3. Grab the low-hanging fruit - Lets go after the easiest sales targets first.
  4. In today's world - It simply means now.
  5. Push the envelope - There is no special envelope to push.
  6. Let’s have an ideation session. - Let’s have a meeting to think about this.
  7. Reach out. The origins of the phrase come from advertisement of an AT&T in 1980 saying “reach out and touch someone.” Later, “reach out” got the meaning:  just call, text, email, message, or otherwise get in touch with someone.
  8. Circle back. According to several surveys, this one of the most hated phrases in business.  The meaning is “Let’s talk about it later.”
  9. Dialogue (as a verb).  It’s an example of the common practice of taking a noun and turning it into a verb ... even though there’s a perfectly good verb “ to talk”. The reason why people are still using dialogue is maybe it’s because it has more syllables, so people think it sounds more serious and businesslike.
  10. Сorporate Synergy. Basically, this means that you can achieve more by working as a team than alone. The word "Synergy" is much shorter, so there really is a reason for using it. But it is used too often when one can simply say "cooperation", "cooperation" or "unification".

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