All web designers know how important it is to keep in mind a lot of design standards and guidelines. But it’s easy to miss the usability factor. Here are some common usability errors:

  1. Small interactive areas

Regardless of the device, every user should have an equal opportunity to hit a CTA. Therefore, interactive areas should be large enough for each device, and also clearly perceived as calls to action.

2.  Headings are weakly accented

Headlines, starting from the home page, are extremely important to sales and are viewed first.

In addition, customers need to grasp the essence of the page as soon as possible before they lose interest.

3. Slow loading site

A slow website isn't good for sales because people are impatient.

In addition, Google ranks pages based on their speed.

4. Inappropriate font.

The font should be easy to read, clearly distinguishable, and not distract from the content. In addition, sections and subsections must vary in size.

5. Forms are too large to fill out

When creating forms, it's important to consider how valuable your content is and what information is needed to attract a qualified lead. If users can easily find a similar offer elsewhere, they may not want to share personal information.

6. Non-responsive design.

The navigation elements should be reduced to the main one only. This also means ensuring that the photos are resized correctly, especially on a much smaller screen, and cropping out the background copy so visitors don't scroll through an endless chain of content just to get to the CTA at the bottom.

You can learn more about UX from the following videos: