SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy, so it is important to be well aware of the challenges others are facing and avoid them in your marketing efforts.

1 Not knowing your audience and not having a content plan and SEO roadmap.

Marketers don't always understand consumers’ behavior in their market.

It’s also very important to have a strategy, which is supported by executives who understand the importance of SEO and are trained in best practices.

2. Not using analytics to measure conversion

SEO isn't just about huge amounts of free traffic. Sometimes phrases with less traffic will convert better because they are more specific, and getting first page rankings for some of them can lead to a significant increase in sales.

3. Publishing non-original content

Copying and plagiarizing content is seen as a spamming practice punishable by search engines downgrading a site.

4. Lack of optimization for the right keywords

Focusing on general keywords can generate a lot of traffic, but how long will it take and how realistic is it? Sometimes, in many cases, it is better to use more specific phrases, which usually leads to faster rankings and more qualified traffic.

5. Lack of unique heading tags and meta descriptions.

Page titles are usually posted on tweets and used as text, so descriptive and unique titles are very important.

A custom meta description entices a customer to click on a specific ad in the search results.

5. Incorrect use of anchor text for internal links

For example, using a CTA as a link can increase the number of clicks, but it can make it impossible to customize anchor text. Optimizing anchor text is important, but having the same anchor text for every link on a page can scare away visitors.

A single link from a popular source can do more search engine rankings than thousands of links to a low-quality directory.

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