Conferences discussing human resources are rich, both in number and in knowledge. But with so many conferences being held each year, which ones should you attend in 2021?

And what if you miss some? Is there any site where you can watch recordings of some of the most popular HR conferences?


We have listed the 23 top HR conferences 2021 you can attend Virtual and In-person. And with ConferenceCast by your side, you can watch recordings of video talks you missed!

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HR Industry Events 2021: An Overview

Human resources conferences are the buzz of 2021. Every year, over 100 different HR conferences are held in the US alone. And many more take place internationally. However, in recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most HR conferences have either moved to entirely virtual or hybrid platforms. And this means convenience for people who want to attend the conferences right from the comfort of their homes.

Most conferences begin with an opening ceremony. The segregation of attendees follows that into individual workshops. Each conference may have up to 100 different workshops. And you have the leisure of choosing which ones you want to attend. From there, it's an interactive session with the speaker. And it's usually followed by some time to communicate with other attendees and learn more about your field.

For an HR specialist, a human resources conference should never miss. And here's why:

  • HR conferences provide opportunities to learn more about your field. Attendees will gain knowledge of recruitment techniques, new and upcoming strategies, and technology.
  • Attendees will learn about cultural and ethnic diversity in the workplace. They'll also learn about gender parity.
  • Such conferences enable specialists and students to interact with experts in the field. In addition, the experts will share their experiences and give tips to the learners.
  • For professionals, HR conferences allow you to communicate and connect with other professionals. You might even settle a sponsorship deal.
  • Finally, HR conferences lend credibility to your resume. Most conferences offer certifications after the session.

23 Best Human Resources Conferences 2021

SHRM21 Annual Conference & Expo – Chicago, Illinois

The SHRM21 expo is one of the major human resources events 2021 for every HR professional. This conference is attended annually by over 25,00 professionals in the HR field. And it invites over 1,000 international delegates, which means there's a high potential to make connections.

The conference, held each year on June 20-23, is available for virtual and in-person attendees. The event lasts for 3-4 days and includes empowering talks and technical sessions. Speakers at the event include Marissa Andrada and Bert Jacobs to give technical discussions on HR diversity and inclusion.

2021 Global Online Conference "HR Innovation and Future of Work" – Virtual

This global conference was held on March 8-12. The topic of the year was "HR innovation and future of work." It saw the marriage of technology and HR as well as concepts like inclusivity and diversity.

The conference was attended by roughly 15,000 attendees and had over 100 sessions with 500 speakers. Key topics at the conference included talent development and the cultural side of HR.

2021 IPMA – HR International Training Conference & Expo Conference – Indianapolis, Indiana

A great opportunity for students and professionals alike, the 2021 IPMA conference should be on your day planner. This HR conference will be from September 18-22. And it's the perfect learning opportunity for people who want to know about professional HR strategies.

The IPMA's organizers, attendees at this conference will find ample time to network with others and grow their connections. Speakers include Melissa Asher, Senior Leader CPS HR Consulting, and Pam Dollard, President IPMA-HR.

HRcore Lab – Virtual

HRcore Lab brings you three virtual conferences merged into a single mega-event. It's held from March 3 to March 5 and touches upon effective recruitment and analytics. Additionally, the conference centers around mobilizing a faster HR recruitment system.

An ideal choice for professionals in the field, the conference stars speakers such as Tom Haak and Farra Ekeroth. Both of them are HR leaders that set the recruitment tone straight for their brands.

Wowhr Global Conference – Virtual

The WOWHR is a global conference where professionals and students worldwide gather to discuss HR. Its primary focus is on innovations in the HR industry, such as implementing technology and a digital corporate.

However, there are softer subjects as well, including mental health and diversity in business. On July 15th, 2021, the conference features 6 HR brand leaders as speakers for the event.

HR Of Tomorrow Conference 2021 – Virtual

HR of Tomorrow is a fully virtual human resource meetings 2021 of particular interest to professionals in the field. Although virtual, the speakers at the conference mainly hail from Europe and specialize in recruitment. They talk about effective recruitment strategies and talent management skills.

Attendees get to learn about high-volume recruiting and agile sourcing and interact with experts from Europe. The conference was on March 25 and 26 and covered topics like employee management.

Talent Connect – Boston, Massachusetts

If you're a talented individual who wants to learn how big companies recruit their workers. Talent Connect is a major event held from October 14-16. It enjoins professionals from highly successful Fortune 500 companies. And yes, that includes Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

At this two-day conference, professionals discuss best practices and recruiting strategies. And the underlying theme is making recruitments through LinkedIn. The conference invites speakers such as Michelle Obama and Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn itself.

HR West Conference – Virtual

The HR West Conference is an annual technological event held from March 17 to 18. It's one of the biggest conferences in HR that combines human resources with technology. This conference is a melting pot of brewing innovation.

Over 80 speakers talk at the event. They explain concepts like workplace data analytics, technological tools, and globalization. The professionals offer first-hand industry insights. And they motivate attendees to find the leader within themselves.

Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration – Chicago, Illinois (Virtual)

The Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration (VGHC) is an annual gathering of over 30,000 people. The conference celebrates women in STEM fields by providing an open platform for working female icons. Those interested in learning more about gender parity in STEM fields should not miss this one.

Held from September 26-29, this conference is the spotlight of the year. With professionals engaging virtually from over 115 countries, you're sure to make great connections. And speakers like Susan Rice and Aparna Bawa will motivate young women to pursue STEM careers.

The Future of Employee Engagement 2021 – Virtual

The Future of Employee Engagement is a highly sophisticated conference. It discusses COVID and how it affects HR perspectives. It takes a post-pandemic look at how employees view their jobs and employers and how they should remain engaged.

This conference will be on the 3rd of November and attended by Lance Secretan, founder of The Secretan Center. Other speakers include Ted Lasso, head coach at AFC Richmond, and Nina Schoen, Director of Product Management at Salesforce.

Next Practices Now 2021 – Scottsdale, Arizona

For industry leaders in HR and recruitment, the Next Practices Now conference isn't something you'd want to miss. It's a high-profile event that takes place from November 2nd-4th. Although the entrance fee is relatively high, senior HR managers will certainly benefit from this conference.

Its main topic for this year is how you can create harmony between the current pandemic situation and your workforce. In addition, you'll hear from industry experts like Alan Murray, the CEO of Fortune Media.

Worldatwork 2021 Total Rewards Conference Exhibition – Phoenix, Arizona

Another conference for business leaders and HR seniors is the WorldatWork conference. This convention also takes place in Arizona. However, this event is a lot more personal than others. Total Rewards organize it to interact with their employees and managers and secure connections.

Aside from that, the conference also hosts learning opportunities. For example, keynote speakers like Danica Patrick will guide you through employee management strategies.

28th Human Resource Summit – Prague, Czech Republic

For citizens of the Czech Republic, the 28th Human Resource Summit is the perfect learning and connecting opportunity. However, this summit is mainly for senior HR members. Therefore, those looking for maximum employee satisfaction will particularly enjoy this meeting.

This is a high-profile conference attended by 80 senior HR delegates from companies from all over the world. And there will be more than 40 speakers present. They will cover topics like business succession and post-pandemic employee inspiration.

Optimize Your Talent Acquisition Tools and Technology – Virtual

For leaders in their field who want to attract talent, this virtual conference must attend. This virtual conference focuses on how one can use technology and modern tools to attract fresh talent.

The conference will take place online on the 3rd of November. You will have interactive sessions and educational talks with presenters and delegates. Key speakers at the event include Bill Craib, the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Learning at Human Capital Institute.

HR Florida Conference & Expo 2021 – Kissimmee, Florida

If you're always looking for new HR trends and leadership development strategies, this is for you. The HR Florida Conference & Expo is a 4-day event discussing key employee engagement and retention issues. It's one of the best HR events 2021 for people who like to stay updated.

The conference also touches upon broader topics such as workforce trends and how you can catch up with them. Additionally, attendees will learn more about the various rules and regulations that define HR.

Decoding Future HR 2021 – Virtual

The pandemic has seriously shifted the flow of work and the attitudes of taskforces. Therefore, the Decoding Future HR Conference is highly needed at times. It's an intensive conference where speakers talk about how organizations can come out of the effects of the pandemic.

This conference focuses more on evidence rather than mere thought. What have other HR professionals applied that has worked to maintain employee engagement? And what hasn't worked? Moreover, the conference will be attended by delegates from major companies like Samsung, eBay, and Walmart, to name a few. It's one of the most credible HR virtual conferences 2021.

Develop Your Future Workforce - Virtual

Developing a workforce takes hard work. That's why every HR authority should attend the Develop Your Future Workforce Conference. At this event, you'll learn all about how to build a workforce and divide workloads based on individual talents.

Keynote speakers like Bill Craib will be present. They'll walk you through the process of effective talent acquisition and trend identification. In addition, HR executives and learners will interact with each other and build their business connections.

2021 Virtual Conference: Engage and Develop Great People Managers - Virtual

2021 Engage and Develop Great People Managers conference isn't something you'd want to miss if you're an HR executive. The conference explores how you can mobilize your managers and set them up for success in the future.

The main points at the conference include how to help managers communicate with each other and wight their teams. Featured speakers include Michael Ehret, the Head of Global Talent Management at Johnson & Johnson.

Spring HR Tech 2021 - Virtual

This conference is a must for those seeking a personal session where speakers and major HR experts interact. In addition, the Spring HR Tech 2021 conference provides an opportunity to connect with industry leaders directly.

But there's one curricle component that completely changes the game here: the AI-powered matchmaking process. You'll pass through a basic AI evaluation that will assess your interests and skill at the event. Then, it will match you up with a professional according to your requirements.

AHRD 2021 Virtual Conference – Virtual

The Academy of Human Resource Development conference is a virtual event held from February 17 to 19. This conference will touch upon topics like rapid industry changes. And you'll learn about adapting to developing technology. And the best part is that it's completely virtual.

The AHRD conference is directly headed by the AHRD and offers numerous talk sessions with experts in HR. The conference opens a gateway for seniors and juniors alike to connect and share world-changing ideas.

HR Summit Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia

If you live near Melbourne, Australia, and have a knack for HR development, you must attend the HR Summit. This summit is attended by key personnel in the HR business, which means the perfect opportunity to grow your connections.

At the summit, you'll get to interact with HR specialists like David Adamson, the head of Marketplace Solutions. In addition, the workshops include discussions on mental health, talent acquisition, and disability.

Impact 2021 – Pheonix, Arizona

If you prefer to have personal sessions with speakers, the Impact 2021 conference is a good option. At this conference, you'll get to chat personally and have Q&A sessions with industry-leading HR specialists.

Additionally, there's the AI-enabled matchmaking system. It ensures you match with a like-minded individual. Aside from that, there are workshops headed by numerous speakers. Presenters like Shawn Achor and Dan Pink, New York Times best-selling authors, will also be present.

The HR Southwest Conference – Dallas, Texas + Virtual

The HR Southwest Conference is considered one of the world's biggest events for HR professionals to connect and communicate. This year, the conference will turn 80 years old and be held virtually from October 18-21 and physically from October 11-13.

Each year, the conference invites over 2,500 attendees, including speakers and exhibitors. You'll learn about personal and professional development, HR managing strategies, the future of HR, and HR technology.

HR Industry Events 2021 At Conferencecast

Not everyone can be present at every conference at the same time. That's why we at Conferencecast provide unlimited access to talks about human resources. In addition, we aim to offer you a platform that lets you access conference records after the event.

That you can watch human resources video talks at your leisure. And you get to attend multiple sessions from the same conference, which may not have been possible physically. Plus, our conference videos let you jot down notes at your own pace.

We have a catalog of over a dozen HR conferences and human resources trade shows 2021. And the list keeps getting updated by the hour. Our mission is to provide hassle-free access to all HR conferences, such as the In-house Recruitment Live Virtual 2020.

Final Thoughts

Attending human resources conventions 2021 might be the best decision you could make this year. However, most conferences have shifted online. In 2021, over a hundred conferences were held, and we only listed the top 23 you should attend.

For an HR specialist, attending HR conferences means you get first-hand knowledge about the latest HR trends. And you get to connect and communicate with other professionals in the field.

At ConferenceCast, we have a diverse catalog of HR conferences to watch human resources video talks. We allow you to watch them at your own pace and attend multiple workshops simultaneously.