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September 24-28 2018MontréalCanada
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The latest innovations from dozens of Apache projects and their communities in a collaborative, vendor-neutral environment.


Mike Tutkowski

Senior Software Engineer at NetApp
I currently work on a team whose mission is to deliver a managed Kubernetes service (what we call the NetApp Kubernetes Service) and NetApp Cloud Volumes on top of SolidFire's Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). During my first six years at SolidFire, I developed software for the Apache Software Foundation's CloudStack project to help drive improvements in its storage component and to integrate SolidFire more deeply into the product. I've been on over 30 CloudStack-related trips to 12 different countries. In addition to HCI, SolidFire develops software that clusters industry-standard, all-flash storage nodes together into a fault-tolerant storage area network (SAN). The SAN was built from the ground up to support guaranteed Quality of Service. It leverages compression, de-duplication, and thin provisioning (all inline) to achieve a cost per GB on par with traditional SANs.

Paul Angus

Chairman/VP, CTO at Apache CloudStack ,ShapeBlue
Through extensive experience and work with operators and users of CloudStack I define the technical direction of ShapeBlue, including the 'roadmap'' for ShapeBlue's contributions to the Apache CloudStack project. Working with the VP of Software Development we determine the required effort and timescales as well as the relative value for these contributions, in order to prioritise and schedule implementation. I also design and build CloudStack & CloudPlatform based IaaS platforms. As a Cloud Architect with ShapeBlue I have worked with clients such as SunGard Availability Services, Sky, Ascenty, Orange, Trader Media and Cisco either providing turnkey solutions or helping then to design and build CloudStack based cloud infrastructures. I have given presentations at all of the CloudStack Collaboration Conferences, endeavoring to give new users an understanding of what CloudStack is about and sharing with the community the kind use cases clients that I work with are coming up with. I have regular communication with the CloudStack community, highlighting bugs and testing fixes largely on behalf of the clients which I work with. I blog on CloudStack for the ShapeBlue website and tweet as @CloudyAngus on CloudStack related topics to keep followers up to date with the features coming to CloudStack and interesting infrastructure information around CloudStack I am also an accredited NetScaler engineer VMware Partner. Citrix Partner. Microsoft Partner. 2X Partner.

Khosrow Moossavi

Cloud Infrastructure DevOps at CloudOps
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Rohit Yadav
Software Architect at ShapeBlue
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