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October 13-14 2018UkraineKyiv
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AI Ukraine is the biggest Ukrainian conference on practical usage of Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It is a professional forum for meeting peers, sharing experiences and discussing the current issues in the fields.

Conference brought together technical specialists, researchers, managers, entrepreneurs and everyone who was interested in learning new AI and Big Data trends and research, real use cases and technical knowledge.



Jérôme Louradour

AI Research Scientist at Wolfram Research
My technical interests are in applied research, in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.

I already worked on a wide range of challenging applications: Speech processing (audio signals), Handwriting recognition (images), Document classification, Natural Language Processing (text) and
misc. projects involving other type of data, including sequential data, and mixtures of numerical and categorical data. My satisfaction is to make state-of-the-art technology work "in the wild" on real problems.

I am also concerned by the impact on society of the application for which I am contributing.
My dream would be to implement Machine Learning in a company that has contribution to environmental sustainability.

Sergiy Nesterko

Manager at Deloitte
Sergiy is a Manager at Deloitte’s Omnia AI practice focusing on data science and big data. He is responsible for the science and teams behind intelligent systems for executive decision making and consumer applications, a career data scientist with a track record of advanced solutions delivered to clients focusing on customer.

Sergiy has 10+ years of consulting experience in data science. He was responsible for multiple solutions across sectors, focusing on gauging and addressing Customer needs through big data and advanced algorithms. Specifically, Sergiy led individual customer-level solutions for product recommendations, store and product category performance measurement, operationalization monitoring, optimization solutions, large scale image recognition applications, and other projects. He is known for his outcome oriented approach and ability to bring techniques from Digital and Technology sectors to other domains, in addition to his extensive data science network and applied experience.

He received his BSc in Applied Math from University of Toronto and his PhD in Statistics from Harvard University, where after graduation he also developed and taught a graduate course in Parallel Statistical Computing and Interactive Visualization as a Lecturer.

Ron Fridman

CEO and Co-Founder at Mawi
Applied systems analysis + computer science + business administration.

Master degree in Computer Science, with specialized knowledge in machine learning, deep learning, pattern recognition, and feature engineering.

Development of machine learning techniques for biomedical signal analysis. Various projects include: • deep learning for biosignal processing • GANs for noise filtering • Biological age prediction using heart data •drowsiness detection of drivers using ECG
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