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September 11-12 2019San FranciscoUSA
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About the conference

POST/CON 2019 - The Postman User Conference  included reports from excellent speakers from all over the world. They dove into advanced Postman use-cases and thought leadership in collaboration, API testing and automation, API design and architecture, developer experience, DevOps, and innovations in API development.


Filipe Freire

Software Tester at adidas
I'm a Software Tester, and a Developer. Currently working with adidas being the Lead Tester for adidas App team and the Lead Tester for a classified high-value project. My main interests are software testing, testing web applications, web APIs and mobile applications, performance testing, bot hunting, working with OOP languages, developing web applications and contributing to Opensource Software.

David Esposito

Platform Architect at BetterCloud
Passionate full-stack web developer, architect, and serial (failed ;) ) technical co-founder. I have professional experience with front end architecture, enterprise design patterns, cloud native patterns, and datastore architecture. Java: Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, JHipster NodeJS: Express, MeteorJS, Feathers Datastores: MySQL, Percona, Elasticsearch, Lucene, MongoDB, Vault, Bigtable (HBase) M2M: REST API, JWT, OAuth2, HMAC, Kafka, RabbitMQ, AVRO DevOps CI/CD: Maven, Gradle, NPM, Webpack, Yarn, Jenkins, Docker, Docker Compose Front End: ReactJS (+ React Hooks), Redux, Bootstrap 3/4, Material Design, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, SPA PaaS: AWS, Google Cloud, Serverless via and Technical SaaS: Auth0, Apigee, Postman, Swagger, Other Technologies/Platforms used in side projects: Raspberry Pi, Adruino, Odroid, Vaadin, GWT, Dropwizard, Jparsec, JSoup, Vue,, SendGrid, Heroku Specialties: Enterprise software engineering. Designing for scalability, expandability, maintainability and parallelization from front-end, server application, micro-service, and cloud native perspectives. Context free grammars, algorithms, REST API design, datastore optimization, high throughput stream processing. Special Interests: Robotics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Micro Biology, Graph Theory, Game Theory, Rubiks Cubes (Group Theory), Machine Learning specifically Neural Nets and Genetic Algorithms.

Bear Douglas

Developer Advocate at Slack
Bear Douglas is a Developer Advocate at Slack, where she and her team help developers build more pleasant and productive ways to work. Before Slack, she led the Developer Relations teams for the mobile and data platforms at Twitter, and worked on native mobile DevRel at Facebook and Parse. She’s passionate about developer experience, great documentation, and a cappella music.
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At the conference were present speakers from companies including Atlassian, Twitter, Slack, Kroger, Cisco DevNet - and of course, Postman.

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