Global Growth Marketing Conference 2019

December 10 - 11, 2019. San Francisco, USA
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About the Event

Growth Marketing Conference is the leading, globally-focused event for B2B and B2C growth marketers. We host world-class thought leader speakers and workshop instructors to teach 2,000+ attendees the actionable, no-nonsense growth strategies and tactics that drive rapid, cost-effective, and sustainable revenue and user growth – in 2019 and beyond.

Featured Speakers

Guillaume Cabane

Growth Advisor at G2, Gorgias, Hull, MadKudu
Growth Marketing expert with a strong ROI focus. For the past 15 years, I have been working on projects covering B2B Growth marketing. I have a special taste for B2B SaaS projects.
I have a passion for projects requiring efficient tracking to deliver a strong ROI and thrive when in charge of a mixed marketing and engineering team.

Michelle Killebrew

Vice President, Head of Marketing at PwC New Ventures
Data-driven marketing executive known for exceeding objectives through inspiring teams and the implementation of new strategies, effective processes, innovative campaigns, and sophisticated marketing technology.

Dedicated to delivering a superior brand experience—from initial acquisition through to loyal customers—to increase growth and profitability.

Jason McClelland

CMO, Heroku at Salesforce
I'm passionate about building businesses and making GTMs more efficient via digital transformation; Leading with Digital to allow companies to be more focused and have closer relationships with their customers, resulting in customer affinity and expansion, improved LTV and more efficient sales.

Currently, at Salesforce helping build out Digital for their Heroku (App Dev) business.

Previously I was fortunate to serve on the leadership team that drove Adobe's Creative Cloud transformation to SaaS services. First, in product management, leading the team that built Adobe’s “eCommerce as a Service” vision; then running the services business to scale to $1B+, building the teams, platform and management processes necessary.
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The Growth Marketing Conference 2019 drew big enterprises like Google, Apple, LinkedIn, and Adobe, as well as the fastest-growing companies around today – from Uber and AirBnB, to Spotify and Stripe.

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