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May 14 2019San FranciscoUSA
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About the conference


Check out all the product innovations announced at Google Marketing Live, from anywhere!

Join us for the Ads innovations keynote where 10+ new digital marketing products  announced. 

The Google’s annual marketing conference that in 2019 gathered over 5,000 advertisers and paid search industry players in San Francisco. It is a 2-day live-streamed event which outlines all the big announcements for Google Ads and all the digital marketing trends for the future year.



Nick Rose

Product Manager at Google
Building cool things with great people. Making lattes and music on the side.

Philipp Schindler

SVP & Chief Business Officer at Google
Philipp joined Google in 2005 and is Google's Chief Business Officer. He oversees all global and regional sales activities for Google and YouTube, the global technical and consumer operations, the product-sales strategy and go-to-market teams across all monetization products, and the partnership teams for Android and Chrome. He was previously in charge of Google's Global Sales & Operations based in Mountain View. Before that he ran the Google business in Northern and Central Europe, based in London.

Prior to joining Google, Philipp was a Senior Vice President at AOL Germany, running the company's marketing and sales activities and serving as a member of their management board for six years. Within this capacity, Philipp was responsible for one of the largest marketing and sales budgets in the country and developed a range of major sales partnerships. His responsibilities included direct marketing, traditional brand marketing, customer relationship management, business intelligence and data mining, and pricing. It was in this role that Philipp won the Golden Effie as well as several other industry awards.

Before taking the role at AOL, Philipp served as head of marketing at CompuServe in Germany, a subsidiary of AOL Inc. Before joining AOL, Philipp was accepted into the top junior talent program of Bertelsmann AG, where he focused on new media activities within their global corporate strategy unit.

Philipp earned a Diplom Kaufmann degree with distinction from the European B

Phil Mattia

Product Management Lead at Central Tech
I currently lead a team of Product Managers to transform Central Group from the largest traditional retailer in Thailand to a leader in eCommerce and Omnichannel.

The previous year I launched Google Ads Deep Linking as part of project 'Appify', improving mobile user experience ad performance with enhanced ML algorithms, analytics, UI, and infrastructure.

The year before that, I led product management efforts for Emerging Markets within the Mobile App Ads division at Google.

Prior six years I was a Regional Product Lead in Asia Pacific at Google, informing product strategy and go-to-market for the region. I spent four years as Greater China Mobile Ads lead, and two years as APAC YouTube Mobile Ads lead.

Earlier four years were in sales for Google Ads, consulting large US companies in retail and consumer services sectors on digital marketing.

Core functional expertise in:
• Product strategy and development
• Corporate strategy and development
• Marketing and communication strategy

Industry expertise in:
• Mobile app development
• Digital monetization and advertising
• Digital commerce
• Payments technology
• Cloud services
• Gaming
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Philipp Schindler
SVP & Chief Business Officer at Google
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