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April 17-18 2018San FranciscoUSA
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About the conference

DataEngConf SF 18 was community-oriented technical conference that bridged the gap between data scientists, engineers & analysts.

Watch insightful talks by leading data scientists and engineers from top teams at Lyft, Instacart, Facebook, Databricks, Stanford University, New Relic, WeWork, Pivotal, Citus Data, Clover Health, CoreOS & many more.



Joseph Gonzalez

Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley
Joseph Gonzalez is a professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at UC Berkeley and co-director of the UC Berkeley RISELab. Joseph studies the design of algorithms and systems for scalable and secure machine learning (ML).

His research has applications in autonomous vehicles, recommendation systems, database management systems, robotics, personalized medicine, and intelligent assistants. Joseph also teaches the advanced data science class at UC Berkeley to over 600 students a semester and is helping to develop the new data science major.

Joseph is on the technical advisory board for Before joining UC Berkeley, Joseph co-founded Turi Inc. (formerly GraphLab) to develop AI tools for data scientists and later sold Turi to Apple. He holds a PhD in Machine Learning from Carnegie Mellon University and is a member of the Apache Spark PMC.

Jennifer Prendki

Head of Search and Smarts Engineering & Chief Data Scientist at Atlassian
Jennifer is a data science leader and a data strategist. She has experience growing and managing early-stage data teams and managing hybrid teams, including product managers, data scientists, data analysts and engineers across the board. Currently, she is Head of Search and Smarts Engineering & Chief Data Scientist at Atlassian. Previously she worked as Expert and Advisor at International Institute of Analytics and as Principal Data Scientist at Walmart. She has a Ph.D in Particle Physics from Sorbonne Université.

Jocelyn Goldfein

Managing Director at Zetta Venture Partners
'm a managing director at Zetta Venture Partners.

Zetta is named for the zettabyte (a trillion gigabytes!) At Zetta, we lead funding rounds between $1-$5M for AI-first startups with B2B business models. We get excited about startups who accumulate proprietary data and drive compounding value for their customers in a virtuous loop. More on our blog:

I'm personally keenly interested in infrastructure, security, supply chain & logistics, and tech that transforms industries.

I've spent my career building software in the formative years of companies like VMware and Facebook (as well as a few startups). I've spanned a broad set of domains from operating systems to consumer web and mobile apps to shrink-wrapped software to developer tools to big data. The one "constant" has been high-growth and industry transformation. I'm passionate about scaling products, teams, and companies, and I care deeply about STEM education.
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