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April 23-25 2019Austin, TXUnited States
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SauceCon brought together the global community of Sauce Labs users and automated testing experts. There where teams from around the world that came together to learn from each other and level up their automated testing and continuous delivery skills.



Charles Ramsey

CEO at Sauce Labs
Charles Ramsey has been the Chief Executive Officer of Sauce Labs Inc since April 2015 and served as its Chief Revenue Officer from February 2015 to April 2015. Charles has 25 years of industry experience. He was a Venture Partner at JMI Equity. Prior to joining JMI Equity in 2005, Charles held a number of roles at Quest Software, Inc. including Vice President of Marketing and Sales. He served as Vice President of Sales at Computer Intelligence, and was employed in sales at IBM. Charles has served as a Director of ServiceNow, Inc. (Formerly,, Inc), and now serves as a Director of Configuresoft, Inc. Charles has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, San Diego and a Master of International Management from the American Graduate School of International Management.

John Theodore

Automation Engineer at RentPath
John Theodore has worked at RentPath as an Automation Test Engineer since 2015. In that time, he has worked with two different frameworks and languages - one based in Ruby and the current stack based in Nightwatch.js. Over the past two years, he has worked with Abdur and the rest of the Rentpath team to implement a CI/CD Pipeline. A self-taught programmer, he took an unconventional path to QA Automation, majoring theater at the University of Southern California with a minor in Video Game Design and Management. After graduation, he spent several years as a manual tester, working on major titles like Call of Duty and Guitar Hero as well as some lesser known and unreleased games.

Abdur Jubair

Software Test Engineer at RentPath
Abdur Jubair is a passionate programmer who enjoys learning new technologies. Abdur joined RentPath in 2015, and since joining, he has held multiple QA roles including manual testing and backend API testing. Currently, Abdur is working as an Automation Test Engineer using Nightwatch.js. In the past two years, Abdur has worked with the RentPath team on implementing CI/CD pipeline. Before joining RentPath, he worked as a manual tester for several years, working for companies like Sage Software and Allconnect. Outside of work, Abdur prefers spending time with his family and playing cricket.
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