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February 11-12 2020Redwood City, CAUSA
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About the conference

Startup Grind Global 2020 was the most important event for startups, tech leaders, and big brands at the forefront of innovation.
“Who’s who” of the startup and tech community educated and shared valuable lessons with about 10 thousand attendees.


Frederic Kerrest

Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Okta, Inc.
Frederic Kerrest is the Executive Vice Chairman, Chief Operating Officer, and Co-Founder of Okta. He is responsible for Okta's day-to-day operations and helps set corporate priorities to drive success for the company and its customers. Frederic oversees corporate strategy, corporate development, strategic partnerships, and Okta’s social impact arm, Okta for Good.

Irina Kofman

Director and Business Lead at Facebook AI
Irina is currently the Director and Business Lead for Facebook AI, where she has been working on leading the operations, marketing, and special programs, such as the Deepfake Detection Challenge and AI Residency. Prior to her role at Facebook, Irina was a founding member of the Google AI team, where she program managed the launch of TensorFlow, set up new offices around the world, and established the ML Fairness and AI for Social Good teams.

Jay Williams

Business Owner, Former Athlete, Broadcaster at NBA, ESPN
Jay Williams – former No. 2 draft pick for the Chicago Bulls – is a trailblazing athlete who forged his own entrepreneurial path. In addition to being a partner in ESPN’s “The Boardroom” and co-owner of Simatree, Jay is an investor, ESPN host, NBA analyst and New York Times bestselling author of “Life is Not an Accident"
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