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August 1-2 2019San DiegoUSA
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CannaFarm CON is more than a world-class trade show. Cannabis farmers, master growers, and cultivation specialists unite to form this powerful community. Adapt and enhance farming operations in one game-changing event.CannaFarm Con delivers the total experience. The conference showcases advanced agrotechnology and on-farm solutions for every grow style. Industry experts empower farmers with decisions that drive success. Attendees enjoy inspiring presentations and intriguing discussion groups. Keynote speakers include world-renowned hashish master Frenchy Cannoli, famed industry veteran Harry Resin, and extraction extraordinaire Dr. John MacKay. The lively after-party instills lifelong connections.


Kyle Boyar

Field Applications Scientist at Medicinal Genomics
Kyle Boyar is a cannabis scientist with a background in neurobiology and analytical chemistry who has been working in the industry for six years. Kyle received his Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of California Santa Cruz and was previously employed as a Laboratory Manager for SC Laboratories. In addition to his work with Medicinal Genomics he also serves as the Vice Chair and Scholarship Committee Chair for the American Chemical Society’s Cannabis Chemistry Subdivision. Kyle’s current focuses in cannabis science relate to testing methodologies, cannabis genomics, and product formulation.

Bryant Jones

Plant Scientist, Herbalist at University Of Minnesota
Cannabis breeder and plant scientist specializing in Horticultural Production doing studies at the University of Minnesota. A life long plant enthusiast trained in traditional North American, Lakota Sioux and Ayurvedic herbal medicine. Herbal medicine utilizes the secondary metabolisms of plants to foster good health. These constituents often amount to terpenes, tannins and specialized secretions, which are produced in most plants as part of a natural process to protect growth in midst of adverse conditions (weather, pests) or promote the next phase of growth (seeding, pollination). Understanding what internal and external mechanisms that drive these processes from seed to flower, is paramount in successful horticultural production.

Keiko Beatie

Director of Education & Programming Coral Cove Cannabis Jamaica Holistic Ayurvedic Chinese Medicine at Green Wave Relations
Normalization of CBD and cannabis to the mainstream through education of proper use. Have been for 6 years at the San Diego and Orange County Fair with a cooking demonstration with hemp CBD. It has assisted with individuals learning and making their lives free of serious diseases. Talk to anyone and everyone about the benefits, you'll never know what a difference it will make in a persons life.
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Urgent challenges face cannabis farming. The cannabis ecosystem evolves daily. Cut through the confusion with this unprecedented range of insights and opportunities. Find answers to problems facing all areas of cannabis agriculture. Join industry pioneers at CannaFarm Con 2020. Lead your farm forward.

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Keiko Beatie
Director of Education & Programming Coral Cove Cannabis Jamaica Holistic Ayurvedic Chinese Medicine at Green Wave Relations
+ 4 speakers
Amy Ansel
Founder and COO of Titan Hemp & Titan Bioplastics at Titan Bioplastics
+ 4 speakers
Douglas Ry Wagner
Founder and Managing Director at DRW Consulting LLC
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Aubree Arias
Founder at Elevate Mastermind and Think Tank
«I wanted to thank everyone for an
amazing event and a great panel. I appreciated all the time and energy that went into putting on everything and we learned a lot and made some great connections.»
Lisa Lytton
Product Design Leader at Moodboxx
«Thank you for including me in the
panel--it was fun. Beyond that, what you are doing is so valuable to the industry, and you are all doing such a great job. Thanks so much… »

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