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May 30-31 2019PalaUSA
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About the conference

CONCENTRATION 2019 is a two-day a ground-breaking conference and exhibition dedicated to the cannabis concentration extraction and integral analytical testing industries. Every aspect in the future of the cannabis industry is happening rapidly and concentrates are no exception.

Concentrate conference 2019 is dedicated to the passion and the new scientific cannabis frontiers of tomorrow. Combining the history and cultural gifts from the past with the brilliant innovative ideas of tomorrow, the world of cannabis technology is proliferating.



Frenchy Cannoli

Master Hashishin
From the late 70s, travel was my passion, and my love of hashish dictated the places I visited. I was blessed to meet people in producing countries who generously shared their traditions with me and laid the foundation for the teacher I have become. My focus today and for the near future, is on discovering the science behind traditional and modern techniques in an effort to pass on factual knowledge and information to the next generation of Hashishin.

I am Aficionado Seed’s official Hashishin. This working relationship mirrors the relationship between a winemaker and a vigneron, the person who grows the grapes for winemaking - their common goal conveying not only the full essence of the plant but of the land it was grown in as well.

Jerry W. King

Chairman at 10th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids(ISSF-2012)
Dr. King’s research and teaching focus is in the area of chemical separations, particularly in the use of sub- and supercritical fluids for chemical processing. Research is conducted to develop environmentally-benign methodology using compressed carbon dioxide and/or water as media for conducting extractions and reactions of natural/agricultural products, CO2 – based cleaning technology, as well as application to materials modification. These efforts have resulted in approximately 250 publications and 3 patents to date and many national/international presentations. A current research focus is to optimize the use of hot compressed water as a selective extraction agent or medium in which to process biomass. Using the above approach, coupled unit processes are developed with respect to yielding a sustainable “green” process, which has been optimized with respect to thermodynamics and mass transfer principles. Experimental approaches involve the measurement of high pressure phase equilibrium, solute solubility measurements in compressed fluids, and the use of chromatographic methods for physicochemical properties determination.

Wes Reynolds

President & CEO at Green Mill Supercritical
Before joining Green Mill Supercritical, Wes was with Surterra Wellness as President of Florida. With Surterra, Wes led a fully integrated operation from cultivation and production through to dispensary and delivery services. He helped redefine the brand strategy for the company and oversaw rapid growth in the Florida market. As President and CEO of Green Mill Supercritical, he’s excited to be part of the team and build on the instrument-grade supercritical CO2 extraction system Green Mill has developed – the SFE Pro. It is best-in-class technology, and the company is dedicated to driving extraction innovation for cannabis operators and consumers around the world.

Wes is a seasoned executive who spent almost 20 years with Coca-Cola around the world including time in Istanbul and Tokyo. Earlier in his career, Wes was an investment advisor and continues to stay close to the market – especially when it comes to cannabis stocks.
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Concentration 2019 conference is an opportunity to make groundbreaking history with Innovative pioneers in the Cannabis industry.


Holly A. Ford
Mergers and Acquisitions Partner at Cannabis10x - Buy | Sell | Invest | Franchise
«Really looking forward to
continuing to speak. You run a very smooth ship! »
Lynn Marie Morski
Medical Director at WayofLeaf
«Huge thanks for having me - LOVED
getting to meet everyone and learn from the fantastic speakers! »

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