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June 28-29 2019SeattleUSA
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About the conference

CBD Expo NORTHWEST is the original CBD event platform to broadcast your products with the community and share your CBD knowledge with the industry. We focus on targeting the relevant and right people to be in the right place creating a quality show floor that business can be conducted on. This event featured more than 75 exhibitors, along with a substantial lineup of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, technology, production, globalization, and sale of CBD and cannabinoid products. 


James Schwartz

CEO at Cascade High
James Schwartz BSN, LNC, is an experienced medical legal consultant and CEO of CascadeHigh Organics with 20years experience cultivating legal cannabis. James is a self-described organic minimalist cultivating in the most sustainable manner. James believes in clean Cannabis and its use as a wellness drug. His Oregon licensed cultivation has been featured in Dope Magazine, Oregon Leaf Magazine, and has articles in both publications as well. James is a former member of NCIA Cultivation Committee and has presented at multiple Cannabis and CBD conferences all over the country. James was a drafter and is a signature on the written testimony to the FDA and congress on behalf of NCIA for CBD policy. His business, legal, medical, and agricultural knowledge provides a comprehensive perspective on the cannabis industry. James has lobbied for Cannabis on both the national and state level with Oregon Cannabis Association and is a fierce advocate for the plant and cannabinoid therapeutics.

Karyemaitre Aliffe

Charlotte's Web
Multilingual Biomedical Executive and Engaging Public Speaker with 25+ Years Strategic Visionary Leadership Leveraging Breakthrough Science into Novel Therapies and Medicinal Agents, including Cannabinoid-centered Biotechnology

Heidi Urness

Strategic Legal Counsel at Heidi Urness Law
Beyond advising individual businesses, Heidi is committed to fortifying, defending, and building credibility for the cannabis industry as a whole. Heidi relevant experience is more than legal strategy—she is a thought leader: a forward-thinking blogger, educator, writer, and featured speaker.

She regularly writes cutting-edge articles for legal journals, industry publications, and frequently post to her acclaimed and widely followed Heidi Urness Law News. She speaks to business groups, academic institutions, and government bodies on a variety of cannabis legal issues, and is frequently quoted by global and local media outlets.

Heidi consistently collaborates with other lawyers, experts, and industry professionals to leverage her wide range of legal strengths and network to offer clients effective and timely support.
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Stuart Cantor
Chief Scientific Officer at Groovy Waves
«Thanks 4 giving me the opportunity
2 teach & speak I had an amazing time & loved every minute of the expo!!!!»
Arya Shadab
VP of Sales at Pachamama CBD
«Just wanted to thank you for the
work you put in organizing the last Expo in Seattle. The event has come and gone, but the relationships that were made have stayed. The detail work and logistics are appreciated. I only met Bradford, but I wanted to make sure to thank the entire team. Please pass on the message and have a safe holiday. »

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