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November 17 - 19, 2020. Online, Houston, TX, USA
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About the Event

Virtual RubyConf 2020 was event dedicated to Ruby, Rails and related technologies which organized by Ruby Central, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and advocacy of the Ruby programming language.

Featured Speakers

Aaron Patterson

Senior Staff Engineer at Shopify
My talent is inspiring people. I like to do that by writing fun and interesting programs, and sharing them with others for the express purposes of teaching. I want everyone I interact with to leave better than they came, and hopefully with a new skill they can use at home. I am passionate about helping other people in my field, and I think the most effective way for me to impact the most developers is by working on Open Source software. I choose to work on Ruby and Rails because improving Rails provides a large impact on the developer community. I believe I have the skills and experience to be one of the most effective framework and language developers.

I am a popular public speaker. I have spoken about Ruby and Rails at over 50 conferences world-wide in the past 5 years, and I will continue to speak at more conferences. I have delivered a keynote at RailsConf (the world wide conference for Ruby on Rails) each year for the past 4 years. Other keynotes include RubyConf Brazil 2011, RubyKaigi Tokyo in 2012, RubyConf India 2013, RedDot RubyConf in Singapore 2014, among many others. I am known for my presentation style and relevant technical content.

I wish to work somewhere that will support me both as a public speaker and as an open source developer. I want to work for a company that is interested in improving developer productivity and decreasing technical debt, and where improving the developer community is valued.

Mercedes Bernard

Principal Software Engineer at Tandem
I bring a unique blend of technical knowledge, non-technical language, and empathy to all of my projects. My clients walk away feeling empowered, comfortable, and heard. The specific technology and stack used aren't important if you don't love it when we're done.

In my approach to software development, I value my clients as a partner in building a product that meets the needs of the humans who use it. Having worked with clients in a wide range of industries including healthcare, performing arts, beverage distribution, pet food, hospitality, luxury consumer goods, and government, I understand that no one knows your domain better than you do.

Brandon Weaver

Senior Engineer at Square
Brandon is a Ruby Architect at Square working on the Frameworks team, defining standards for Ruby across the company. He's an artist who turned programmer who had a crazy idea to teach programming with cartoon lemurs and whimsy.
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RubyConf event was designed to allow the full spectrum of Ruby users, from novices to experts, to discuss emerging ideas, collaborate, and socialize.

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Host committee: Ruby Central, Inc.,

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