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February 4 - 5, 2021. Online,
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About the Event

The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit is a two days conference and exhibition designed to host industry executives, and adopters of Conversational AI, Chatbots, Virtual assistants, voice technology, and Conversation design. The summit reflected the latest tendencies and recent application changes in the Conversational AI space in the European market.
We believe conversational AI will transform millions of lives in Europe and our goal is to help form a better ecosystem. We do so by organizing a series of international conferences in Europe, Africa, and IBEROAMERICA by bringing the leading professionals and organizations who design, build, and market conversational AI-based technologies.


Featured Speakers

Cliff Haas

IVA digital strategy and EMEA Sales at Inference Solutions
With nearly 20 years in the mobile data space I am still struck by the impact this industry can make in society. I am a creative entrepreneur experienced in product innovation and strategic relationship management. From identifying partnership opportunities to creating use cases and solutions architecture I enjoy all aspects of product and partner engagement. I learn something from every new engagement and work diligently to ensure customer success and partner satisfaction.
I am looking forward to contributing to the next cycle of change and excited at the possibilities.

Sascha Wolter

Chief Advisor (UX/Conversational AI) at DB Systel GmbH
Sascha Wolter is a professional developer and user experience enthusiast. His true passion is to improve the human-computer interaction: He loves to build conversational and multimodal experiences with text (chatbots) and voice (aka Alexa). Sascha works as a consultant, trainer, lecturer, speaker, and author. As Google Developer Expert for the Google Assistant (GDE) he is committed to the interests of all kinds of developers and supports a variety of communities. When Sascha is not developing odd ideas, he likes hiking and skiing in the mountains and enjoys good Italian coffee.

He is Chief Advisor (UX/Conversational AI) at DB Systel (Deutsche Bahn) and board member of the Usability & User Experience working group at the federal association BITKOM. Prior to that he worked as Senior UX Consultant and Principal Technology Evangelist at the Conversational AI Platform Company Cognigy, as Senior Technology Evangelist for Alexa at Amazon, as Senior Developer Evangelist at Deutsche Telekom (e.g. Smart Home), and as freelancer.

Greg Bennett

Director of Conversation Design at Salesforce
Linguist by training, Conversation Designer by trade.

Passionate about analyzing language in practice to illuminate user ideologies about experience and design conversation with purpose.
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Kulvinder Panesar
Lecturer-Applied Artificial Intelligence at University of Bradford
«This is the best paid conference I have been to - especially in my niche area, conversational AI and NLP, which I have been part of for the last decade. The sessions, that I tapped into, were amazing and inspiring with great speakers and discussions. I now have some great names to connect to. Thank you very much.»

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