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15 ноября 2018. Cluj-Napoca , România
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Deep technology is no longer a myth or a phase, it is a reality. It will be explored in the current and future tech-related products, be it websites, applications, software or wearables.From facial recognition to recommendations based on favorite shows or movies, self-driving cars, revolutionizing healthcare and more, deep tech conquers new industries and is the root of innovation.
We have created Codiax with the intention of enabling a coordinated transfer of deep technology know-how from worldwide leaders to software engineers and developers in a three-day event. The future is coming anyway, so we must meet it properly prepared.


Edwin Witvoet

Co-Founder в Spyhce
Edwin Witvoet started his career at Philips as a project manager of Consumer Electronics product development projects. After 10 years, in 2005, Edwin founded Jibe Company, a software company delivering cloud solutions with a strong focus on High Volume Transaction Processing and Data Management & Intelligence. JIBE’s customers vary from Retail Multinationals to companies in the High Tech Industry to companies in the Entertainment, Media and Sport Industry. In 2013, Edwin co-founded Spyhce; a Cluj-based software company with a strong focus on Python technology, cloud platform development and big data processing platform development. Edwin is passionate about data driven innovations and enabling companies to be more effective, and if possible find new business models.

Enzo Fenoglio

Data Scientist в Cisco
Enzo L. Fenoglio is a data scientist with Cisco Systems France, working since 2013 in the Chief Technology & Architecture Office (CTAO) for the Paris Research and Innovation Lab. Enzo holds a MS in Engineering Physics from the Polytechnic of Turin and has 30+ years of experience in the high-tech industry designing and deploying algorithms to enable business applications in different domains ( Avionics, DSP, DTV, Networking), countries (Italy, UK, US, France), and companies (Alenia Aerospace, Ferrari Race Team, STMicroelectronics, OpenTV, Sky Italia, NDS, Cisco). His current main areas of research interest are AI/ML/DL/AGI besides HPC-GPGPU. Enzo is an international speaker member of the ACM, and has 30+ filed patents on Machine Learning.

Florimond Houssiau

Researcher в Imperial College London
Florimond received his MSc in applied mathematics from UCLouvain in 2016, after an internship at MIT’s Media Lab. He is currently a PhD student at Imperial College, in the Computational Privacy Group. His research interests include obfuscation, the privacy risks in Web search data, and the impact of networked environments on privacy.
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Our aim is to help software engineers enhance their deep tech skills and comprehension. We connect the dots between the conceptual and the practical sides of deep tech by seeking for the best content and showcasing real life applications.

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