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Mark Schettenhelm
Senior Product Manager в BMC Compuware
api, bmc software, business logic, cobalt, cobol, code coverage, compiler, computer, consultant, data, devops, fee, frog, information, integrated development environment, java (programming language), mainframe computer, microsoft visual studio, open source, password, software , sonarqube, tool, visual studio code, web browser
Manoj Singh
Solution Consultant в BMC Compuware
api, bmc software, business logic, cobalt, cobol, code coverage, compiler, computer, consultant, data, devops, fee, frog, information, integrated development environment, java (programming language), mainframe computer, microsoft visual studio, open source, password, software , sonarqube, tool, visual studio code, web browser
Connie Chan
General Partner в Andreessen Horowitz
amazon alexa, app store (ios/ipados), apple inc., cobalt, electric vehicle, facebook, grocery store, group buying, instagram, linkedin, metal, mining, mobile app, operating system, personal computer, personalization, proprietary software, qr code, smartphone, social media, software , tab (interface), target corporation, walmart, wechat
Marshall Alstyne
Questrom Professor of Management в Boston University Questrom School of Business
amazon (company), amazon alexa, amazon web services, analytics, api, app store (ios/ipados), apple inc., application software, automation, bit, brand, business model, business-to-business, censorship, cloud computing, cobalt, competition (economics), competition law, computer performance, computer security, computing, digital twin, economics, electric vehicle, engine, entrepreneurship, facebook, faith, fake news, financial adviser, food waste, foodservice, fourth industrial revolution, general data protection regulation, google, governance, grocery store, group buying, industrial internet of things, innovation, instagram, internet, internet of things, inventory, jack dorsey, kik messenger, leadership, leap of faith, linkedin, loan, logistics, long tail, mark zuckerberg, mashup (web application hybrid), metal, microsoft, mining, mobile app, operating system, paypal, payroll, pdca, personal computer, personalization, platform economy, predatory pricing, privacy, product lifecycle, profit maximization, proprietary software, qr code, reality, reddit, reputation, rights, robot, sales, section 230, small business, smartphone, social media, software , software as a service, speech recognition, stack (abstract data type), starbucks, startup company, supply chain, supply-side economics, tab (interface), target corporation, taxpayer, technology, tiktok, truth, turbotax, twitter, underwriting, user interface, voice user interface, walmart, wealth, wechat, whatsapp, y combinator, yahoo!
Paul Gill
CEO в Lomiko Metals Inc.
aluminium, brake, carbon, coal, cobalt, copper, drilling, economy, electric vehicle, feasibility study, graphite, internal combustion engine, ion, li-ion batteries, lithium, lithium-ion battery, lubricant, manganese, metal, metallurgy, mining, price, rare-earth element, refractory, tesla, inc., vehicle
Luís Martins
President в Cluster Portugal Mineral Resources
azores, carbon, carbon neutrality, china, circular economy, cobalt, copper, courier, covid-19 pandemic, deep sea, ebay, economy, electric battery, european union, evolution, geology, gold, gold mining, guinea, helium, iron, kobe, lead, life-cycle assessment, lithium, meat, microsoft, mining, planet, plant, portugal, recycling, reuse, robotics, rolex, sea, shark, space, spain, sustainability, texas, turkey, waste management, water, world wide web
Howard Klein
Partner в RK Equity
albemarle corporation, bhp, china, china–united states trade war, coal, cobalt, currency, debt, definition, demand, electric battery, electric vehicle, energy storage, european union, fallout 3, fineness, foreign exchange market, futures contract, gold, insurance, investment, investor, jewellery, joint venture, laptop, lithium, merchant bank, mergers and acquisitions, metal, mining, money, price, pricing, prison, risk, south korea, spotify, subsidy, tesla, inc., turquoise hill resources, united kingdom, volkswagen
David Garcia-Balbuena
Head of Mine Geology в Terrafame Oy
bioleaching, car, chemical bond, china, cobalt, communication, diesel engine, economy, electric battery, electric car, electric vehicle, energy, european union, fertilizer, fire, froth flotation, geophysical survey (archaeology), geophysics, giga nevada, hydrogen, ice, irrigation, life-cycle assessment, lithium, low-carbon economy, meat, metal, mineral, mineral processing, mineral resource estimation, mining, mining engineering, money, nickel, nickel(ii) sulfate, oil, open-pit mining, ore, redox, research, supply chain, technology, transport, united kingdom, united states, water
Kirsty Benham
Co-Founder Critical Minerals Association в Critical Minerals Association
begging the question, brexit, chemistry, circular economy, cobalt, conflict resource, european union, goal, metal, mineral, mining, new zealand, photography, physics, plastic, radar, raw material, recycling, space, sustainability, united kingdom, united states, war, warehouse, weapon
Patrick Nadoll
Senior Advisor - Exploration and Resource Assessment в EIT RawMaterials
begging the question, blockchain, brexit, chemistry, circular economy, cobalt, conflict resource, digital transformation, economic growth, economy, electric battery, employment, european battery alliance, european union, fossil fuel, fuel, goal, gold, leadership, lithium, metal, mineral, mining, new zealand, photography, physics, plastic, radar, rare-earth element, raw material, recycling, rock (geology), space, supply chain, sustainability, sustainable development, united kingdom, united states, value chain, war, warehouse, water, water footprint, weapon, wicked problem
Jeffrey Christian
Managing Partner в CPM Group LLC
alternative investment, bond (finance), cambridge house, capitalism, car, central bank, chemistry, cobalt, commodity market, conference, diversification (finance), dividend, dot-com bubble, economic bubble, economics, economy of the united states, electric battery, electric vehicle, event, exchange rate, exchange-traded fund, exhaust gas, financial capital, financial market, foreign exchange market, fuel cell, fuel cell vehicle, futures contract, gasoline, gold, gold as an investment, grid energy storage, hard currency, hedge (finance), hedge fund, hybrid electric vehicle, hydrogen, hydrogen storage, ideology of the communist party of the soviet union, inflation, interest, investing, investment, lithium, macroeconomics, manganese, market (economics), market trend, metal, monetary policy, money, national debt of the united states, natural gas, nuclear power, option (finance), palladium, plug-in hybrid, portfolio (finance), recession, recycling, resource, s&p 500 index, short (finance), silver, sodium, stock, stock market, stocks, supply and demand, tech, tesla, inc., the wealth of nations, vanadium, wealth, zero-emissions vehicle
Billy Ekofo
Director of Leads Management в Century 21 Redwood Realty
airport, cobalt, connect ny, consul (representative), current real estate news, democratic republic of the congo, english language, existence, explanation, face, facebook, for real estate agents, god, identity crisis, inman, inman connect, inman new york, inman news, inman real estate, inman real estate news, inman realty, inman select, inmannews, jeans, knowledge, language, latest real estate news, lingala, mind–body dualism, namaste, nothing, payphone, question, real estate agent help, real estate agent news, real estate companies, real estate marketing news, real estate news and advice, real estate news today, real estate news websites, real estate newspaper, realty news, reason, shalom, snapchat, the real estate people, truth, twitter, websites for realtors
Gerard Barron
CEO and Chairman в DeepGreen
battery metals, biomass, cambridge house, car, child labour, cobalt, conference, copper, electric vehicle, energy, energy metals, event, fossil fuel, fuel, gold, investing, life-cycle assessment, metals, mining, money, natural environment, nickel, pollution, recycling, renewable energy, resource, sea level rise, seabed, silver, soil, stocks, sustainability, tailings, tech, waste, water scarcity, wind, wind turbine
Warren Stanyer
Chairman and CEO в ALX Uranium Corp.
#vric20, 2020, alx, athabasca basin, base, battery, bill gates, boom, bullish, business, buy gold, cambridge house, cameco, canada, capital, cash, ceo, cobalt, commoditiy, company, conference, contrarian, copper, cycle, david miller (canadian politician), demand, diamond, dog, drill, drilling, economy, electric vehicle, energy, ev, event, exchange, finance, gas, geology, geophysics, gold, investment, jeff bezos, lake athabasca, map, market, metal, mine, mineral, mining, mining engineering, money, nickel, norway, nothing, nuclear, nuclear fission, pointer (computer programming), portfolio, potash, power, presentation, price, public, radioactive decay, radon, research, resource, return, sandstone, saskatchewan, sediment, shareholder, sherlock holmes, shovel, silver, stainless steel, steel, stock, supply, symbol, tech, technology, toronto, trading, tsxv, united states, upsite, uranium, uranium ore, value, vancouver, venture, vric, water
Michael Collins
President, CEO and Director в Crest Resources Inc.
batteries, board of directors, cambridge, cobalt, democratic republic of the congo, economics, geology, gold, gold mining, laterite, lateritic nickel ore deposits, lithium, map, metal, mining, mining engineering, mud, newmont corporation, nickel, precious metal, price, risk, share price, silver, soil, stock, stocks, vein (geology)
Darin Wagner
President and CEO в Balmoral Resources
abitibi, abitibi-témiscamingue, aluminium, asset, balmoral castle, bank, base metals, bull market, cambridge, cambridge house, canada, capital markets, cobalt, conference, copper, detour gold, drill, electric battery, events, exploration, explorers, finance, gold, greater sudbury, high grade gold, inventory, investing, investment, investor, leverage (finance), lithium, london metal exchange, market capitalization, metal, mining, money, news, nickel, ontario, palladium, petroleum, platinum, platinum group, precious metals, property, quebec, resource, san juan, puerto rico, shareholder, silver, space, stainless steel, steel, stocks, tabasco, ton, vancouver, vric 2020, wall, zinc
Jaap Verbaas
Vice President Exploration в Go Metals Corp.
battery, board of directors, cambridge house, canada, cobalt, conference, copper, drill, electricity, event, geophysics, gold, investing, lead, magnetic anomaly, magnetism, map, metal, mineral, money, news, nickel, olympic dam mine, pain, property, quebec, resource, sediment, silver, stocks, tech, transport, vanadium, vehicle, yukon, zinc
Glenn Jardine
Chief Operating Officer в Azure Minerals Limited
bank, cambridge house, cash, cobalt, conference, drilling, earth, event, feasibility study, flatulence, gold, hard disk drive, infrastructure, investing, lead, metal, mexico, mining, money, north america, redox, resource, room and pillar mining, salt, silver, sonora, stock exchange, stocks, sulfide, tech, tonne, zinc
Gary Thompson
Chairman & CEO в Brixton Metals Corporation
#vric20, atlanta, barkerville, british columbia, brixton, bull market, cambridge house, canada, capital, cash, cobalt, conference, copper, diamond, drill, drilling, eminem, eric sprott, event, exploration, finance, geology, geophysics, gold, gold mining, gold nugget, investing, investment, kimberlite, kobold, lead, metal, metallicity, mining, money, montana, ontario, placer mining, porphyry copper deposit, precious metals, prospecting, reason, resource, road, rock music, sea, ship, silver, soil, spruce, stock market, stocks, strategic management, tech, ton, tonne, trade, united states, valley, vancouver, vric 2020, zinc
Patrick Donnelly
Vice President Corporate Communications and Development в Trilogy Metals
alaska, bank, bittorrent, cache (computing), client (computing), climate change, clustered file system, cobalt, computer data storage, computer file, conference, copper, dalton highway, electric vehicle, engine, exception handling, fairbanks, alaska, file server, file system, finance, hard link, hash function, infrastructure, inode, interest, internal combustion engine, internal rate of return, investment, ios, joint venture, metadata, metal, mining, network file system, news, object storage, open access, open-pit mining, patch (computing), presidency of donald trump, reading, reason, republican party (united states), server message block, supply-side economics, symbolic link, technology, teck resources, thread (computing), usenix, user identifier
Larry Reaugh
President & CEO в American Manganese Inc.
#vric20, 2020, aluminium, aluminum, america, base, batteries, battery, battery recycling, bmw, board of directors, cambrigde house, capital, carbon, cash, cathode, ceo, chemical substance, china, clean, cobalt, commodity, company, conference, copper, critical, cycle, deck, democratic republic of the congo, disruptive innovation, economy, electric, electric battery, electrolysis, energy, environment, ev, events, finance, gold, grade, graphite, green, hydrometallurgy, insurance, internet, investment, investor, landfill, laterite, lico, lithium, lithium carbonate, lithium-ion, lithium-ion battery, manganese, manganese dioxide, market, materials, metal, mineral, mining, money, nickel, nickel mine, office action, ore, otc, panasonic, patent, pitch, portfolio, precious, presentation, price, public, recovery, recycle, recycling, resource, reuse, samsung, scrap, silver, smelting, stock, tech, technology, tesla, tesla, inc., trademark, tsxv, usa, vancouver, vehicle, volkswagen, vric, waste, water
Erik Townsend
Principal в Fourth Turning Capital Management
battery, bond (finance), bretton woods system, cambridge house, central bank, cobalt, conference, copper, corporate bond, cryptocurrency, current account (balance of payments), economic bubble, electric vehicle, equity (finance), euro, eurodollar, european central bank, event, federal reserve, federal takeover of fannie mae and freddie mac, finance, financial crisis of 2007–08, fixed exchange rate system, fixed income, future, futures contract, gold, government debt, great depression, hard currency, hydraulic fracturing, inflation, inflationism, interest, interest rate, investing, money, moral hazard, mortgage loan, national debt of the united states, national energy program, nickel, nuclear power, nuclear reactor, opec, peter schiff, petrodollar recycling, quantitative easing, reserve currency, resource, silver, special drawing rights, stock market, stocks, subprime lending, subprime mortgage crisis, tech, tesla, thorium, thorium fuel cycle, uranium, world currency
Marin Katusa
Founder & Chairman в Katusa Research
10x your money, 10x your money with marin katusa, alaska, amazon (company), arsenic, asset allocation, athabasca oil sands, battery, bc hydro, best, worst and average case, bestseller, beta (finance), bill gates, bingham canyon mine, black market, bond (finance), bradley cooper, bretton woods system, british columbia, bull market, cambridge house, capital, central bank, charles dickens, charlie munger, chat with ross beaty, chile, china–united states trade war, cobalt, commodity market, conference, copper, copper 2020, copper extraction, copper prediction, corporate bond, cost of capital, cryptocurrency, current account (balance of payments), day trading, democratic republic of the congo, diversification (finance), dvd, economic bubble, electric battery, electric vehicle, engineer, enriched uranium, entrepreneurship, equinox gold, equity (finance), euro, eurodollar, european central bank, event, events, exchange-traded fund, federal reserve, federal takeover of fannie mae and freddie mac, finance, financial crisis of 2007–08, financial education, financial education marin katusa, financial literacy, fireside chat, fixed exchange rate system, fixed income, foreign exchange market, fuel, fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant, future, futures contract, gold, gold business, gold prediction, government debt, great depression, green energy, hard currency, hedge (finance), how to 10x your money, how to 10x your money with marin katusa, how to double your money fast, hydraulic fracturing, hydroelectricity, inflation, inflationism, initial public offering, innergex, insurance, interest, interest rate, investing, investment, investment advice, investment banking, investments, investor, iron ore, iron ore 2020, junior mining, junior national resource, katusa, lawsuit, lawyer, leverage (finance), lithium, lukas lundin, lumina gold, luminex gold, marin katusa, mark o'dea, market (economics), market liquidity, market trend, metal, millennials, mining, molybdenum, money, moneyness, moral hazard, mortgage loan, motivation, nasdaq, national debt of the united states, national energy program, newmont goldcorp, news, nickel, nolan watson, northern dynasty, nuclear fission, nuclear fuel, nuclear power, nuclear power in france, nuclear reactor, nuclear reprocessing, nuclear weapon, opec, palladium, pan american silver, passive management, pebble project, penny stock, peter schiff, petrodollar recycling, petroleum, placer mining, pound sterling, precious metal, price, price of oil, protectionism, public companies, publicly traded, quantitative easing, red dog mine, renewable energy, reserve currency, resource, richard warke, rio tinto (corporation), ross beaty, royalty payment, short (finance), silver, silver 2020, silver prediciton, small modular reactor, smelting, social media, solar power, solaris copper, special drawing rights, speculation, startup company, stock, stock market, stocks, storytelling, subprime lending, subprime mortgage crisis, subsidy, sustainable energy, tailings, tariff, tax, tech, technical analysis, tesla, the new york times best seller list, thorium, thorium fuel cycle, twitter, uranium, uranium investing, uranium mining, uranium stocks, valuation (finance), vancouver, volatility (finance), vric 2020, wall street, warren buffett, wind power, world currency
Michael McCrae
Mining Audiences and Data Intelligence Manager в Kitco NEWS
#vric20, 2020, analyst, automation, automotive battery, base, battery electric vehicle, bull, business, buy, cambridge house, canada, capital, cash, cobalt, cohabitation, commodity, company, conference, copper, cycle, demand, diamond, diamonds, digital media, dollar, ecomonics, electric battery, electric vehicle, electric vehicles, energy, ev, events, financial, forecast, fuel cell, fur, gold, influencers, investment, investors, kitco, machine learning, market, marriage, metal, mind, mineral, mining, money, natural, news, newsletter writers, occupational safety and health, offer and acceptance, platinum, politics, portfolio, power, precious metal, price, public, resource, return, rio tinto (corporation), sector, sell, shareholders, silver, stock, supply chain, tech, trading, truck, truck classification, united states, upside, uranium, us, value, vancouver, vric
Dr. Karl Schimann
Vice President of Exploration and a Director в CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
#vric20, 2020, athabasca, base, basin, bill gates, boron, cambridge house, cameco, canada, canalaska, carbon, carbon emission, cash, china, clean, cobalt, commodity, company, conference, copper, cycle, demand, denison, drill, electric, electricity, energy, ev, exchange, fossil, fossil fuel, fuel, geochemistry, gold, green, high-speed rail, investment, joint venture, key lake mine, lake, market, metal, mine, mineral, mining, money, nickel, north america, nuclear, nuclear power, portfolio, power, price, profit, project generator, public, resource, return, saskatchewan, shares, silver, stock, supply and demand, tech, toronto, trading, tsxv, upside, uranium, value, vancouver, vehicle, venture, vric
Roger Lemaitre
President and CEO в UEX Corporation
#vric20, 2020, asset, athabasca, balloon, base, basin, bullish, business, buy low, cambridge house, canada, capital, cash, chemistry, cobalt, commodity, company, competitive advantage, conference, contrarian, culture, cycle, demand, development, discovery, economy, energy, exchange, fault (geology), finance, forward-looking statement, geochemistry, gold, grassroots, investment, investor, make money, map, market, metal, mineral, mining, money, nickel, nuclear, option (finance), portfolio, portfolio (finance), power, precious, price, production, profit, property, public, radon, rain, resource, retail, risk, sask, saskatchewan, sell high, shares, silver, stock, sugar substitute, supply, toronto, trading, tsx, uex, upside, uranium, uranium ore, value, vancouver, vric, wireline (cabling)
Scott Williamson
Managing Director в Blackstone Minerals Limited
#vric20, 2020, asia, asx, australia, australian securities exchange, base metal, battery, battery metals, british columbia, cambridge house, canada, capital, capital structure, cash, cobalt, commodity, company, conference, conglomerate (company), demand, diamond, east, electric battery, electric vehicle, ev, event, factory, finance, geology, gold, hard disk drive, investing, investment, iron, kalgoorlie, kava, lithium-ion, market capitalization, metal, minerals, mining, money, news, nickel, nickel sulfide, nickel(ii) sulfate, northern, option (finance), portfolio, precious metals, price, public, resource, rice, road, share price, shares, silver, silver swan (comics), south, stock, stock exchange, stocks, sulfate, sulfide, supply, tariff, tech, tesla, tire, trading, united kingdom, university of cambridge, vancouver, vietnam, vinfast, vric, western australia
Robin Dunbar
President & CEO в Grid Metals Corp
#vric20, 2020, base, battery, bullish, cambridge house, canada, capital structure, cash, china, cobalt, commodities, company, conference, copper, critical, cycle, deal, deck, demand, electric, electric vehicle, emissions, energy, ev, exchange, exploration, fuel cell, geology, geophysics, global, gold, grid, hybrid vehicle, investment, investor, junior, lithium, manitoba, market, market (economics), market capitalization, metal, mineral, mining, money, nickel, north america, ontario, ounce, palladium, pge, pitch, platinum, platinum group, play, portfolio, precious metal, presentation, public, rare earths, ree, resource, retail, risk, russia, silver, south africa, stock, supply, supply and demand, toronto, toyota, tsxv, vancouver, vehicle, venture, vric
Martin Turenne
President & CEO в FPX Nickel Corp.
#vric20, 2020, asset, base metal, battery metal, brand, british columbia, business, buy nickel, cambridge house, canada, capital, car, cash, chemical substance, clean tech, climate change, cobalt, company, conference, copper, deficit spending, demand, development, electric vehicle, energy, ev, event, export, finance, froth flotation, geopolitics, gold, high grade, interest, inventory, investment, iron, magnetite, market (economics), market sentiment, market trend, marketplace, metal, mine, mineral, mining, nationalism, nickel, open-pit mining, opportunity, outcrop, pound sterling, power, precious metals, price, progress, public, renewable, resource, risk, russia, sales, shares, silver, smelting, stainless steel, steel, stock, stock market, supply, supply chain, tailings, tech, tier, trade, trading, vancouver, volatility (finance), vric, vrify, war, warehouse, wear, zinc
Elaine Sanders
CFO and Corporate Secretary в Trilogy Metals Inc.
#vric20, 2020, alaska, ambler, ambler, alaska, anchorage, alaska, arctic, bank, base metal, battery metals, cambridge house, capital, cobalt, company, conference, construction, copper, copper price, corporation, dalton highway, district, events, fairbanks, alaska, finance, gold, investment, joint venture, market, metal, metals, mine, minerals, mining, money, nana regional corporation, national instrument 43-101, opportunity, ounce, polymetallic, port of anchorage, pound (mass), precious metals, public, resource, road, road transport, shareholders, silver, south32, stock market, stocks, tech, united states dollar, vancouver, vric, zinc
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