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Javier Cano

Director at Nexcess

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Javi has been marketing technology solutions for over 10 years. He’s advanced his marketing expertise while developing varied, comprehensive, and inventive strategies for startups, mid-size and enterprise organizations across the country. In his current role, he focuses on integrated targeted marketing campaigns to SMBs. In early 2018, Javi identified a unique trait among a burgeoning set of new customers at Liquid Web. Many of these new customers were CBD brands who experienced pain points around their previous host, merchant processor, or e-commerce platform provider. Javi and CBD experts worked with the eCommerce pros at Liquid Web and their connections to merchant processors to develop a unique solution for this high-growth market.
Javi’s expertise and deep dive into high risk merchant processing for CBD entrepreneurs make this talk a ‘must see’ for anyone who is considering or already in the business of retail/online CBD sales.

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CBD Expo Tour NORTHWEST 2019

June 28-29 2019
Location Seattle
Talks 29
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cannabinoids, cbd, ecommerce, ecs, health, it, opioid reduction, pharmacology
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