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Денис Максимов

CEO at Wattson

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Topic: Business

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Юлия Фетисова
Regional operation specialist at BTC.com
Денис Максимов
CEO at Wattson
Крейг Гесуиндт
Expert at Blockchain
Вячеслав Бредихин
Overseas Marketing Specialist at BITMAIN
Дмитрий Шуваев
BitCluster at BitCluster
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April 23-24 2019
bitmain, blockchain, crypto, cryptocurrency, fintech, fundraising, game, government, investment
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Blockchain Life 2018

November 7-8 2018
Location Санкт-Петербург
Talks 25
Views 511
blockchain, ico, блокчейн, инвестиции, крипто биржа, криптовалюты, крипторынок
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