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1-30 of 37545
Daniel Short
Community Manager at Indigo Labs
Aidan Rankin-Williams
Co-Founder & CEO at PlayerMint
Bharath Ramesh
Lecturer at Western Sydney University
Sam Jeffrey M
Plutus Developer at Gimbalabs
Eric Helms
Founder at Smart Contract Audit Token (SCATDAO)
Greg Nwosu
Machine Learning Engineer at Aimia
Jaime Caso Onzain
Cardano Ambassador at Cardano Community
Carl Henry
Chief Executive Officer at Carl Henry Global
Peter Van Garderen
CEO / Chief Scientist at Iona Systems Ltd.
Victor Corcino
Chief Operating Officer at Loxe Inc.
Nick Nikiforakis
Associate Professor at Stony Brook University
Maury Shenk
Founder & CEO at LearnerShape
Leslie Truong
Marketing Coordinator at SushiBytes
Niall Dennehy
Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder at AID:Tech
Venkatesan Ellappan
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at Emurgo Academy India
Maggie Korde
Country Director, Rwanda and Burundi at Save the Children International
Eva Oberholzer
Chief Growth Officer, Member of the Management Board at Cardano Foundation
Andrew Soper
Chief Commercial Officer at World Mobile Group
Fabrizio Shao
No-Code Ambassador at Input Output (IOHK)
David Siemer
CEO at Wave Financial
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Sakhib Waseem
Chief Innovation Officer & CTO at Astra Protocol
Pi Lanningham
Senior Software Engineer at Attentive
Gillian Tett
US Managing Editor at Financial Times
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1-30 of 37545