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Speakers on Big Data

Learn from leading speakers on Big Data sharing their perspectives, experience and insights.

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Ryan Lee
CFO & Co-Founder at SmartStudy
adolescence, apple inc., apple music, baby shark, bayby shark, corporate scandal, data responsibly, database, donald duck, entertainment, gangnam district, gangnam style, google, kids, mickey mouse, miley cyrus, mobile phone, peter pan (1953 film), pinkfong, q&a (australian talk show), ryan lee, search engine optimization, smartphone, song, spider-man, spotify, star wars, streaming media, techsauce , techsauce global sumiit 2019, techsauce global summit, the walt disney company, tsgs, tsgs19, viral phenomenon, viral video, woody, woody world, youtube
Dustin Vannoy
Data Engineer + Analytics Consultant at Dustin Vannoy Consulting
apache hadoop, apache hive, apache kafka, apache spark, big data, cloud computing, comma-separated values, computer data storage, computer file, data, data lake, data lakes, data warehouse, database, environment, extract, transform, load, json, linkedin, microsoft sql server, parameter (computer programming), relational database, relational model, scalability, semicolon, serverless computing, sql, table (database), twitter
Abraham Elmahrek
Founder at Padfever
data access
Jerry Power
Chief Executive Officer at I3 Systems
ai, analytics, anonymity, bank, big data, blockchain, cambridge analytica, communities, computer, computer file, computer network, consumer privacy, credit score, data, data science, data scientist, database, definition, deontological ethics, digital electronics, digital twin, entrepreneurship, equifax, ethics, ethnography, facebook, garbage truck, general data protection regulation, goal, internet, internet of things, machine learning, monopoly, online and offline, open-source software, point of sale, police body camera, predictive analytics, privacy, product lifecycle, program optimization, public speaking, race (human categorization), reason, remote sensing, research, router (computing), smart city, wealth
Ryan Kurtzman
Smart Cities Program Manager at City of Long Beach
communities, data, database
Jeff Bertman
CTO at Dfuse
analitic, data base, data science churn
Andre de Waal
Ecosystem Data Science at IBM
cucle, data science, modules, python
Ayon Roy
Data Science Intern at Internshala
Mark McQuade
Practice Manager, Data Science & Engineering at Onica
ai, amazon alexa, blockchain, business intelligence, chatbot, clinical trial, computer vision, data science, data scientist, data scientists, deep learning, internet bot, machine learning, machine learning applications, machine translation, medical diagnosis, ml ops, mobile app, natural language processing, natural-language understanding, optical character recognition, software , speech recognition, speech synthesis, statistical classification, streaming media, subtitles, tensorflow, unstructured data, virtual assistant
Joe Karlsson
Software Engineer at MongoDB
internet, mongodb, performance considerations
Karim Varela
CEO & Founder at Civilized Software
brand, data, sponsorships
Nicholas Speece
Sales Engineering Manager at Snowflake
data, database
Anand Ranganathan
Chief AI Officer at Unscrambl, Inc
ai, analytics platform, bias, blockchain, causality, competition, coronavirus disease 2019, correlation and dependence, correlation does not imply causation, covid-19 pandemic, customer, data science, data scientist, dialog management, language, machine learning, nlp, political corruption, research, risk, social media, software as a service, software bug, sql, statistical hypothesis testing, statistics, supply chain, time for business, understanding, whatsapp, youtube, zoom (software)
Kunny Berdow
Global Insights & Analytics at Google
data, database, gaming
Alice Chandrasekaran
CIO at Digital Magenta Inc
business, data, database
Jennifer Aplin
CEO at Digital Magenta Inc
business, data, database
Dave Stokes
MySQL Community Manager at Oracle
bit, business card, check constraint, data, data dictionary, data integrity, database, database index, database schema, definition, engineer, experience, foreign key, groundbreakers, language, metadata, mysql, nosql, nothing, oracle cloud, oracle developers, physics, pointer (computer programming), question, relational database, replication (computing), sql, table (database), unique key
Paige Roberts
Manager at Vertica
abstraction (computer science), analytics, apache hive, cloud computing, computer, computer performance, computer programming, data architectures, data warehouse, database, extract, transform, load, image scanner, internet of things, machine learning, microsoft excel, presto (sql query engine), programming language, project jupyter, scalability, shapefile, sql, statistics, tensorflow, thread (computing), vertica
Yasha Mouradi
Data & Analytics Leader at OnPrem Solution Partners
covid 19, data, flight frequencies, global airline traffic
Rafi Wadan
CEO at Stargazr
analyse, digitzation, research
Caito Scherr
Developer Advocate at Ververica
data-driven development
Helen Poldsam
CEO at Cellaccura Biosciences Inc.
gene therapy, immune system, technology, transformative treatments
Babu Repaka
Data Project Solution Architect at California State University
continuous delivery, continuous integration
Maria Fung
Business Intelligence Development Lead at California State University
continuous delivery, continuous integration
Don Malloy
Business Development Director at DualAuth
market verticals, security industry
Dennes Torres
Data Platform MVP at Bettson group
apache hadoop, big data, comma-separated values, command-line interface, computer, computer file, data, data compression, data lake, data visualization , database, database schema, dimension (data warehouse), email, environment variable, feedback, file format, internet, inventory, ios, laptop, m language, microsoft excel, microsoft powerpoint, oracle corporation, python (programming language), sql, text file, warehouse
Sheri Byrne-Haber
CX Ambassador at VMware
assistive technology, camera, closed captioning, color blindness, common sense, computer keyboard, control-alt-delete, database, font, gamification, icon (computing), internet, machine learning, macular degeneration, mobile app, motivation, open source, optic nerve, pdf, retinitis pigmentosa, screen reader, typography, visual impairment, visual perception, vmware, web browser, web content accessibility guidelines, world wide web
Rishov Chatterjee
Founder, CEO at ChanR Analytics
machine learning
William Kehoe
CIO at A County Office
Peter Zaitsev
Founder, CEO at Percona
amazon dynamodb, application software, central processing unit, cloud computing, computer, computer hardware, conceptual model, database, database design, design, disaster recovery, distributed computing, groundbreakers, hybrid drive, keynote, multi-core processor, nosql, oracle cloud, oracle developers, program optimization, relational algebra, relational database, relational model, scalability, server (computing), solid-state drive, sql, transport layer security, virtualization
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