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Speakers on Business Management

Learn from leading speakers on Business Management sharing their perspectives, experience and insights.

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Adam Spencer
President at AbleDocs (GLOBAL)
accessibility, accounting, automated teller machine, bank, bank statement, book, company, complaint, credit, credit card, ecosystem, epub, experience, html, infinite monkey theorem, mold, organization, pdf, regulatory compliance, reincarnation, technology, typewriter, xml, xml schema
Henry Sal
President at Computing System Innovations
accessibility, accuracy and precision, adjective, algorithm, amazon (company), amazon go, american frontier, apple inc., application programming interface, attention, automation, autopilot, beck, business process automation, china, computer, confidence interval, credit card, database, education, educational technology, employment, expert system, extensible metadata platform, financial transaction, general data protection regulation, google, identity theft, innovation, intelligence, intelligent character recognition, json, language, law, machine learning, metadata, mortgage loan, music, natural language processing, new york city, online and offline, optical character recognition, pacer (law), pdf, personal data, privacy, privacy policy, property, question, robot, robotic process automation, robotics, sanitization (classified information), seattle, software , specification (technical standard), tax, technology, tourism, united states, unstructured data, washington (state), web portal
Michael Vrhel
Color Scientist at Artifex Software Inc.
adobe photoshop, application programming interface, central processing unit, clock rate, color space, computer file, computer hardware, computer programming, general-purpose computing on graphics processing units, graphics processing unit, instruction set architecture, intel, javascript, jpeg, json, multi-core processor, parallel computing, pdf, programmer, rgb color model, scripting language, snippet (programming), software , specification (technical standard), thread (computing)
William Li
Color Products and Custom Development Manager at Eastman Kodak
blend modes, cmyk color model, color, color printing, computer monitor, concept, educational technology, gamut, gentleman, grocery store, icc profile, ink, kodak, light, metadata, microsoft powerpoint, money, newspaper, printer (computing), psychotherapy, reason, rgb color model, specification (technical standard), transparency (graphic), violet (color)
Aleksy Jones
Head Of Core Systems at PDFTron
application software, beck, biological life cycle, central processing unit, client (computing), computer file, computer programming, cross-browser compatibility, cross-platform software, data, digital transformation, document, document management system, embedded system, experience, file format, file system, font, food, google play, html, information, innovation, jetblue, linux, lyft, lyrics, microsoft, microsoft excel, microsoft office, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft windows, microsoft word, mobile phone, mountain, music, patrick star, pdf, philippines, polyvinyl chloride, programming language, reason, rectangle, reliability engineering, rendering (computer graphics), research, risk, scalable vector graphics, screenshot, semantics, server (computing), social media, software , software development, source code, specification (technical standard), startup company, supplemental nutrition assistance program, symbol, the apprentice (british tv series), thread (computing), user interface, web browser, world wide web, xml, youtube
Matt Kuznicki
Chairman of the Board at PDF Association
accessibility, adobe acrobat, adobe inc., american frontier, attention, authentication, automation, bank, beck, california, central processing unit, china, computer file, computer program, credit card, cumulative distribution function, database, digital rights management, digital signature, document, dodge, email, employment, encryption, english language, evolution, expert, feedback, file format, financial transaction, future, game of thrones, general data protection regulation, google, html, identity theft, interoperability, markup language, mathml, metadata, microsoft word, mortgage loan, music, optics, pacer (law), password, pdf, pediatrics, personal data, pleasure, privacy, privacy policy, question, recession, research, sanitization (classified information), sea, softball, software , specification (technical standard), spotify, standardization, symbiosis, tag (metadata), technology, thesis, tourism, version control, xml, xml schema
Matthew Hardy
Senior Engineering Manager, Document Cloud at Adobe
accessibility, adobe inc., adobe lightroom, ambiguity, assistive technology, bank, california, cloud computing, cumulative distribution function, design, document, dodge, email, end user, english language, evolution, expert, feedback, future, game of thrones, google home, hyphen, ios, language, nature, optics, pdf, pediatrics, pleasure, property, reading, reason, recession, research, scientific journal, sea, siri, softball, spotify, standardization, symbiosis, technology, thesis, time, typography, understanding, unicode, vowel, word
Paul Rayius
Director of Training at CommonLook
accessibility, adobe acrobat, adobe inc., americans with disabilities act of 1990, australia, automation, canada, concept, corporation, database, do it yourself, education, expert, finance, health care, health insurance, hearing loss, higher education, html, hyperlink, icloud, intelligence, machine learning, metadata, microsoft powerpoint, optical character recognition, pdf, personal digital assistant, plug-in (computing), pricing, regulatory compliance, screen reader, section 508 amendment to the rehabilitation act of 1973, software , space, speech recognition, tool, trade, united states, web accessibility, web page, web template system, world wide web
Patrick Gallot
Enterprise Support Engineer at Datalogics
accessibility, adolescence, american frontier, attention, automation, beck, cambridge analytica, china, computer keyboard, credit card, cut, copy, and paste, database, doxing, email, employment, facebook, financial transaction, font, freedom of information act (united states), general data protection regulation, google, identity theft, language, metadata, microsoft word, mortgage loan, music, pacer (law), password, paul manafort, pdf, personal data, privacy, privacy policy, question, rendering (computer graphics), sanitization (classified information), screenshot, software , specification (technical standard), theft, tourism, unicode, united states congress
Scott Gerschwer
Marketing team leader at Compart AG
analytics, brand, business, business intelligence, cloud computing, customer experience, customer relationship management, digital marketing, digital transformation, end user, enterprise resource planning, fawlty towers, industry, innovation, insurance, internet, legacy system, microsoft word, receipt,, software , tool and die maker, transport, use case
Jonathan Rhyne
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer at PSPDFKit GmbH
adaptation, android (operating system), apple inc., application software, avatar (computing), big data, business, car, computer, credential, data, design, digital signature, email, engineer, engineering, file format, general data protection regulation, google chrome, henry ford, html, internet, ios, joke, knowledge, laptop, machine-readable data, macos, microsoft office, mobile app, music, open-source software, paperless office, password, pdf, personal data, privacy, publishing, reason, research, software development, tablet computer, telephone, touch id, web page, wikipedia
Dario Finardi
Technical manager at
accessibility, adaptation, android (operating system), apple inc., application software, avatar (computing), business, car, computer vision, customer, design, disability, document, email, embedded system, engineer, engineering, epub, fantasy, flash video, google chrome, henry ford, html, hyperlink, icon (computing), international organization for standardization, internet, ios, italy, knowledge, language, machine, macos, microsoft office, mobile app, multimedia, open-source software, operating system, pdf, penis, pinnacle, printer (computing), privacy, reason, regulatory compliance, ringtone, samsung, sentiment analysis, software , software development, solution, target audience, telephone, tutorial, understanding, upload, weather, web server, world wide web, youtube
Peter Wyatt
Principal Scientist at PDF Association
alexa internet, antivirus software, computer, computer virus, digital signature, email, fee, google search, hidden text, html, malware, password, pdf, phishing, privacy, research, search engine optimization, social engineering (security), spamming, specification (technical standard), virustotal, web browser, world wide web, zero-day (computing), zip (file format)
Duff Johnson
Chief Executive Officer at PDF Association
accessibility, alexa internet, antivirus software, batman, book, coffee, computer, computer virus, digital signature, documentary film, dog, email, fee, general data protection regulation, google search, hidden text, html, lawyer, malware, metadata, nothing, optical character recognition, paper, password, pdf, phishing, president of the united states, privacy, research, russian interference in the 2016 united states elections, sanitization (classified information), search engine optimization, signature, social engineering (security), spamming, special counsel investigation (2017–2019), specification (technical standard), the new york times, tree, united states, usability, virustotal, web browser, world wide web, zero-day (computing), zip (file format)
Boris Doubrov
CEO and co-founder at Dual Lab
academic publishing, bit, communication, community, computer, data, debate, empathy, engineering, information, language, mathematics, mp3, music, navigation, pdf, risk, scientific literature, scientist, software , spreadsheet, springer science+business media, technology, water
Roman Toda
pdf expert, co-founder at Normex
accessibility, adobe acrobat, application software, automation, blu-ray, communication protocol, computer, computer file, email, end user, extensible metadata platform, file format, financial statement, github, google chrome, html, html element, idea, information, javascript, market (economics), metadata, mobile app, multi-touch, namespace, patent, pdf, pointer (computer programming), programmer, reading, robotics, scalable vector graphics, screen reader, software , spreadsheet, twitter, value proposition, web browser, web page, website, wikipedia, withholding tax, word processor, world wide web
Ross Frank
Presales Engineer at iText Software
adaptation, amazon (company), android (operating system), apple inc., application programming interface, application software, arabic, authentication, avatar (computing), blockchain, business, car, cascading style sheets, certificate authority, computer file, cryptographic hash function, cryptography , customer, data, data integrity, database, database transaction, design, diaper, digital signature, email, encryption, end user, engine, engineer, engineering, flatulence, ghetto, google chrome, hebrew language, henry ford, html, human resources, information, innovation, insurance, invoice, ios, key (cryptography), knowledge, labcorp, library, library (computing), lie detection, macos, microsoft office, mobile app, mobile device, non-repudiation, open-source software, pdf, privacy, procurement, public key certificate, public-key cryptography, race condition, reason, representational state transfer, shape, software development, solution, source lines of code, structure, system, tablet computer, telephone, thread (computing), trusted timestamping, web of trust, wireless ad hoc network, world wide web, writing system, wysiwyg
Robert Martinengo
Founder at Consumer Accessibility Information Label Association (CAILA)
accessibility, adobe acrobat, book, brand, brand awareness, closed captioning, computer file, diet (nutrition), digital rights management, food, health, metadata, nutrition, nutrition facts label, pdf, publishing, reading, screen reader, specification (technical standard), tablet computer, technology, textbook, web accessibility, world wide web
Jean Haney
Owner at Visual Integrity
3d computer graphics, adobe inc., application programming interface, autocad, autocad dxf, autodesk, computer graphics, database, design web format, graphics, html, image scanner, opentype, optical character recognition, pdf, postscript, raster graphics, raster graphics editor, scalable vector graphics, truetype, vector graphics, web browser, windows metafile, world wide web
Dov Isaacs
Principal Scientist at Adobe
accessibility, application software, automation, building insulation, clickbait, comma-separated values, communication protocol, computer, computer file, computer virus, copyright, database, email, extensible metadata platform, file format, financial statement, freedom of information laws by country, google chrome, html, hyperlink, idea, javascript, market (economics), mathml, metadata, microsoft excel, microsoft powerpoint, microsoft word, mobile app, open data, patent, pdf, reading, research, robotics, screen reader, specification (technical standard), spreadsheet, web page, website, withholding tax, word processor, world wide web, zip (file format)
Karina Zander
Manager Marketing at axaio software GmbH
accessibility, adobe creative cloud, adobe inc., adobe indesign, amazon (company), application software, assistive technology, attention, automation, concept, conceptual model, confidence, definition, document, documentary film, drawing, engineering drawing, feedback, flag, formula, graphics, hand, html, html5, illustrator, javascript, language, logo, mathml, microsoft excel, news, note (typography), pdf, photographer, plug-in (computing), question, reading, roof, scalable vector graphics, science, screen reader, sprain, technical drawing, user interface
Peter Shikli
Coordinator at Access2online
accessibility, adobe inc., cascading style sheets, database, dynamic web page, html, intelligence analysis, javascript, machine learning, markup language, microsoft sql server, motivation, outsourcing, page layout, pdf, professional certification, reason, research, section 508 amendment to the rehabilitation act of 1973, software testing, tag (metadata), version control, web accessibility, web page, world wide web
Sheri Byrne-Haber
CX Ambassador at VMware
assistive technology, camera, closed captioning, color blindness, common sense, computer keyboard, control-alt-delete, database, font, gamification, icon (computing), internet, machine learning, macular degeneration, mobile app, motivation, open source, optic nerve, pdf, retinitis pigmentosa, screen reader, typography, visual impairment, visual perception, vmware, web browser, web content accessibility guidelines, world wide web
Leonard Rosenthol
Senior Principal Scientist & PDF Architect at Adobe Systems
accessibility, american frontier, attention, automation, beck, bing (search engine), china, cloud computing, credit card, database, dropbox (service), email, email archiving, employment, extensible metadata platform, file format, filename extension, financial transaction, general data protection regulation, gmail, google, google drive, google search, identity theft, metadata, mortgage loan, music, note (typography), onedrive, pacer (law), pagerank, pdf, personal data, privacy, privacy policy, question, sanitization (classified information),, search engine indexing, software , specification (technical standard), spotlight (software), tag (metadata), tourism, usability, web search engine, world wide web, xml, yahoo!
Jason Harrop
Founder & CEO at Plutext
amazon (company), amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon web services, application programming interface, application software, email, google chrome, javascript, kubernetes , linux, memory, microsoft azure, online chat, pdf, reason, screenshot, serverless computing, specification (technical standard), technology, time, virtualization, web browser, webassembly, world wide web, xml
Dietrich von Seggern
Managing Director at callas software GmbH
accessibility, apartment, application software, automation, binary file, bit, blind carbon copy, car, cmyk color model, coal, color space, communication protocol, computer, data, data compression, digital printing, document, e-zpass, email, email box, email client, email spam, engine, envelope, extensible metadata platform, fax, file format, financial statement, germany, google chrome, html, idea, information, internet, internet message access protocol, interoperability, invoice, islamic state of iraq and the levant, javascript, machine, market (economics), message transfer agent, metadata, microsoft excel, microsoft outlook, mining, mobile app, newspaper, original equipment manufacturer, paper, patent, pdf, post office protocol, prison, reading, reason, refrigerator, reliability engineering, religion, reverse engineering, rgb color model, rich text format, robotics, ryder cup, safari (web browser), screen reader, short message peer-to-peer, signature, simple mail transfer protocol, sms, software , specification (technical standard), spreadsheet, technology, the great atlantic & pacific tea company, tracfone wireless, video game, web page, website, withholding tax, word processor, world wide web, xml, zip (file format)
Kenny Swope
Senior Manager & IPT Leader at 2nd Century Enterprise Systems Business Architecture
acceleration, airbus, albert einstein, bowl, culture, data, dog, foot locker, harvest, manufacturing, mother, simulation, straw
David Blatner
President at CreativePro Network
adobe flash, adobe inc., adobe indesign, book, brain, consciousness, data, energy, html, html5, idea, information, knowledge, knowledge base, memory, nervous system, neural network, neuron, pdf, reliability engineering, social media, symbol, synapse, web content, world wide web
Abigail Hart Gray
Director, UX at Google
ai, analytics, aol, application programming interface, art, brand, career, coding for managers, collaboration tool, color, concept, cornell, customer satisfaction, data analytics, design, design ops, dynamic web page, education, email, enterprise software, entrepreneurship, evolution, future, globalization, google search, growth product management, history, how to become a pm, how to get a job, internet, language, love, machine learning, mass, material design, metrics, mobile app, narrative, net promoter, nyc, nypc, operationalization, pain, participatory design, perception, performance indicator, pm, pm tools, product, product management, product management basics, product management training, product manager, product manager interview, product manager resume, product manager salary, product school, product/market fit, reason, reputation, research, software , software framework, solomon r. guggenheim museum, startup company, steve jobs, system, technology, thought, time, times center, use case, user experience design, website wireframe, what is a product manager, what is product management, world wide web
Vivek Bedi
Keynote Speaker at
ai, android (operating system), apple inc., apple pay, art, budget, career, coding for managers, cowboy, data analytics, design, dunkin' donuts, engineer, facebook, facetime, financial technology, growth product management, how to become a pm, how to get a job, insurance, ios, learnvest, machine learning, metrics, mobile app, northwestern mutual, pm tools, product, product management, product management basics, product management training, product manager, product manager interview, product manager resume, product manager salary, product school, prototype, research, smartphone, snapchat, software , starbucks, startup company, technology, uber, website wireframe, what is a product manager, what is product management
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