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1-30 of 1008
David Siegel
CEO at Meetup
business pivot, community leaders, virtual community
Miki Toliver King
President at Genius
cmx, community values, marketing strategy, online community
Erica Kuhl
CEO & Founder at Erica Kuhl Consulting
adoption, anger, atlassian, attention, brand, building communities, business community, business-to-business, causality, chatbot, cmx, cmx media, cmx summit, collaboration, community, community builder, community management, conversation, customer relationship management, customer to customer, devolution (biology), evangelism, experiment, expert, feedback, gift card, google, information, innovation, leadership, learning, mathematics, mentorship, metric (mathematics), mind, mobile app, news, online community, platform, prayer, productivity, reason, reputation, return on investment, saas, saastr, saastr annual, salesforce,, siri, slack, social media, space, startup company, statistics, survey methodology, time, use case, virtual community, visa inc., word-of-mouth marketing
Brian Oblinger
Chief Community Officer at Brian Oblinger | Strategic Consulting
cmx, community builder, virtual community
Leela Srinivasan
CMO at SurveyMonkey
android (operating system), brand, cmx, community marketing, content marketing, credibility, customer experience, customer feedback, digital marketing, empathy, employee retention, employment, generation, go to market, google, human, human nature, innovation, lead generation, leela srinivasan, linkedin, market (economics), marketing, meal, mind, mobile payment, nature, netflix, price, pricing, product bundling, qr code, ramping arr, reason, research, saas, saastr, saastr annual, sales, salesforce,, scientist, simulation, slogan, startup company, statistics, subscription business model, surveymonkey, target audience, testimonial, time, twitter, virtual community
Nicole Saunders
Manager, Community Engagement at Zendesk
blog, business community, cmx, cmx media, cmx summit, collaboration, community, community engagement, community management, community members, contentment, conversation, documentation, email, evangelism, expert, font, gamification, google search, information, innovation, internet forum, knowledge, mathematical optimization, mobile app, online community, platform, question, reputation, resource, search engine optimization, social media, team, thread (computing), user-generated content, web search engine, zendesk
Gabriel Pizzolante
UK Growth Marketer at Ironhack
cmx summit, community managing, strengthen community
Felicia Fulks
Learning Design and Open Educational Resources Librarian at Xavier University of Louisiana
cmx summit, moderating, online community, virtual community
Anika Gupta
Faculty Librarian at Xavier University
cmx summit, moderating, online community, virtual community
Nicole Felter
Hiring Summit Event Manager at Girls Who Code
building community, cmx summit, diversity, inclusion
Leah McGowen-Hare
VP, Trailhead Evangelism at Salesforce
cmx summit, community challenges, salesforce
Kobie Fuller
General Partner at Upfront Ventures
400 metres, acre, african americans, alabama crimson tide, analogy, anxiety, apple, architecture, arm, association football, athlete, athletics, attention, avicii, axe, barcelona, bbc, beauty, beef, behavior, best buy, billionaire, bit, board of directors, boston consulting group, bradenton, florida, brain, brand, bronze, bronze medal, bullet, business community, capitalism, chicken, chicken soup, chicken soup for the soul, chief executive officer, child, china, civil rights movement, cleat (shoe), clinical psychology, clothing, cmx media, cmx summit, coincidence, collaboration, college football, community, community management, competition, computer, concept, counterfeit, creating community, credit card, crime, criminal justice, criminal justice reform in the united states, criminal record, ct scan, dallas cowboys, data, delayed gratification, democracy, discretion, distribution center, documentary, doritos, drew brees, earth, ebay, economics, education, email, emergency department, emotion, entertainment, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, evangelism, exercise, experience, eye, facebook, fashion, father, fault (geology), federalist party, felony, florida, food, foodborne illness, foreign exchange market, fundraising, future, georgia (u.s. state), ghost, goal, gold, gold medal, google, gym, hand, harvard university, health, heart, hogwarts, hospital, hour, how to, how to be an entrepreneur, how to start a business, human performance, img academy, immigration detention in the united states, information, innovation, inspiration, instagram, intelligence, interception, internet, introspection, investing, investor, jamarcus russell, kanye west, knowledge, kryptonite, ladainian tomlinson, language, leverage (finance), like mike, magnetic resonance imaging, malibu, california, mark mccormack, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), marketing channel, marketing strategy, marketplace, meditation, men's major golf championships, mental health, mentorship, menu, metal, michael johnson (sprinter), mind, mindfulness, mindset, mining, mirror, mother, motivation, myocardial infarction, national football league, national football league draft, nature, new york city, new york yankees, nick saban, nike, inc., nokia, nothing, nutritionist, oculus vr, ohio, ohio state university, olympic games, olympics, online community, optimism, pain, percentage, personalization, philosophical realism, physical therapy, platform, pleasure, pressure, price, prison, pro football hall of fame, prosecutor, prototype, psychology, random-access memory, reputation, retail, russell wilson, safeway inc., sales, san diego, san francisco, second coming, self-advocacy, shit, shoe, silence, silicon valley, silicon valley startups, silver, simile, skill, sneaker collecting, sneakers, social media, social stigma, societal movements, soft drink, soul, soup, sport, sport psychology, stadium, startup advice, startup business tips, startup company, startup entrepreneurs, startup grind, startup ideas, startup news, startup stories, startup tips, startups, stockx, stroke, success story, superman, surveillance, swamp, sydney, team sport, technology, technology news, thalamus, therapy, thought, tide, tiffany & co., time, tom brady, tom condon, touchdown, track and field, understanding, unicorn, united states, university of alabama, university of california, los angeles, venture capital, venus, web page, wechat, weight, wheaties, wisdom, word, word of wisdom, workforce, world record
Colleen Curtis
Head of Community at Miro
cmx summit, community expert, community manager
Deepak Chopra
Founder at The Chopra Foundation
abundance, ageing, alzheimer's disease, awareness, cancer, chopra foundation, circadian rhythm, cmx summit, consciousness, creativity, deepak chopra, dream, emotional self-regulation, feeling, heal, healing, idea, implant (medicine), intention, it, jet lag, meditation, mental, metahuman, mind, mindfulness, mind–body interventions, office design, progeroid syndromes, rapid eye movement sleep, selfcare foundation, shame, sleep, soul, stress (biology), subconscious mind, summit, technological convergence, the biology of belief, the chopra foundation, total meditation, virtual environment, virtual event, webinar, wellbeing, workplace
Amanda Kleha
Chief Customer Officer at Figma
blog, brand, community growth, community marketing, design, dropbox (service), empathy, evangelicalism, figma cmx summit, friendship, go to market, google, instagram, live streaming, marketing strategy, mind, news, open-source-software movement, podcast, reason, social media, social stigma, team, transparency (behavior), twitter, word-of-mouth marketing, youtube
Amisha Gandhi
SVP Marketing at Tipalti
amisha gandhi, cmx summit, creating communities, influencer marketing, sap
Kay Fabella
DEI Consultant & Remote Team Expert at Remote Team
cmx summit, community leader, inclusion
Yamini Rangan
Chief Customer Officer at HubSpot
2019, 5 myths, academy, best practice, blogging, brand, brian halligan, bring your own device, business, business model, case study, cloud computing, community growth, community playbook, customer relationship management, customers, digital marketing, dropbox, dropbox (service), entrepreneurs , entrepreneurship, export, founder, g suite, go to market, hubspot cmx summit, internet, internet access, investor, knowledge worker, leverage (finance), luxury goods, machine learning, market (economics), marketing, mobile app, moving upmarket, price, product differentiation, return on investment, saas events, saas marketing, saas speaker, saastr, saastr annual, sales, salesforce, scaling, segmentation, seo, speaker, startups, the product strategy, upselling, what is hubspot, yamini rangan
Sarah Franklin
EVP & GM Platform, Trailhead & Developers at Salesforce
adolescence, application programming interface, barcode, blockchain, cmx summit, community growth, computer programming, data model, developers, df19, df2019, dreamforce19, dreamforce2019, html, integrated development environment, ipod, json, kinect, library (computing), metadata, microservices, mobile app, object (computer science), pdf, point of sale, real-time computing, salesforce, salesforce customer 360, salesforce developer, software framework, tablet computer, trailblazer community, world wide web
Robin Dreeke
Founder / CEO at People Formula
cmx summit, code of trust, community trust
David Spinks
Founder at CMX
behavior, best practice, bevy, bias, brand, business community, business value, business-to-business, c2c, cmx media, cmx summit, collaboration, community, community health, community management, conversation, customer engagement, customer experience, customer lifetime value, customer relationship management, customer retention, customer satisfaction, david spinks, entrepreneurship, evangelism, facebook, goal, growth hacking, health, hubspot, human, in-person community, innovation, language, leadership, linkedin, loyalty business model, marc benioff, mobile phone, nextdoor, online and offline, online community, platform, psychology, racial profiling, reason, reputation, research, retail, self, silicon valley, social media, social network, startup company, team, time, understanding, user-generated content, virtual community
Joe Martin
VP of Corporate and Demand Marketing at Scorpion
cloudapp, cmx summit, conversion, marketing playbooks, web traffic
Jay Nathan
Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic
cmx summit, community leaders, digital community, digital engagement, higher logic
Michael Puhala
VP of Solution Strategy at Khoros
agent of change, cmx summit, community change, khoros
Hugh Forrest
Chief Programming Officer at SXSW
cmx summit, slido, sxsw, virtual events
Derek Andersen
Co-Founder at Startup Grind
advertising, africa, amazon (company), amazon echo, analytics, angel investor, anger, apple inc., asia, atlassian, attention, authenticity (philosophy), avicii, bag, bank, behavior, belief, bestway, bevy, beyond meat, billionaire, board of directors, bootstrapping (statistics), brain, brand, building communities, business, business community, business model, business-to-business, california, cape town, capital one, capitalism, car, chatbot, chicago bulls, chief executive officer, child, china, clothing, cmx media, cmx summit, collaboration, community, community management, company, concept, conference, conversation, creativity, credit card, criticism, crowdsourcing, culture, curb, customer, customer experience, customer relationship management, customer to customer, dachshund, dan ariely, definition, desktop computer, detroit, devolution (biology), documentary, door, economics, economy, education, electronic arts, email, energy, engineer, enterprise resource planning, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, envy, equity (finance), ethnic group, ethos, evan williams (internet entrepreneur), evangelism, experiment, expert, eye, facebook, fact-checking, fashion, fee, feedback, feeling, finance, food, forbes, fox theatre (atlanta), fundraising, future, gender, ghana, godaddy, google, google analytics, google for startups, great recession, grocery store, ground truth, hair, health, high five, how to, how to be an entrepreneur, how to start a business, human, incentive, information, initial public offering, innovation, inspiration, instagram, internet, investing, investment, investor, jermaine dupri, journalism, kia, lambda school, leadership, leverage (finance), linkedin, marc andreessen, mark zuckerberg, marketing strategy, matter, mcdonald's, meditation, melting pot, memory, mental health, mentorship, millennials, mind, mobile app, mogadishu, money, mongolia, motivation, mouse, muhammad, narrative, nature, net promoter, news, news media, nothing, oculus vr, online and offline, online community, operationalization, optimism, organization, oxycodone, palo alto, california, perception, personal computer, personalization, platform, polycystic kidney disease, prediction, price, privacy, qualtrics, question, reason, recession, reddit, reputation, research, retail, rights, risk, rocket, saas, saastr, saastr annual, sales, salesforce,, san francisco, san francisco bay area, scotland, seattle, shark, sheetz, shirt, sidewalk, silicon valley, silicon valley startups, simulation, singapore, siri, slack, sneaker collecting, social media, social networking service, somalia, soul, space, starbucks, startup advice, startup business tips, startup company, startup entrepreneurs, startup grind, startup ideas, startup news, startup stories, startup tips, startups, steve jobs, story arc, storytelling, street, student loan, subscription business model, success story, surveillance, survey methodology, sweep account, t-shirt, target market, technology, technology news, tel aviv, tent, the new york times, the social network, theatre, tim farley, trip hawkins, truth,, twitter, unicorn, unicorn (finance), united kingdom, united states congress, use case, user-generated content, valentine's day, valuation (finance), value (economics), value proposition, venezuela, venture capital, virtual community, virtual event, wikipedia, word-of-mouth marketing, youtube, zits (comics)
Carlos Figuereido
Director at Trust & Safety
cmx summit, community building, roi, two hat
Doug Scott
Chief Marketing Officer at Twitch
2018, 2019, acl, advertising, alicia keys, amazon (company), augmented reality, austin, avatar (computing), brand, business, buzzfeed, by, ces, cmx summit, comic con, concert, conference, creative, development, digital storytelling, edu, entertainment, entrepreneur, fest, festival, film, gamer, gaming, global communities, health, interactive, interview, jim lanzone, keynote, lineup, live, marketing communications, media, mental health, movie, music, news, panel, performance, physical fitness, psychotherapy, reality, red carpet, scale community, showcase, snap inc., snapchat, social media, south, southby, southwest, speaker, sxsw, talk, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, tinder (app), training, tv, twitch, video games, virtual world, well-being, west, “south by southwest”
Erin Wayne
Global Head of Player Community at Riot Games
cmx summit, global communities, scale community, twitch
Travis King
Advisor at Launch Point Labs
cmx summit, community, community builder, connection, virtual events
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