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1-30 of 14605
Rosalind Benoit
Developer Marketing at Render
amazon web services, amygdala, ape, attention, autocad, autodesk, behavior, bonobo, broca's area, chimpanzee, cloud computing, communication, complexity, conversation, culture, decision-making, digital transformation, executive functions, facebook platform, feeling, frontal lobe, goal, hominidae, inferior frontal gyrus, innovation, insight, intention, interoperability, leadership, limbic system, mathematical model, memory, mind, motivation, pan (genus), parietal lobe, perception, product lifecycle, psychology, reason, recall (memory), science, security, shame, software , speech
Om Moolchandani
Innovator, Technologist, Entrepreneur at Accurics
abstraction, automation, brand, ci, cloud computing, code, collaborate, computer security, continuous integration, conversational development, dave vellante, design, developers, devops, environment variable, fee, git, git repository, github, gitlab, gmail, goal, infrastructure as code, integrate, integration, interface (computing), internet, interoperability, john furrier, kubernetes , language, life-cycle assessment, love, machine learning, malware, map, mind, mobile app, netflix, nginx, on-premises git solutions, open source, open-source software, password, philosophy, phishing, pipeline transport, pipelines, product, product lifecycle, programmers, reason, sanitation, science, security, server, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, software development, software framework, technology, terraforming, thecube, tutorial, vcs , version control, version control system, web server, wikibon, world wide web, yahoo!
Henrik Blixt
Principal Product Manager at Intuit
accounting, api, application software, automation, best practice, booting, cloud computing, computer, computing, database, devops, financial technology, innovation, intuit, kubernetes , product lifecycle, robot, software , software development, software development process, software testing, steady state, vulnerability (computing), web portal, web service
Jesse Suen
Co-Founder & CTO at Intuit
accounting, api, application software, automation, best practice, booting, cloud computing, computer, computing, database, devops, financial technology, innovation, intuit, kubernetes , product lifecycle, robot, software , software development, software development process, software testing, steady state, vulnerability (computing), web portal, web service
David Aronchick
Partner, Program Manager at Azure Innovations in the Office of the CTO at Microsoft
api, aronchick, automation, central processing unit, cloud computing, computer, computer hardware, computer vision, computing, conceptual model, cortana, credit card, database, deep learning, design, differential privacy, distributed version control, expert, facial recognition system, github, google, graphical user interface, graphics processing unit, hyperparameter (machine learning), internet, internet access, internet of things, kubernetes , language, laptop, machine learning, machine translation, matroid, metadata, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft hololens, microsoft windows, ml conference, mlops, natural language processing, nosql, office 365, open source, organization, privacy, reading, reason, reinforcement learning, replication (computing), reverse engineering, scaled machine learning, scaledml, scaledml2020, secure shell protocol, software , speech recognition, stack (abstract data type), statistics, technical conference, technology, tensorflow, training, validation, and test sets, translation, twitter, understanding, waze
Chanwit Kaewkasi
Developer Experience at Weaveworks
api, cloud computing, computer, computer hardware, credit card, deep learning, design, distributed version control, expert, github, google, graphical user interface, hyperparameter (machine learning), kubernetes , laptop, machine learning, metadata, open source, organization, reason, reinforcement learning, software , stack (abstract data type), tensorflow
Christian Hernandez
Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager at Red Hat
amazon web services, attention, backup, computer file, database, desk, devops, distributed version control, event-driven programming, experiment, file system, graphical user interface, interface (computing), kubernetes , microsoft windows, nothing, postgresql, reason, resource, server (computing), social media, solid-state drive, twitter, user identifier, vmware
Lian Li
Engineering Manager & Cloud Native Engineer at Container Solutions BV
audit, automation, bank, best practice, community of practice, consultant, debt, deployment environment, distributed version control, engineering, imagination, information privacy, law, patch (computing), quality assurance, question, reason, regulatory compliance, robot, science, software , software framework, startup company, system, team
Dan Lorenc
Software Engineer at Google
application programming interface, assembly line, attention, audit, automation, best practice, bitcoin, cloud foundry, cloudbees, command-line interface, computer file, computer security, continuous delivery, continuous integration, dan lorenc, data, database, debugging, declarative programming, devops, devops world, devops world | jenkins world 2018, distributed version control, email, euro, git, github, gitops, google, graph (discrete mathematics), information, infrastructure as code, interface (computing), internet, jenkins, jenkins world, jenkins x, kubernetes , metadata, microservices, mind, news, patch (computing), pipeline (computing), postgresql, product lifecycle, reason, repurchase agreement, security, software , software bug, ubuntu, usb flash drive, use case, vulnerability (computing)
Dan Garfield
Co-founder and Chief Open Source Officer at Codefresh
application software, argos, peloponnese, assembly line, attention, audit, automation, autopilot, best practice, bit, blog, booting, cloud foundry, command-line interface, configuration file, continuous delivery, debugging, declarative programming, directory (computing), directory structure, feedback, future, graph (discrete mathematics), infrastructure as code, interface (computing), krypton (comics), kubernetes , language, login, microservices, mind, news, open source, open-source software, patch (computing), product lifecycle, reason, repurchase agreement, security, software , source code, twitter, usb flash drive, use case, vulnerability (computing), wax, web browser
Tracy Ragan
CEO at DeployHub
agile software development, anonymous function, apple inc., application software, architecture, assembly line, attention, audit, automation, belief, best practice, bicycle, binary file, bit, cataloging, cd, central processing unit, chef (software), christian weber, ci, cloud computing, cloud foundry, cloud native computing foundation, cloudbees, command-line interface, compiler, computer file, computer programming, concurrent versions system, configuration management, continuous delivery, continuous integration, data, database, debugging, declarative programming, definition, deployhub, devops, devops world, devops world jenkins world 2019, devops world | jenkins world 2018, distributed computing, distributed version control, docker (software), engineering, future, github, graph (discrete mathematics), hierarchy, high availability, idea, information, information repository, infrastructure as code, innersource, innovation, interface (computing), jar (file format), java (programming language), java virtual machine, jenkins, jenkins (software), jenkins world, kodi (software), kubernetes , kubernetes pipeline, leadership, library (computing), linkedin, management, margaret hamilton (software engineer), metadata, microservices, mind, music, news, object-oriented programming, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openmake software, patch (computing), pipeline, pipeline (computing), point of sale, product lifecycle, python (programming language), reason, rpm package manager, runtime (program lifecycle phase), scrum (software development), security, self-service, shoprite (united states), software , software development, software release life cycle, software testing, source code, system administrator, tracy ragan, travy ragan, unit testing, usb flash drive, use case, vulnerability (computing), waterfall model, windows installer
Cornelia Davis
Senior Director of Technology at Pivotal
algorithm, ansible (software), assembly line, attention, audit, automation, best practice, call stack, cloud foundry, command-line interface, continuous delivery, debugging, declarative programming, distributed computing, dna sequencing, functional programming, genetics, graph (discrete mathematics), high-level programming language, immutable object, infrastructure as code, interface (computing), kubernetes , machine learning, mathematics, memory, microservices, mind, multi-core processor, news, parallel computing, patch (computing), product lifecycle, programming language, provisioning (telecommunications), reason, recursion, recursion (computer science), scheme (programming language), security, software , software bug, thread (computing), usb flash drive, use case, variable (computer science), vulnerability (computing)
Tracy Miranda
Director of Open Source Community at CloudBees
acura, adoption, alexander kohlhofer, api, apple inc., architecture, automation, best practice, bird, bit, blog, blue-green deployment, book, brand, brian dawson, bruce lee, c.g. conn, cat, cheese, cloud, cloud computing, cloud native computing foundation, cloudbees, columbidae, community, complexity, concept, configuration management, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous integration, conversation, coupon, covid-19 pandemic, creativity, crowdsourcing, culture, derivative, devil, devops, devops journey, devops trinity, devops world, devops world jenkins world 2019, dialogue, disco, distributed version control, dog, ecosystem, ellen thorne, email, end user, envy, experience, eye, facebook, feather, feedback, financial industry regulatory authority, folk music, free software movement, future, generation, goal, god, google drive, hashtag, hour, huawei, hyponymy and hypernymy, impostor syndrome, infographic, information, infrastructure, innovation, international system of units, interoperability, interview, itunes, jenkins world, job interview, kubernetes , language, leadership, lego, light, lightning, linux, linux foundation, logistics, los angeles, machine, mailing list, marble, memory, microservices, microsoft, mind, mobile app, mobile web, money, moritz plassnig, motivation, nasa, netflix, news, nike, inc., nintendo, nintendo switch, nothing, numerical control, online chat, open source, open-source software, open-source-software movement, oracle corporation, organization, organizational culture, outreachy, panel discussion, pathology, pdf, people and culture, pipeline (computing), pleasure, poles, productivity, reality, reason, red hat, research, sas (software), scrum (software development), security, self-awareness, selfie, shame, software , software delivery process, software development, software development process, space shuttle, space shuttle discovery, species, spotify, statistics, strategic management, sustainability, syndrome, tank, technology, telecommuting, test automation, timer, toddler, tool, tracy miranda, transparency (behavior), tree, tulsa, oklahoma, twitter, umbrella, understanding, unit testing, universe of the legend of zelda, use case, vegeta, version control, web development, wi-fi, witchcraft, workflow, youtube
Katie Gamanji
Ecosystem Advocate at CNCF
api, application software, attention, automation, big bang, blog, cartography, central processing unit, cloud computing, complexity, computer file, computer programming, computing, configuration management, data center, database, dave vellante, deployment environment, directory (computing), electricity, end user, engineering, environment variable, facebook, feeling, flux, infrastructure, infrastructure as code, john furrier, kubernetes , learning, machine, machine learning, mathematical optimization, memory, metadata, microservices, mobile app, nothing, open standard, open-source software, operating system, organizational culture, plug-in (computing), programmer, provisioning (telecommunications), proxy server, reality, resource, sanitation, scripting language, shell script, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, simulation, slash (punctuation), social media, software , source code, speech recognition, statistics, thecube, truth, twitter, use case, vehicle, web browser, wikibon, world wide web
Ricardo Castro
Senior data and business analyst at Farfetch
analogy, api, apple inc., automation, cloud computing, community, computer file, database, declarative programming, encryption, flux, git, kubernetes , microsoft windows, productivity, provenance, public-key cryptography, reliability engineering, rifle, secure shell protocol, server (computing), single source of truth, software , strong cryptography, version control
Viktor Farcic
Developer Advocate at Upbound
automation, barometer, christmas, communication, control flow, github, grievance (labour), hypertext transfer protocol, internet, load balancing (computing), logic, nothing, parameter, parsing, password, pipeline (computing), reason, spotify, temperature, template (c++), truth, user (computing), video, world wide web, youtube
Kara de la Marck
Ecosystem Advocate at Continuous Delivery Foundation
application lifecycle management, authenticator, authorization, cloud computing, computer file, credential, cryptography , encryption, http cookie, identity management, infrastructure as code, key (cryptography), kubernetes , password, pointer (computer programming), privacy, public-key cryptography, record linkage, software , software development, software repository, symmetric-key algorithm, world wide web
Yechiel Kalmenson
Software Engineer at Software Engineer
64-bit computing, android (operating system), api, argument, ascii, background process, berkeley software distribution, c++, computer file, cross-platform software, device driver, distributed version control, empathy, end user, engineering, event loop, fallacy, file system, google chrome, health, internet, knowledge, learning, linux, linux kernel, luck, memory, mentorship, mind, moon, network socket, operating system, pointer (computer programming), reason, roman empire, ruby (programming language), siri, social norm, software , synagogue, talmud, teacher, thread (computing), tilde, understanding, unix, use case, windows api, windows services for unix, winsock
Will Jordan
Infrastructure Lead at
command-line interface, computer architecture, concurrent computing, fork (system call), input/output (c++), kernel (operating system), memory management, memory management unit, network socket, operating system, page fault, page table, pipeline (unix), port (computer networking), posix threads, program optimization, scheduling (computing), signal (ipc), standard streams, system call, thread (computing), virtual memory, x86, x86-64, zombie process
Darren Broemmer
Freelance Developer Evangelist & Software Engineer at The Broemmer Group LLC
api, business model, cloud computing, data visualization , database, design, devops, end user, github, information retrieval, interface (computing), javascript, method (computer programming), microservices, object (computer science), reason, ruby on rails, select (sql), separation of concerns, server-side, software , sql, string (computer science), web application, world wide web
Vladimir Dementyev
Team Lead at Evil Martian
adobe flash, ajax (programming), api, application software, audi, avon products, background check, backup, bootstrap (front-end framework), coffeescript, command-line interface, compiler, computer file, css , database, decorator pattern, deployment environment, ecmascript, email, example, file system, foreign key, gmail, html, html element, hypertext transfer protocol, information security audit, information sensitivity, java, javascript, jquery, logic,, mars, mars trilogy, microsoft, microsoft windows, microsoft word,, mp3, namespace, playlist, programming, react (web framework), reason, ruby, ruby on rails, rubyconf, safari, samsung, server (computing), single-page application, software , software framework, statistics, terraforming, terraforming of mars, understanding, web application, web browser, web components, web framework, web template system, world wide web, xml, архив интернета, байкал, белки, вирус иммунодефицита человека, волан-де-морт, люцифер, московский театр юного зрителя, подоходный налог, союз советских социалистических республик, тимберлейк, джастин, ютубер
Vaidehi Joshi
Staff Engineer at Tilde Inc
adobe flash, carbon footprint, carbon neutrality, carbon offset, cloud computing, computer network, computing, cryptography , css , domain name, domain name system, downtime, electrical grid, electricity generation, email, email spam, encryption, energy development, fossil fuel, fuel, github, google chrome, greenhouse gas, http 404, hypertext transfer protocol, infrastructure, internet, javascript, key (cryptography), nginx, open source, parameter (computer programming), port (computer networking), renewable energy, renewable resource, representational state transfer, software , source code, sustainability, sustainable energy, telnet, web browser, web framework, web server, web service, webrick, world energy consumption, world wide web
Ufuk Kayserilioglu
Senior Production Engineer at Shopify
apache groovy, api, autocad, bios, c++, class (computer programming), conceptual model, constructor (object-oriented programming), datsun, environment variable, evaluation, example, honda, hypothesis, immutable object, inheritance (object-oriented programming), instance (computer science), logic,, method (computer programming), mp3, named parameter, object (computer science), object copying, oriflame, parameter (computer programming), programming, python, reserved word, return statement, ruby, rubyconf, samsung, shopify, singleton pattern, sqlite, string (computer science), time, troubleshooting, type signature, type system, whatsapp, афганистан, винница, воронеж, индия, интернет, интерфейс (шаблон проектирования), о’кей (сеть магазинов), союз советских социалистических республик, таджики, файл, человек-паук
Tim Tyrrell
Software Engineer | Educator at Remind
Takumasa Ochi
Engineer at DeNA
api, application software, central processing unit, client (computing), communication, communication protocol, database, database transaction, distillation, game, load balancing (computing), mobile app, password, proxy server, replication (computing), robustness (computer science), scalability, server (computing), shard (database architecture), software , streaming media, tablet computer, thread (computing)
Sweta Sanghavi
Software Developer at BackerKit
abstraction, api, array data type, basil, butterfly, carrot, caterpillar, codebase, database, debugging, gardening, leaf, medical error, memory, observation, patch (computing), root, ruby (programming language), seed, software bug, software framework, string (computer science), system, vegetable, weed
Sumana Harihareswara
Project management consultant and founder at Changeset Consulting, LLC
application software, basecamp (company), consensus decision-making, continuous integration, credibility, documentation, expert, free and open-source software, governance, graphical user interface, leadership, mentorship, mindset, news, open-source software, open-source-software movement, patch (computing), programmer, reason, social media, software , software bug, the lord of the rings, time management, twitter
Santiago Bartesaghi
Software Engineer at Rootstrap
api, application software, business logic, compass, data, database, database normalization, database transaction, design, education, filename extension, google, html, javascript, logic, personal data, pump, relational database, sense, software design pattern, twitter, use case, user interface, web browser, web framework
Ryan Brushett
Senior Production Engineer at Shopify
behavior, breaking bad, communication, community, disability, experiment, failure, goal, habit, hindsight bias, humour, internal monologue, knowledge, kubernetes , learning, mentorship, mind, pair programming, perception, problem solving, question, reason, reliability engineering, shit, stress (biology)
Ryan Boone
Sr. Full Stack Engineer at Yum! Brands
accessibility, alt attribute, americans with disabilities act of 1990, api, computer mouse, equal opportunity, github, google chrome, html, html element, macos, markup language, menu (computing), nonvisual desktop access, safari (web browser), screen reader, semantic html, tab (interface), test automation, user interface, voiceover, wai-aria, web accessibility, web browser, web components
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