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Speakers on Renewable Energy

Learn from leading speakers on Renewable Energy sharing their perspectives, experience and insights.

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31-50 of 50
Ted Clee
Research Scientist, Computer Science at Prairie View A&M University
Antonio Azambuja
Computer Engineer at Petrobras
Alexandre Sardinha
Software Engineer at Petrobras
Daniel Thomé de Paula
Seismic Processing and HPC Integrator at Petrobras
Paulo Aragão
Senior Solutions Architect at AWS
Luiz Felipe
Project Manager at Petrobras
Andrea Rodolico
HPC Business Development Manager at AWS
Dmitriy Tishechkin
Principal Partner Technical Lead for Energy at AWS
Tim Lin
Senior Software Engineer at Skyscanner
Ron Cogswell
Seismic Consultant at Shell
Christine Rhodes
Senior Partner Development Specialist at AWS
James Clark
HPC Enterprise Architect & Distinguished Engineer at Chevron
Pedram Hassanzadeh
Assistant Professor at Rice University
Bradley McCredie
Corporate Vice President at AMD
Lydia Kavraki
Director of the Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University
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31-50 of 50