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1-30 of 1527
Alexey Anshakov
CEO at Green Bee
agriculture, air pollution, automation, blockchain, carbon footprint, carbon neutrality, ecolabel, economic equilibrium, food, food system, food waste, internet of things, logistics, qr code, recycling, supply chain, sustainability, sustainable development, sustainable energy, sustainable food system, veganism, vegetarianism, waste, water footprint
Clemens Kirner
CEO & Founder at INS Insider Navigation Systems GmbH
awe conference 2020, analytics, android (operating system), api, apple inc., apple maps, ar, asset management, augmented reality, augmented world expo, awe expo 2020, awe online 2020, awe usa 2020, awe2019, awe2020, bluetooth, brand, centric, clemens kirner, computer hardware, database, digital twin, erik heil, evaluation, facility management, forklift, global positioning system, google, information, ins insider navigation systems, inspection, internet of things, ios, labour economics, lighting, linux, machine, machine vision, maintenance (technical), map, metadata, microsoft windows, mobile app, mr, navigation, neil levin, online and offline, operating system, powers media, product lifecycle, productivity, pulse-width modulation, qr code, reality, reason, research, robot, self-driving car, showtime (tv network), situation awareness, smartphone, software , spatial computing, spotify, switch, tablet computer, technology, truth, understanding, united states navy, utility, virtual reality, vr, wayfinding, wi-fi, wii, world wide web, xr, youtube
Moidul Islam
Founder at Blindspot Media
aquarium, blog, chief executive officer, clitoris, covid-19, google, google search, guwahati, home page, hulu, india, islam, methodism, news, peach, pizza, pizza delivery, reason, relevance, search engine, search engine optimization, sergeant, startup company, web presence
Angel Batalla
Founder & CEO at Last Mile Team
air pollution, business model, climate change, courier, covid-19 pandemic, crisis management, digital television transition in the united states, digital twin, effects of climate change, innovation, internet, library, logistics, loyalty business model, market (economics), retail, simulation, startup company, sustainability, traffic congestion, transport, urban planning, usability, visualization (graphics)
Kim Chan
Founder and CEO at DocPro
alibaba group, arbitration, automation, bank, contract, court, customer, customer satisfaction, dispute resolution, european single market, income, law firm, lawyer, legal technology, money, negotiation, paralegal, practice of law, profit (economics), retail, startup company, supplemental nutrition assistance program, trademark, unbundled legal services
Alvin EA
Co-Founder & CEO at Haulio
5g, belief, business-to-business, cash, containerization, decentralization, digital currency, digital transformation, economics, emerging market, globalization, infrastructure, internet, internet of things, it infrastructure, logistics, machine learning, market (economics), system, telematics, train, uber
David Drake
Chairman at LDJ Capital
apple inc., automation, bank, blockchain, capital market, central bank, computer, crate, cryptocurrency, customs, diversification (finance), donald trump, economics, european central bank, european green deal, federal reserve, financial crisis of 2007–2008, food, globalization, gross domestic product, hyperinflation, inflation, inflation targeting, infrastructure, interest, letter of credit, logistics, mario draghi, market (economics), monetary policy, money, motivation, non-fungible token, online and offline, payment system, private equity, procurement, recession, reputation, retail, smart contract, stimulus (economics), stock, stock market, supermarket, trade finance, unemployment, world economic forum
Isabella Wang
Chief Operating Officer at Creative House Marketing
analytics, big data, blockchain, cloud computing, computing, creativity, cryptocurrency, data center, database, deep learning, digital economy, digital transformation, digital wallet, edge computing, innovation, intelligence, microsoft, mobile payment, qr code, soft skills, telecommuting, virtual reality
Amit Hasak
Founder and CEO at Transship Corp
bargaining, cargo, certificate of origin, export, food, food safety and inspection service, food security, freight forwarder, insurance, inventory, letter of credit, logistics, meat, natural food, negotiation, pallet, payment, research, shelf life, small business, traceability, transport, transshipment, truck driver, warehouse
Matt Silver
CEO at Forager
2021 suez canal obstruction, benchmarking, canadian pacific railway, cargo, ebay, english language, forecasting, global positioning system, innovation, linkedin, logistics, market (economics), outsourcing, price, pricing, procurement, rail transport, sales, supply chain, sustainability, traffic congestion, transport, truck driver, united states–mexico–canada agreement, warehouse
Victoria Rahmanovic
Branch Manager at Transatlantic North America Inc
10 + 2, air waybill, cargo, contract, customs, customs broker, delivery (commerce), fob (shipping), freight forwarder, freight transport, incoterms, insurance, international chamber of commerce, legal liability, less-than-truckload shipping, logistics, mexico–united states border, port, sales, tariff, tax, trademark, u.s. customs and border protection, warehouse
Norman Katz
President at Katzscan Inc
amazon (company), business-to-business, caveat emptor, chargeback, cloud computing, customer, distribution center, electronic data interchange, enterprise resource planning, forecasting, gs1, logistics, microsoft dynamics nav, netsuite, oracle corporation, point of sale, procurement, purchase order, quickbooks, retail, supply chain, third-party logistics, universal product code, warehouse
Solomon Addai
Managing Director at Modern World Logistics
bonded warehouse, cheese, chessboard, commodity, cost, customs, customs broker, customs valuation, design, duty-free shop, export, fee, finland, import, invoice, payment, price, protein, ritual, species, tariff, tax, tax avoidance, united states, valuation (finance)
Camila Zakka
Partner at ZAKKA Gestão de Conflitos
adjudication, arbitration, biodiversity, brand, confidentiality, contract, dispute resolution, employment, innovation, integrity, intelligence, lawsuit, lawyer, leadership, learning, mediation, mind, mindset, negotiation, stakeholder (corporate), strategy, supply chain, trial, trust (social science), value (ethics)
Marison Souza
CTO and co-founder at Privacy Tools
automation, biometrics, blockchain, contract, contract clause, credit card, database, employment, encryption, european union, eu–us privacy shield, general data protection regulation, http cookie, human, human rights, information privacy, internet privacy, law of the united states, personal data, privacy, privacy law, privacy policy, proxy server, regulatory compliance
Kimberlee Jones
IP & Corporate Attorney at Jackson Corporate Law
communication, communication protocol, copyright, culture, due diligence, evaluation, freedom of information, innovation, intellectual property, internet, know-how, knowledge, license, mind, news, patent, property, prophecy, risk, risk management, sharepoint, synergy, team, trade secret, trademark
Elizabeth Lowe
Partner at Venable
antony blinken, china, credit, customs, customs broker, due diligence, dumping (pricing policy), economic sanctions, employment, european union, food, invoice, joe biden, office of foreign assets control, office of the united states trade representative, opec, presidency of joe biden, self-disclosure, specially designated nationals and blocked persons list, supplemental security income, tax, transport, u.s. customs and border protection, ukraine, united states sanctions against iran
Carla Vazquez
Founder & CEO at Legal + Innovation
authentication, biometrics, by-law, civility, credential, digital signature, digital transformation, disability, divorce, electronic signature, evidence, fingerprint, gender, identity document, innovation, lawyer, mind, money, money laundering, password, power of attorney, qualified electronic signature, signal, trust law, usability
Tunji Adeyemi
Senior Associate, Shipping, Aviation and International Trade at Banwo & Ighodalo
africa, african americans, african union, competition law, customs, economy, education, european single market, european union, free trade, free-trade area, freedom of movement, manufacturing, money, nigeria, non-tariff barriers to trade, ratification, south africa, southern african development community, tax, trade, trade barrier, west africa, world trade organization
Charles Hecker
Partner at Control Risks
carbon neutrality, china–united states trade war, climate change, climate change mitigation, covid-19 pandemic, crisis management, cyberattack, cyberwarfare, due diligence, green recovery, infection, investment, investment management, joe biden, long covid, paris agreement, presidential transition of joe biden, psychological resilience, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, twitter, vaccine, virus, weather, weather forecasting, xi jinping
Joshua Ray
Partner at Rahman Ravelli
bank, banknote, bribery, cash, commercial bribery, corruption, employment, false pretenses, foreign corrupt practices act, fraud, honest services fraud, law of the united states, lawyer, mail and wire fraud, money, nasdaq, reality, receipt, robbery, security (finance), stock, stock exchange, supreme court of the united states, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states congress
Andrew Willcocks
Director of International Trade & Partnerships at Jus Mundi
acronym, attention, certificate of origin, customs, customs broker, export, food, free trade, free trade agreement, freedom of information, international law, investment, language, law, manufacturing, money, pdf, research, rules of origin, spotify, trade, trade agreement, treaty, world trade organization
Qiyin Chuah
Founder at QC Immigration
brexit, brexit withdrawal agreement, citizenship, contract, employment, european union, globalization, health, human migration, immigration, information privacy, insurance, layoff, migrant worker, mining, modern immigration to the united kingdom, occupational safety and health, open border, personal data, privacy, risk, tax, telecommuting, travel visa, united kingdom
Piers Strickland
Partner & Joint Head of Intellectual Property and Dispute Resolution at Waterfront Solicitors
competition, confidentiality, consent, contract, copyright, court, database, database directive, default (finance), employment, fee, franchising, gambling, google, intellectual property, invention, jurisdiction, law, license, literature, property, rule of law, signature, skype, trademark
D'vorah Graeser
Founder, CEO at KISSPatent
akamai technologies, attention, biotechnology, brca mutation, business model, cancer, competitive advantage, content delivery network, international trade, internet, just-in-time manufacturing, license, market (economics), medication, non-tariff barriers to trade, obsolescence, patent, patent application, pharmacology, search engine technology, social media, supply chain
James Choi
Associate at ELLALAN
asset, assignment (law), burden of proof (law), consent, contract, copyright, damages, franchising, goodwill (accounting), guangzhou, instagram, intangible asset, intellectual property, law, lawsuit, license, ownership, patent, reason, royalty payment, software , soul, spotify, trade secret, trademark
Gint Silins
Principal at Spruson & Ferguson
auction, database, disclaimer, europe, european patent convention, european patent organisation, google, innovation, intellectual property, invention, license, paris convention for the protection of industrial property, patent, patent application, patent attorney, patent cooperation treaty, patent infringement, public domain, search engine results page, self-disclosure, toy, trade secret, trademark, utility model, world intellectual property organization
Alexander Low
Head of Enterprise Strategy & Operations at Lately.AI
advertising, behavior, brand, common sense, conversation, customer, facebook, god, instagram, language, linkedin, media player software, music video, reason, recession, recruitment, risk aversion, sales, self-service, sense, social media, startup company, transcription (linguistics), twitter
Tom Dunlop
CEO at Summize
brake, business, competition (economics), contract, entrepreneurship, food, glass, goal, insight, interview, knowledge, lawyer, market (economics), mind, mindset, mining, reason, risk, semi-trailer truck, social media, technology, thought, use case
Damilola Odunlade-Akeju
CEO & Founder at
attention, book, boston, bus, car, covid-19 pandemic, donald trump, driving, fee, google, income tax, innovation, laptop, organization, privacy, public transport, right to privacy, shopping, tax, technology, transport, u2, uber, vehicle, youtube
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