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Matthew McConaughey
American actor and producer
1994 fifa world cup, 2018, 2019, 2021 united nations climate change conference, acl, actor, alright, anthony precourt, apple inc., association football, austin, austin fc, austin, texas, bitcoin, brand, business, by, canada, ces, climate change, comic con, commissioner, common cold, concert, conference, creative, creativity, cryptocurrency, dealbook, development, don garber, edu, entertainment, entrepreneur, facebook, feeling, fest, festival, fifa, fifa world cup, film, finance, gaming, govenor of texas, green lights, houston, hydraulic fracturing, instagram, interactive, interview, jury, just keep livin foundation, keynote, language, legend, lineup, live, major league soccer, marco rubio, matthew mcconaughey, meaning of life, media, mexico, mind, movie, music, narrative, new york times, news, nothing, nytimes, panel, performance, policy, politics, reason, red carpet, return on investment, self, showcase, social media, south, south by southwest, southby, southwest, speaker, sport, stadium, sxsw, talk, tax, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, thought, tim cook, training, truth, tv, twitter, united states, video games, west, will ferrell, “south by southwest”
Andrew Ross Sorkin
Columnist & Editor-at-Large at New York Times
2016 election, 2020 election, 2021 united nations climate change conference, 737 max, aaron paul, accident, actor, agriculture, airbnb, airbnb party, airbnb shooting, aircraft pilot, airline, airplane, alex gorsky, alright, amazon (company), andrew ross sorkin, android (operating system), anthony scaramucci, aol, app store (ios), applause, apple, apple inc., apple pay, apple tv +, archewell, automation, autonomy, aviation, aviation safety, banking, barack obama, bathroom, bed and breakfast, belief, bernie sanders, bill & melinda gates foundation, bill clinton, bill gates, bill gates elizabeth warren, billionaire, billionaire tax, bitcoin, black twitter, blockchain, body image, boeing, boeing 737 max, boeing company, boeing plane crash, brand, branding, breaking bad, brian chesky, bts, business, business model, cab, calibra, campaign advertising, campaign finance reform in the united states, capitalism, carried interest, celebrity, champion women, chelsea clinton, chief executive officer, child labour, china, china–united states trade war, clawback, climate change, common cold, community, competition, competition law, computer security, consumer protection, conversation, credit card, credit score in the united states, criticism, crowdsourcing, crypocurrency, cryptocurrency, culture, david letterman, david marcus, daydream, dealbook, dealbook conference, debate, democratic party (united states), dennis a. muilenburg, diana nyad, digital identity, digital security, disney, disney+, don mcgahn, donald trump, driver's license, dusney +, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, economics, economy, edward bernays, election, electoral fraud, elizabeth warren, empathy, employment, entertainment, entrepreneurship, eric holder, estate tax in the united states, facebook, facial recognition system, false advertising, federal aviation administration, federal government of the united states, federal trade commission, fee, feeling, female empowerment, female leadership, finance, financial inclusion, financial literacy, financial services, financial technology, financial transaction, fintech, flight test, food, ford, franchising, freedom of speech, ginni rometty, goal, google, goop, goop (company), govenor of texas, green lights, gross income, gross margin, gwyneth paltrow, gwyneth paltrow avengers, gwyneth paltrow goop, gwyneth paltrow harvey weinstein, gwyneth paltrow interview, hbo, hbo max, health, health care, health insurance mandate, healthcare reform in the united states, hillary clinton, hillary rodham clinton, hippie, honda, hulu, hydraulic fracturing, ibm, impeachment, impeachment in the united states, incentive, income, initial public offering, innovation, instagram, insurance, integrity, internet, internet of things, internet privacy, interoperability, investment, investments, investor, iron man, itunes, joe biden, joel klein, johnson and johnson, journalism, jury, just keep livin foundation, justice, kanye, kanye west, keeping up with the kardashians, kendall jenner, khloé kardashian, kim, kim k, kim kardashian, kim kardashian interview, kim kardashian kanye west, kim kardashian on kanye west, knowledge, kris jenner, land grabbing, law, lawsuit, leadership, libra (digital currency), lyft, marco rubio, market (economics), marvel, mass surveillance, mastercard, matthew mcconaughey, me too movement, meaning of life, medicare (united states), meghan markle, mellody hobson, mental health, microsoft, microsoft corp. v. commission, mind, mini, mobile app, mobile banking, money, monopoly, motivation, multiculturalism, nancy pelosi, narrative, netflix, netlfix, new york times, news, newspaper, nothing, nuclear reactor, nytimes, obama, operating system, opiod, oreo, orrin hatch, overdraft, password, patient protection and affordable care act, plane, plane crash, police, policy, polio, political ads, politics, presidency of barack obama, presidency of donald trump, price, prince harry, prince harry, duke of sussex, prison reform, privacy, profit (economics), progressive tax, property, public health insurance option, question, radiation, reason, receipt, reed hastings, remote work, republican party (united states), retail, return on investment, risk, roma (2018 film), royal family, rudy giuliani, ryan seacrest, safety case, safety culture, sales, science, screen time, secretary, self, self-driving car, shame, shit, showtime (tv network), simulation, single-payer healthcare, sme finance, social media, southwest airlines, speculation, spotify, stacey abrams, stakeholder (corporate), starvation, statistics, steve case, stock, stock exchange, stock market, streaming, streaming media, subscription business model, sustainability, system, tax, tax avoidance, tax deduction, taxes, taxi, taxi cab, taxpayer, team, technology, ted, tele2, the avengers, the irishman, the new york times, the perfect storm (film), the politician, thought, tim cook, time, torches of freedom, tort, touchpoint, toyota, toyota camry, transport, trump, trust law, truth, twitter, uber, un, underwriting, unicorn (finance), united states antitrust law, united states congress, unpaid work, valerie jarrett, valerie jarrette, valuation (finance), value proposition, vice president of the united states, video on demand, voter registration, voting, walmart, warren buffett, work ethic, youtube, биткойн, брайтон, ваз-2115, владивосток, втб 24, выставка достижений народного хозяйства, европа, налог на добавленную стоимость, нидерланды, пхукет, россия, франция
Loren Ridinger
Senior Executive Vice President at Market America
2-in-1 earrings, 2018, 2020, 25th anniversary, academy awards, actor, adidas, affiliate marketing, affordable jewelry, alcoholism, alice chiou, amazon (company), amber ridinger, american dream, american express, animal, anxiety, applause, apple inc., art, arthur ashe courage award, asset, attention, bag, baltimore, baltimore colts relocation to indianapolis, bank, baptists, bathroom, bathtub, beaver, belief, billy graham, bling-bling, bracelet, brand, browser extension, business, canada, cancer, cantonese, canvas, car, cardi b, chair, chief operating officer, chief technology officer, child, china, chinese new year, comedian, community, conversation, convert your spending into earning, cosmetics, costume jewelry, coupon, credibility, credit card, crowdfunding, cruise ship, cubic zirconia, culture, cvs pharmacy, debt, desk, destiny, detroit, discipline, dream, earring, ecommerce, economist, economy, education, email, emotion, employment, energy, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, equal opportunity, espn, espy award, eulogy, europe, experience, eye shadow, facebook, faith, family guy, fee, feedback, feeling, fellow, financial transaction, fineness, firefox, floor, florida, flower, franchising, funeral, future, gambling, gift, gift card, girlfriend, glass ceiling, goal, god, gold, google chrome, gratitude, grocery store, happiness, hashtag, helicopter, hell, hero, hispanic and latino americans, home warranty, honda, honey, hong kong,, human, husband, i'm not there, imagination, income, indianapolis colts, information, inspiration, instagram, interchangeable jewelry, interest, international convention, internet, intracranial aneurysm, jamie foxx, jay r, jennifer lopez, jesus,, jewellery, justin bieber, knowledge, kobe and gigi bryant, kobe bryant, kodak, layered jewelry, leap of faith, lhasa, long-lasting jewelry, loren ridinger, love, loyalty , lunch, luxurious jewelry, ma25, magenta, maic2019, malaysia, market america, marriage, mastercard, matter, mawc, mawc2018, mawc2020, mayor, medication, melissa gorga, memorial, memorium, mental disorder, mexico, miami, miami beach, florida, miami dolphins, microsoft edge, midnight oil, mind, mindset, miracle, moment of silence, money, multi-level marketing, nap, necklace, new york city, nonsense, north carolina, not going out, nothing, o. j. simpson, occupational burnout, oil city, pennsylvania, online shopping, pain, painting, palette (computing), pallet, paradigm, percentage, peyton manning, philip levine (politician), pie chart, pierced diamonds, pleasure, praise, prayer, prescription drug, prison, public speaking, question, race and ethnicity in the united states census, rain, rainbow, reason, regulatory compliance, religion, research and development, retail, revised, ricky martin, risk, rite aid, ruby, sadness, safari (web browser), shakira, ship,, shopping, shopping annuity, shower, silence, singapore, singing, smartphone, social media, social networking service, solution, south america, space, spain, stacked jewelry, standard chinese, statue, sterling silver jewelry, stream, street, stroke, sunglasses, super bowl, superman, supermarket, surgery, switch, taiwan, technology, thalía, tommy mottola, tradition, trial and error, truth, tuesday, twitter, understanding, unfranchise, unfranchise owner, united kingdom, united states, universe, vacuum, vibe (magazine), vice president, vice president of the united states, victor chiou, visa inc., volume, walmart, war, warren g. harding, web browser, website, weed, weight training, women's jewelry, world conference, world wide web, writer, youtube
Mustafa Toroman
Solution Architect, Azure MVP at CLOUDEON
actor, application security, application software, attention, backup, central processing unit, cloud computing, community, computer file, computer network, computer security, computing, continuous integration, cross-platform software, darknet, data center, database, denial-of-service attack, devops, ecosystem, encryption, hewlett-packard, html, information sensitivity, library, microsoft, microsoft excel, microsoft visual studio, microsoft windows, natural environment, open source, operating system, package manager, password, penetration test, percentage, scalability, software , software framework, tablet (pharmacy), technology, test-driven development, twitter, version control, web application, world wide web, youtube
Peter Löwendahl
Founder at Clever Compliance
actor, back to the future, bomb, car, consultant, covid-19 pandemic, database, dentistry, medical device, music, nothing, online and offline, pain, portugal, reason, regulatory compliance, risk, software , standardization, startup company, surveillance, tax, toilet, transport, youtube
Santiago Arais
Tech Lead at Protocol Spawn
access control, actor, adam eventcore, automated database testing: how flyway github actions and spawn solve azure migration | od492, azure, azure: databases, azure: developer tools, azure: devops, backup, build, byte, c1x9, cecilia judmann, cross-platform software, database, database schema, devil, devops, earth, flight, github, grant fritchey, hell, hero, ice, internet, jaime easter, laptop, microsoft, microsoft build, microsoft build 2021, microsoft developer, msft build, msft build 2021, nothing, od492, on-demand, open data protocol, santiago arias, skype, snapchat, stack (abstract data type), table (database), theatre, version control
Grant Fritchey
Product Advocate at Redgate Software
access control, actor, adam eventcore, amazon s3, automated database testing: how flyway github actions and spawn solve azure migration | od492, automation, aws, azure, azure devops server, azure: databases, azure: developer tools, azure: devops, backup, bit, blog, build, byte, c1x9, camera, cecilia judmann, child, client–server model, clock, cloud computing, code, commissioner, computer file, computer programming, conceptual model, continuous integration, cross-platform software, cultural divide, data definition language, database, database schema, denver, devil, devops, earth, flight, github, grant fritchey, hell, hero, honey, ice, internet, interview, jaime easter, join (sql), kansas, kansas city, missouri, kilt, knowledge, language, laptop, linux, lunch, microsoft, microsoft build, microsoft build 2021, microsoft developer, microsoft sql server, microsoft windows, mind, mindset, miniskirt, mobile app, msft build, msft build 2021, nothing, od492, on-demand, online transaction processing, open data protocol, oracle corporation, pandemic, pat summitt, pl/sql, postgresql, reason, redgate, sandpaper, santiago arias, scripting language, seattle, skirt, skype, snapchat, social media, software , software repository, software testing, source code, sql, stack (abstract data type), steve jones (musician), system, t-shirt, table (database), technology, theatre, thought, trigger (firearms), twitter, unit testing, version control
Wenhu Chen
Doctor at University of California
actor, attention, banana, cement, compositional visual reasoning, conversation, emoji, hand, machine, mathematics, matter, meta module network, methamphetamine, microsoft, mother, mountain, oviedo, paper, question, rain, reason, spider, tea, transformer, tree, university of california, santa barbara
Ardhendu Behera
Associate Professor at Edge Hill University
activity recognition, actor, attention, bagel, behavior, car, carsharing, cognition, computer, computer vision, decision-making, dimension, directv, distraction, glasses, hotel, human error, icon, motivation, network, tariff, tax, tractor, turkey, vehicle, video
Shijian Lu
Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University
accuracy and precision, actor, attention, calgary, cosine similarity, data, experiment, few-shot detection, future, heat, heat map, internet, map, novel, object detection, paper, plug and play, prayer, prototype, regression analysis, research, scale factor (cosmology), training, validation, and test sets, weight
Jia He
Staff software engineer at Arm China
actor, bit, blog, clothing, computer, crochet, dance, ebay, file system, food, gender, health, icloud, memory, mile, nintendo, phoenix, arizona, photo booth, spark plug, temperature, text mode, united kingdom, virtual memory, wheat, yarn
Yanfang Le
Researcher at University of Wisconsin
actor, at&t, beak, cholesterol, education, email, eminem, hobbit, interac, interlaken, kansas, medication, memory, paper, parameter, patient, price, radio, radioshack, russia, software , spokane, washington, switch, tax, tertiary sector of the economy, tomato
Ethan Zurka
Principal at AsicZ
actor, apartment, asia, bitcoin, broker, budget, calculator, capital expenditure, capitalism, cost, cryptocurrency, electricity, end user, energy, fence (criminal), industry, infrastructure, landlord, leverage (finance), logistics, manufacturing, market (economics), matter, metal, mining, money, price, profit (economics), purchasing power, question, sales, scrap, transformer, watt
John Lawson
Graduate Research Assistant at University of Virginia
actor, bioc2020, breast cancer, cancer, concept, correlation and dependence, data analysis, database, dimensionality reduction, dose (biochemistry), dvd, epigenetics, experiment, facebook, google, insurance, internet, matrix (mathematics), metadata, news, p-value, pearson correlation coefficient, percentile, principal component analysis, regulatory variation, resampling (statistics), transcription factor, wikipedia
Anthony Pompliano
Co-founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital
actor, adam levy, aibc summit, alon goren, anthony pompliano, anthony-pompliano, asset, bailey-reutze, bailout, bank, behavior, binance, bitcoin, bitcoin pomp, bitcoin price, bitcoin price prediction, blockchain, btc, capital control, cash, cd2020, central bank, centralized exchanges, cftc, chairman tarbert, chanpeng zhao, china, coin, commerce clause, commodity futures trading commission, conference, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19, crypto, crypto news, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, currency, decentralized finance, defi, demand, derivative (finance), derivatives market, digital currency, digital securities, digital security, dodd–frank wall street reform and consumer protection act, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, economy of the united states, erc20 tokens, ethereum, ethereum commodity futures trading commission, etoro, event, federal judiciary of the united states, finance, food, future, futures contract, futures exchange, global blockchain, global crypto, global financial system, health tarbert, hedge (finance), horizon, inflation, interest, interest rate, internet, interview, investment, john mcafee, josef holm, judiciary, justice, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, lebanon, libra (cryptocurrency), loan, market (economics), mass-adoption, medium of exchange, money, morgan-creek, podcast, pomp, prediction, price, price discovery, price prediction of bitcoin, reserve currency, ripple, smart contracts, space, speculation, store of value, summit, super bowl, the perfect storm (film), the pomp podcast, tim draper, token coin, too big to fail, unemployment, united states, united states dollar, visa inc., world currency, xrp, xrp price, youtube, zhaochangpeng
Changpeng Zhao
CEO at Binance
academy awards, actor, adam levy, adoption, aesthetics, africa, al capone, aldi, alon goren, amazon alexa, android (operating system), anna irrera, anthony-pompliano, arcade game, art, aset kripto, asia, asset, attention, bailey-reutze, bailout, bank, behavior, big bang, binance, bitcoin, blacklist (computing), blockchain, bnb, bond (finance), bsc, business model, capital control, capital formation, car, cash, cd2020, cefi, cell (biology), central bank, ceo, changpeng zhao, changpeng-zhao, chief correspondent, chief executive officer, china, cogx2021, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, colorist, competition, concept, conference, conscience, contactless payment, contract, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19, covid-19 pandemic, credibility, credit card, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, cuan, currency, cybercrime, cz, cz-stays-home, debit card, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, definition, derivative (finance), digital currency, digital economy, digital security, doge, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, economy of the united states, entrepreneurship, etherealsummit, etherealvirtual, ethereum, ethereum reuters, etoro, event, facial recognition system, fiat money, finance, financial crisis, financial market, financial technology, fintech, fireside chat, fireside chats, first-mover advantage, flag, flag of indonesia, food, founder, free trade, frédéric bastiat, future, futures contract, galaxy, ghetto, goal, hacker, hedge (finance), horizon, hotel, human, ibw, indonesia, indonesian language, inflation, interest, interest rate, internet, investment, ios, jersey, jesus, jointheconversation, josef holm, know your customer, kodak, kripto, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, laura shin, lebanon, legal tender, leverage (finance), libra (digital currency), loan, logo, luck, machine, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, mass-adoption, metamask, mind, mobile app, mobile phone, monetary policy, money, money laundering, moneyness, moon, morgan-creek, netflix, network effect, new jersey, news, nigeria, option (finance), password, payment, paypal, perception, pharmacy, physical therapy, pine, plantation, politics, price, privacy, proof of stake, property, quarantine, question, race (human categorization), radio, rebate (marketing), regulatory compliance, renminbi, satoshi nakamoto, security (finance), severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, singapore, smart contract, social media, sonar, southeast asia, spamming, spotify, stablecoin, startup company, steam (service), stock, stock market, summit, super bowl, surgery, tax, telecommuting, telegram (software), terraria, the perfect storm (film), tim draper, time, tko, toko token, tokocrypto, too big to fail, tool, trade, trading, twitter, unemployment, united states, upload, usability, use case, user (computing), user experience, user interface, visa inc., wechat, whatsapp, wheel, xrp, youtube, zhaochangpeng
Jason Gann
CEO at Wilfred Cannabis
actor, bong, brand, brand licensing, california, cannabis, cannabis culture, cannabis in australia, comedian, comedy, heavy metal music, ice, jason gann, joke, live streaming, luck, metal, nothing, sacramento, california, seattle hempfest 2020, social media, sundance film festival, the tempest, wilfred (american tv series), wolf, writer
Vivian McPeak
Executive Director at Seattle Hempfest
activism, actor, australia, bong, boy scouts of america, brain, brand, brand licensing, california, canada, cannabidiol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cannabis culture, cannabis edible, cannabis in australia, cannabis industry, chris conrad (author), chronic pain, colonoscopy, colorado, coltyn turner, comedian, comedy, community, crohn's disease, culture, dan herer, dawn, del potter, dennis peron, diet (nutrition), disease, dr. uma dhanablan, drug, drug overdose, drug policy, education, effects of cannabis, experience, facebook, freedom of speech, gemma rastar, geneva, getting to know, google, harm reduction, hashish, hear the story, heart, heavy metal music, hemp, hippie, ice, infusion, injustice, jack herer, jason gann, joke, julie chiariello, justice, kachina, live streaming, luck, maya lapid, medical cannabis, mental disorder, metal, michael krawitz, mind, money, mp3, music, narcotic, national activist of the year, nothing, onion, opioid, opioid epidemic, oregon, organization, our song (taylor swift song), pain, pandemic, patient, patrick king, plant, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychological trauma, research, sacramento, california, scientist, seattle, seattle hempfest, seattle hempfest 2020, seattle hempfest 2020 online, self, shadi ramey, smoking, social media, songs, soul, speakers panel, substance abuse, sundance film festival, symptom, the dank duchess, the tempest, tomato, touchdown, tradition, traumatic brain injury, truth, tyrant, united nations office on drugs and crime, united states, united states air force, up and coming activist award, vegetable, veteran, vietnam, vietnam veteran, vitamin, vitamin d, vivian mcpeak, war, war on drugs, wilfred (american tv series), wolf, world health organization, writer, youtube
Renne Rocha
CEO at Efectus Digital
actor, arizona, asunción, bandido (wrestler), california, cargo, earth, elk, escondido, california, github, houston, ice hockey, la 5ª estación, llama, mos eisley, novartis, odessa, orange, california, panama, peru, radiation, radio drama, united states, wisconsin
Alptug Copuroglu
Managing Director - BluTV International & Global Partnerships at BluTV
actor, amazon (company), apple inc., bahrain, digital marketing, direct-to-consumer, germany, go to market, google, imdb, kuwait, netflix, news, pay television, prime video, russia, saudi arabia, subscription business model, target audience, turkey, turkish language, turkish people, turkish television drama, video on demand, youtube
Becky Barrick
Realtor Extrordonaire at Keller Williams Realty
2016, actor, album, association football, balance work, becky barrick, beyoncé, bullshit, burnout, business, contract, culture, entrepreneur, facebook, fatigue, flood, goal setting, grammy award, hell, how to balance, how to find time, instagram, mining, more time, musician, real estate, real estate broker, real estate coaching, real estate marketing, real estate school, real estate training, recession, relevance, science, seattle, seattle sounders fc, theory, tom ferry, tomx, truth, work life balance, work–life balance
Jenny Weinbloom
Executive Producer at Meow Wolf
actor, art, autonomy, behavior, child, conversation, curiosity, democracy, desert, elevator, eternal return, experience design, feeling, free will, goat, halloween, immersive theater, immersive theatre, meow wolf, narcissism, obedience (human behavior), risk, science, sleep no more (2011 play), social change, social impact, space, species, theatre
Olivia Wilde
Filmmaker at self
2018, 2019, acl, actor, adam mckay, adolescence, alex honnold, audition, austin, authenticity (philosophy), bachelorette (film), beanie feldstein, bechdel test, belief, bill hader, birdman (film), bojack horseman, booksmart, bridesmaids (2011 film), business, by, casting (performing arts), ces, change your mind (steven universe), cinematographer, comic con, concert, conference, conversation, creative, dazed and confused (film), design, development, drinking buddies, edu, elisabeth moss, empathy, entertainment, entrepreneur, feeling, female directors, fest, festival, film, filmmaking, focus puller, free solo climbing, funny girl (film), funny people, gaming, god, hca awards, hulu, humour, interactive, interview, journalism, justified (tv series), katie couric, keynote, lady bird (film), leadership, leap of faith, lesbian, leslye headland, lineup, live, lorne michaels, luck, makers, makers conference, makers conference 2020, makers conference 2020 location, makers women, media, megan ellison, mentorship, meryl streep, mind, movie, music, news, nichols and may, olivia wilde, olivia wilde interview, organization, panel, paradigm, patriarchy, performance, peter jennings, reason, red carpet, rock climbing, saturday night live, scream (1996 film), showcase, south, southby, southwest, speaker, stanley kubrick, storyboard, storytelling, superbad (film), sxsw, talk, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, timothy olyphant, titanic (1997 film), training, tv, video games, west, women, women in hollywood, womens rights, writer, “south by southwest”
Katie Couric
Founder at Katie Couric Media
2018, 2019, 2020 democratic party presidential debates and forums, acl, actor, amy klobuchar, andrew yang, attack ad, austin, basic income, bernie sanders, bernie sanders 2016 presidential campaign, booksmart, brittany shepherd, business, by, cell nucleus, ces, cinematographer, comic con, concert, conference, conversation, coronavirus, creative, crispr, curiosity, democratic national committee, democratic party (united states), designer baby, development, dna, dna sequencing, donald trump 2016 presidential campaign, edu, elisabeth moss, elizabeth warren, entertainment, entrepreneur, fake news, feeling, female directors, fest, festival, film, filmmaking, focus puller, francis crick, gaming, gene, genetics, genome editing, hca awards, hillary clinton, hiv, hiv/aids, huffington post, huffpo women, hulu, humour, in vitro fertilisation, interactive, interview, iowa caucuses, jennifer doudna, jimmy carter, joe biden, journalism, kamala harris, katie couric, katie couric media, keynote, leadership, leap of faith, lineup, live, luck, lydia polgreen, makers, makers conference, makers conference 2020, makers conference 2020 location, makers women, media, mentorship, meryl streep, messenger rna, mind, movie, music, news, nina turner, nucleic acid double helix, olivia wilde, olivia wilde interview, opinion poll, organization, panel, paradigm, patriarchy, performance, pete buttigieg, peter jennings, pfizer–biontech covid-19 vaccine, primary election, reason, red carpet, rna, rna vaccine, rosalind franklin, ruth marcus (journalist), sequencing, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, showcase, south, southby, southwest, speaker, stanley kubrick, storytelling, sxsw, talk, tech, technology, ted, television, texas, the double helix, the washington post, training, tv, video games, virus, voter turnout, west, women in hollywood, womens rights, yahoo news entertainment, yahoo news live, “south by southwest”
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Actor, director, and writer at Individual
12 years a slave (film), actor, africa, belief, boy who harnessed the wind, cecil rhodes, chiwetel, chiwetel ejiofor, chiwetel ejiofor actor, docsociety, eastern orthodox church, economic inequality, ejiofor, feeling, filmmaking, films, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, general relativity, god's warriors, greta thunberg, immigration, jess search, leap of faith, malawi, martin luther king jr., movies, multiculturalism, oxford, problem solving, reason, robert f. kennedy, school strike for climate, skoll, skoll foundation, skoll world forum, social entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship, social media, steve bannon, storytelling, understanding
Chelsea Rendon
Actress at VIDA
activism, actor, audition, barack obama, chelsea rendon, documentary film, dominican republic, fiction, goal, hashtag, hispanic and latino americans, illegal drug trade, immigration, kevin costner, latino, latinx, lawyer, mexican americans, money, nclr, one day at a time (1975 tv series), party of five, prison, salvadoran americans, social media, troll, unidosus, united states, writer
Aaron Estes
Lockheed Martin Fellow at Lockheed Martin
actor, asset, at&t, attack surface, computer security, concept, confidence, credential, cyberattack, cybersecurity, devil, devops, hacker, information, infosec, lockheed martin, mind, motivation, persona, reason, relevance, risk, rsa, rsac, rsaconference, security, security hacker, threat model, tool, wheelchair
Robin Yeman
Sr. Fellow at Lockheed Martin
actor, asset, at&t, attack surface, computer security, concept, confidence, credential, cyberattack, cybersecurity, devil, devops, hacker, information, infosec, lockheed martin, mind, motivation, persona, reason, relevance, risk, rsa, rsac, rsaconference, security, security hacker, threat model, tool, wheelchair
Mark A. Walsh
Founder/CEO at
2001: a space odyssey, actor, ar, arthur c. clarke, augmented reality, consciousness, developer, developers, embodied cognition, escape room, f8, f8 2019, f8 conference, f8 keynote, facebook, facebook conference, facebook f8, family of apps, feeling, immersive theater, installation art, interactive storytelling, interactivity, keynote, keynote 2019, language, learning, madagascar (franchise), messenger, narrative, nonlinear gameplay, oculus, oculus vr, oprah winfrey, reason, storytelling, tech, the lord of the rings, virtual reality, virtual reality headset, virtual world, vr, whatsapp
Bill D-no Hillsman
Comedian at Third Coast Comedy Club
actor, adam, applause, bartender, cat, chimney sweep, christmas, dog, god, improvisation, improvisational theatre, jesus, morgan freeman, nothing, pet, phoenix, arizona, programming, ruby, rubyconf, stand-up comedy, terrier, text messaging, thanksgiving, truth, twist and shout, web development, yorkshire terrier
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