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Viswanath Swamy
Associate Architect at AIS (Applied Information Sciences)
acura, cloud computing, computer, computer file, conscience, debugging, google, infrastructure, internet, language, linux, microsoft visual studio, mobile app, powershell, python (programming language), seat belt, siri, snowboard, string (computer science), symbol, tab (interface), typescript, video game, world wide web
Tracy Miranda
Director of Open Source Community at CloudBees
acura, adoption, alexander kohlhofer, api, apple inc., architecture, automation, best practice, bird, bit, blog, blue-green deployment, book, brand, brian dawson, bruce lee, c.g. conn, cat, cheese, cloud, cloud computing, cloud native computing foundation, cloudbees, columbidae, community, complexity, concept, configuration management, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous integration, conversation, coupon, covid-19 pandemic, creativity, crowdsourcing, culture, derivative, devil, devops, devops journey, devops trinity, devops world, devops world jenkins world 2019, dialogue, disco, distributed version control, dog, ecosystem, ellen thorne, email, end user, envy, experience, eye, facebook, feather, feedback, financial industry regulatory authority, folk music, free software movement, future, generation, goal, god, google drive, hashtag, hour, huawei, hyponymy and hypernymy, impostor syndrome, infographic, information, infrastructure, innovation, international system of units, interoperability, interview, itunes, jenkins world, job interview, kubernetes , language, leadership, lego, light, lightning, linux, linux foundation, logistics, los angeles, machine, mailing list, marble, memory, microservices, microsoft, mind, mobile app, mobile web, money, moritz plassnig, motivation, nasa, netflix, news, nike, inc., nintendo, nintendo switch, nothing, numerical control, online chat, open source, open-source software, open-source-software movement, oracle corporation, organization, organizational culture, outreachy, panel discussion, pathology, pdf, people and culture, pipeline (computing), pleasure, poles, productivity, reality, reason, red hat, research, sas (software), scrum (software development), security, self-awareness, selfie, shame, software , software delivery process, software development, software development process, space shuttle, space shuttle discovery, species, spotify, statistics, strategic management, sustainability, syndrome, tank, technology, telecommuting, test automation, timer, toddler, tool, tracy miranda, transparency (behavior), tree, tulsa, oklahoma, twitter, umbrella, understanding, unit testing, universe of the legend of zelda, use case, vegeta, version control, web development, wi-fi, witchcraft, workflow, youtube
Li Xiaoming
Software Engineer at Nanjing Fujitsu Nanda Software Technology Co., Ltd
acura, android (operating system), automation, bluetooth, china, crossword, desktop computer, fish, glass, google photos, keyboard technology, lutheranism, mobile app, password, router (computing), san jose, california, screenshot, smartphone, united states, user interface, wi-fi, wine, wireless, wireless router, youtube
Hao Chen
Student at Université Côte d'Azur
acura, car, charizard, cross entropy, diwali, enhancing diversity, entropy, gas, igneous rock, message, mmt observatory, neck, paper, pasta, pollution, portugal, prediction, radiation, ratification, singing, the bronx, virginia
Xu Zhang
Postdoc at University of Illinois at Chicago
acura, animal, association football, attention, car, chicago, child, coffee, cost, definition, display resolution, duty, experiment, ghost, highway, latency (engineering), nasa, radio, reason, shark, software , solution, streaming media, video, world war ii
Jim Helberg
EVP and Chief Media Officer at RPA
acura, advertising, attribution (marketing), behavior, brand, brand awareness, brand equity, consumer journey, customer journey, dream, electric car, environmentalism, honda, hyundai motor company, insurance, investment, millennials, motivation, ncc media, online advertising, price, pricing, public transport, rampup, rampup conference, rpa, sales, self-driving car, stock
Davina Kent
SVP of Client Partnerships at NCC Media
acura, advertising, attribution (marketing), behavior, brand, brand awareness, brand equity, consumer journey, customer journey, dream, electric car, environmentalism, honda, hyundai motor company, insurance, investment, millennials, motivation, ncc media, online advertising, price, pricing, public transport, rampup, rampup conference, rpa, sales, self-driving car, stock
Howard Wan
Dev Manager at Target
acura, amazon (company), apache, apache solr, big data, brand, computer, confidence interval, ecommerce search, emotion, enterprise search, forest, function (mathematics), information retrieval, learning, lucene, lucid works, lucidworks, lumber, machine learning, mathematics, naive bayes classifier, poverty, prediction, question, revolution, search, search application, search platform, solr, statistical classification, tablet computer, target corporation, truth, two-factor theory, user interface, web search engine
Brujo Benavides
Staff Engineer at NextRoll
30 rock, 3d printing, acura, airline, amelia island, android (operating system), anomaly detection, anonymous function, apple inc., application software, aquarium, aurora (disney), ballistics, barometer, behavior, binary file, bit, blog, boolean data type, brown dwarf, california, callback (computer programming), canada, cell site, central processing unit, cisco systems, classical element, classical guitar, code, colombia, color, command-line interface, communication, compiler, computer, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computer programming, computing, confidentiality, covid-19 pandemic, cut, copy, and paste, database, dell, dental braces, directory (computing), dog, ebay, elijah, elmo, elvis presley, email, emoji, employment, encapsulation (computer programming), error, espn, feedback, feeling, floating-point arithmetic, food, function (mathematics), functional programming, glasses, google, gradient descent, graphics processing unit, guitar, hippie, hispanic and latino americans, http cookie, information, information retrieval, interface (computing), internet, internet of things, interview, intrusion detection system, ios, java (programming language), knowledge, language, lawyer, learning curve, lease, library, library (computing), list comprehension, logic, love, luck, machine, machine learning, magic (supernatural), makefile, mars, mars landing, mathematical optimization, mathematics, meme, memory, metadata, metallica, method (computer programming), mobile app, modular programming, mother, motivation, music, navigation, neural network, news, nothing, nvidia, observation, open source, open-source-software movement, oregon, paragraph, parameter (computer programming), perception, perseverance (rover), philadelphia, philippines, playstation, playstation vita, price, property, random-access memory, raspberry pi, real-time computing, reason, recursion, recursion (computer science), reddit, reliability engineering, research, return statement, rock music, ruby (programming language), runtime system, samsung galaxy s4, satellite, sauce, semicolon, server (computing), sibling, siri, software , source code, source lines of code, space, spain, spanish language, speech synthesis, statistics, string (computer science), stroke, stylus, subroutine, text messaging, the home depot, the runaways (2010 film), time, timer, truth, twitter, type system, united states, vector processor, version control, video card, visual basic, wind, youtube
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