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Shameera Rathnayaka
Senior Software Engineer at Google
aldi, api, behavior, big data, bit, box, child, contract, data, fiber, glass, library, life of pi (film), mecca, music, pain, parameter, polyvinyl chloride, property, saudi arabia, spotify, stack (abstract data type), statistics, steak, tesla, inc.
Wittawat Jitkrittum
Research Scientist at Google
aldi, almost everywhere, barbarian, bordeaux, computer, covid-19 testing, data, density, flight, function (mathematics), goodness of fit, humidex, law, message, mexico, question, regression analysis, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, sms, sound, statistical hypothesis testing, stereophonic sound
Ayman Boustati
Research Scientist at causaLens
aldi, email, gradient, hybrid (biology), information, paris, science fiction, sedation, sms, spain, stochastic, taco, variance, virus
Xiao Mi
Research Scientist at Google
aldi, batman, bird, campaign: quantum symposium, cartesian coordinate system, cuba, data transmission, engineer, experiment, ice, information, integrated circuit, matter, measurement, milk, money, ozarks, perturbation theory (quantum mechanics), pr_pr: quantum, purpose: educate, quantum circuit, quantum mechanics, random number generation, rotation, scientist, series: quantum symposium, speedometer, thanksgiving, type: upload only
academy awards, adoption, aesthetics, aldi, amazon alexa, android (operating system), application software, arcade game, art, aset kripto, asia, attention, bank, binance, binance smart chain, bitcoin, blockchain, bnb, bsc, car, cefi, chief executive officer, colorist, community, competition, concept, contract, credibility, crypto, cryptocurrency, cuan, cz, debate, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, doge, experience, financial technology, flag, flag of indonesia, galaxy, ghetto, ibw, indonesia, indonesian language, innovation, insurance, ios, jersey, jesus, knowledge, kripto, logo, market (economics), market liquidity, metamask, mobile app, mobile phone, money, moon, network effect, new jersey, pharmacy, pine, plantation, privacy, radio, reason, risk, smart contract, southeast asia, southern united states, space, spotify, stock, telegram (software), terraria, tko, toko token, tokocrypto, trading, united states, usability, user experience, xrp, youtube
Changpeng Zhao
CEO at Binance
academy awards, actor, adam levy, adoption, aesthetics, africa, al capone, aldi, alon goren, amazon alexa, android (operating system), anna irrera, anthony-pompliano, arcade game, art, aset kripto, asia, asset, attention, bailey-reutze, bailout, bank, behavior, big bang, binance, bitcoin, blacklist (computing), blockchain, bnb, bond (finance), bsc, business model, capital control, capital formation, car, cash, cd2020, cefi, cell (biology), central bank, ceo, changpeng zhao, changpeng-zhao, chief correspondent, chief executive officer, china, cogx2021, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, colorist, competition, concept, conference, conscience, contactless payment, contract, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19, covid-19 pandemic, credibility, credit card, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, cuan, currency, cybercrime, cz, cz-stays-home, debit card, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, definition, derivative (finance), digital currency, digital economy, digital security, doge, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, economy of the united states, entrepreneurship, etherealsummit, etherealvirtual, ethereum, ethereum reuters, etoro, event, facial recognition system, fiat money, finance, financial crisis, financial market, financial technology, fintech, fireside chat, fireside chats, first-mover advantage, flag, flag of indonesia, food, founder, free trade, frédéric bastiat, future, futures contract, galaxy, ghetto, goal, hacker, hedge (finance), horizon, hotel, human, ibw, indonesia, indonesian language, inflation, interest, interest rate, internet, investment, ios, jersey, jesus, jointheconversation, josef holm, know your customer, kodak, kripto, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, laura shin, lebanon, legal tender, leverage (finance), libra (digital currency), loan, logo, luck, machine, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, mass-adoption, metamask, mind, mobile app, mobile phone, monetary policy, money, money laundering, moneyness, moon, morgan-creek, netflix, network effect, new jersey, news, nigeria, option (finance), password, payment, paypal, perception, pharmacy, physical therapy, pine, plantation, politics, price, privacy, proof of stake, property, quarantine, question, race (human categorization), radio, rebate (marketing), regulatory compliance, renminbi, satoshi nakamoto, security (finance), severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, singapore, smart contract, social media, sonar, southeast asia, spamming, spotify, stablecoin, startup company, steam (service), stock, stock market, summit, super bowl, surgery, tax, telecommuting, telegram (software), terraria, the perfect storm (film), tim draper, time, tko, toko token, tokocrypto, too big to fail, tool, trade, trading, twitter, unemployment, united states, upload, usability, use case, user (computing), user experience, user interface, visa inc., wechat, whatsapp, wheel, xrp, youtube, zhaochangpeng
Pang Xue Kai
Founder at Tokocrypto
academy awards, adoption, aesthetics, aldi, amazon alexa, android (operating system), apple inc., arcade game, art, aset kripto, asia, attention, backup, barcode, binance, bitcoin, blockchain, bnb, bond (finance), bsc, capital market, car, cece winans, cefi, chief executive officer, colorist, community, competition, concept, contract, creative industries, credibility, credit risk, crypto, cryptocurrency, cuan, current account (balance of payments), cz, dark pool, defi, derivative (finance), detective fiction, digital wallet, dividend, doge, donald trump, economic equilibrium, economy, ecosystem, electric car, email, engine, equity (finance), ethereum, euro, fiction, finance, financial crisis, financial literacy, financial services, financial technology, flag, flag of indonesia, futures contract, futures exchange, galaxy, ghetto, globalization, gmail, government bond, government budget balance, hedge (finance), ibw, incentive, indonesia, indonesian language, inflation, inflationism, infrastructure, innovation, interest, internet, investment, ios, iphone 4, jersey, jesus, kripto, landscape, learning curve, leprechaun, literacy, loan, login, logo, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, metamask, mind, mobile app, mobile phone, money, moon, network effect, new jersey, news, option (finance), password, pharmacy, pine, plantation, price, privacy, proof of concept, property, radio, rate of return, risk, silver as an investment, singapore, smart contract, southeast asia, speculation, stablecoin, supply and demand, swap (finance), tax, telegram (software), terraria, tesla, inc., tko, toko token, tokocrypto, trading, understanding, united states, user experience, volatility (finance), wallet, xrp, youtube, yubikey
Wei Xiang
Researcher at BIGO Ltd
ablation, aldi, alkylation, attention, blog, continent, deep learning, experiment, fat, father, flow measurement, food network, human image synthesis, information, initial public offering, mask, neural network, optical flow, paper, ratification, salad, sauce, video, word
Eric Gu
Fintech Investor at Metaverse
adam levy, aldi, alon goren, amazon (company), bitcoin, blockchain, china, coin, competition, computer, conference, covid-19 pandemic in sweden, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, decentralization, decentralized finance, decentralized technology, defi, digital art, digital identity, digital living experiment, digital security, discrimination, donald trump, draper dragon, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, eric gu, ethereum china, etoro, event, facebook, finance, financial technology, google, hkbitex, innovation, internet, internet of things, investor, josef holm, knowledge, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, market liquidity, metaverse, midi, money, netflix, online and offline, ownership, pandora (streaming service), professional wrestling, property, provenance, qi zhou, quarkchain, reason, research, robert li, shanghai, shibin wang, smart contract, social media, speculation, stock market crash, streaming media, summit, supermarket, swap (finance), taxicab, telecommuting, tim draper, twitter, uniswap, visa inc., wechat
Angus Cepka
Product at Nivaura
aldi, api, bail, bank, beta, bit, blockchain, cryptocurrency, customer, data, data aggregation, finance, information, infrastructure, market (economics), market research, mars, nothing, opinion, payment, pueblo bonito, research, smoke, twitter
Michelle Gass
Chief Executive Officer at Kohl's
adidas, aldi, amazon (company), apple inc., brand, business, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, coffee, culture, customer experience, entrepreneurship, experiment, finance, fortune, frappuccino, infrastructure, journalism franchise, leadership, mentorship, michelle gass, most powerful women, most powerful women summit, mpw, nike, inc., organization, retail, shopping, space, starbucks, synergy, under armour, wall street
Gary Bolles
Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University
3d printing, acceleration, adhesive, ai, aldi, alexander the great, algorithm, altec lansing, amman, analogy, analytics, apprenticeship, ar, artificial intelligence, attention, augmented reality, australia, automation, avatar (computing), avature, behavior, biotechnology, bit, blockchain, book, box, brainiac (character), brand, brassring, broom, business model, calculus, canada, car, cathedral, centre court, ceo, charter school, chile, classical element, classroom, closeted, college, columbidae, common core state standards initiative, communication, communication protocol, company, competition, computer, computing, concept, consultant, consumer behaviour, contract, conversation, creativity, crispr, critical thinking, cross-cultural communication, culture, curiosity, curriculum, cyborg, database, decision-making, deepfake, definition, design, design thinking, designing thinking, desk, digital identity, disruptive innovation, diversity, dna, dystopia, economy, education, educational technology, elephant, embalming, employee engagement, employment, energy, entrepreneurship, error, ethiopia, exercise, exponential medicine, father, fax, fintech, florida, fluid, forced displacement, freelancer, fuel, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futurism, futurist, gateway (telecommunications), gender, generation, genetics, genome, genome project, ghost, glassdoor, global summit, god, google, grace cathedral, san francisco, great recession, greenhouse, hand, happiness, harry potter, health, healthtech, hedge (finance), hierarchy, higher education, hiring, hiring success, homing pigeon, hope, hour, hr, human, human resource management, iceberg, icims, inclusion, industry, information, infrastructure, innovation, inspiration, intelligence, internet, internet of things, investment, japan, jenna dewan, jesus, job, jobs, jobvite, jordan, knowledge, labour economics, law, leadership, learning, lecture, lever, lifelong learning, linkedin, lowell high school (san francisco), luxembourg, machine learning, macroeconomics, magical objects in harry potter, malala yousafzai, market (economics), maryland, matter, medtech, memory, mentorship, mercy corps, mind, mindset, mining, money, music, nanotechnology, narrative, natural environment, neon, noah's ark, novartis, nursing, okinawa prefecture, onboarding, organization, organizational behavior, organizational culture, organizational structure, paper, parachute, pension, peter diamandis, planet, police, portfolio (finance), poverty, problem solving, question, radio, ray kurzweil, reality, reason, recession, refugee, refugees of the syrian civil war, restaurant, risk, robotic process automation, robotics, samsung, san francisco, sap, science, secondary education, self, sharing economy, shelf life, sherpa people, silicon, silicon valley, singularity hub, singularity university, singularityhub, skill, skynet (terminator), smartphone, smartrecruiters, social media, software , solution, speed dating, star, startup company, success, successfactors, superpower, talks, tax, teacher, team, technological singularity, technology, telecommunication, textbook, think tank, thought, time, toronto, training, trial and error, uber, unemployment, united states, university, university of maryland, college park, use case, user guide, utopia, valve, valve corporation, virtual reality, vr, war, william gibson, wisdom, witchcraft, workday, workforce, working time, world bank, world food programme, xmed, youth unemployment, youtube, yuval noah harari
Terry J. Lundgren
Former Chairman & CEO at Macy's
advertising, aldi, alibaba group, amazon (company), attitude (psychology), behavior, bloomingdale's, bluemercury, brand, bullocks wilshire, conscience, consumer behaviour, discount store, ethics, fashion, fearless girl, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, gimbels, gross domestic product, inventory, luxury goods, merchandising, millennials, miracle on 34th street, mortgage loan, netflix, news, off-price, omnichannel, online and offline, online shopping, optimism, privacy, recession, retail, shopping, social media, supermarket, supply and demand, target corporation, truth, walmart, wechat, whole foods market
Harris Diamond
Chairman & CEO at McCann Worldgroup
advertising, aldi, alibaba group, amazon (company), attitude (psychology), brand, conscience, discount store, ethics, fearless girl, gimbels, miracle on 34th street, news, omnichannel, online and offline, optimism, privacy, social media, supermarket, truth, wechat, whole foods market
Suzanne Powers
Global CSO at McCann Worldgroup
advertising, aldi, alibaba group, amazon (company), attitude (psychology), brand, conscience, discount store, ethics, fearless girl, gimbels, miracle on 34th street, news, omnichannel, online and offline, optimism, privacy, social media, supermarket, truth, wechat, whole foods market
Nikolay Alimenkov
Java-техлид at XP Injection
aldi, banana, brazil, cat, cigarette, dubai, dublin, google, horse, javascript, massachusetts, missouri, morse code, music, rain, risk, silicon, silicon dioxide, spain, the weather channel, united kingdom, weather, youtube
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