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Sourav Das
Cryptography PhD Candidate at UIUC
aquarium, bird, brock osweiler, capitalism, code, communication, communication protocol, computer, concrete, cryptographic hash function, dam, data, dog, energy, imovie, jordan, laundry, node (networking), nothing, number, podcast, prison, radio, solidarity, string (computer science), symbol
Moidul Islam
Founder at Blindspot Media
aquarium, blog, chief executive officer, clitoris, covid-19, google, google search, guwahati, home page, hulu, india, islam, methodism, news, peach, pizza, pizza delivery, reason, relevance, search engine, search engine optimization, sergeant, startup company, web presence
Ryan Anderson
Vice President, Global Research & Insights at MillerKnoll
2021, active noise control, aquarium, biophilic design, ci, coccyx, code, collaborate, color temperature, computer monitor, continuous integration, conversational development, daylighting, desk, developers, evidence, eye, git, git repository, gitlab, goal, happiness, headphones, herman miller, integrate, integration, laptop, lighting, on-premises git solutions, open source, perception, pipelines, pleasure, product, productivity, programmers, remote by gitlab, sacrum, sense, server, software development, telecommuting, thought, tutorial, vcs , version control system, vertebral column, webcam, well-being
Mengxiao Zhang
Doctoral Candidate at The University of Aucklan
aquarium, asymmetry, country music, data, differential privacy, facebook, ice, information, information asymmetry, license, magnesium, medication, money, pharmacy, privacy, solution, university of auckland
Hanwen Xing
Student at University of Oxford
american broadcasting company, approximate bayesian computation, approximation, aquarium, average, bayesian inference, biopsy, cumulative distribution function, derivative, distortion, equation, function (mathematics), hawaii, inference, letter case, likelihood function, map, paper, parameter, probability, regression analysis, tattoo, truth, weather, weather forecasting
Jon Mease
Data Scientist, Software Developer, Data Visualization Enthusiast, and Open Source Maintainer at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
aquarium, array data structure, artificial intelligence, atlas experiment, autism, boson, census, central processing unit, collider, compiler, computer programming, cuda, cursor (user interface), dark matter, dashboard (business), data science, data visualization , datashader, edx, elementary particle, engineering, extraterrestrial life, fortran, general-purpose computing on graphics processing units, geodetic datum, global positioning system, gps tracking unit, gpu, graphics processing unit, higgs boson, high performance python, histogram, histogram equalization, hypothesis, image processing, input/output, just-in-time compilation, kernel (operating system), large hadron collider, latitude, library (computing), lightning talks, longitude, machine code, machine learning, map, mathematical optimization, matter, music, news, notebook, numba, numerical analysis, numpy, nvidia, outlier, parallel computing, particle physics, physics, pipeline (computing), pixel, python, python (programming language), python tutorial, python virtual conference, rapids, rgb color model, science, scientific computing, scientific computing conference 2021, scientific method, scipy, scipy2021, sea, sea level, shader, space, statistics, subroutine, tax, technical computing , temperature, universe, vaccine, variable (computer science), visualization, visualization (graphics), word embedding
James Bednar
Manager, Technical Services at Anaconda
aftershock, anaconda (python distribution), animation, aquarium, array data structure, array data type, artificial intelligence, attention, bokeh, book, button (computing), callback (computer programming), cascading style sheets, census, coast, command-line interface, community, computer mouse, computer programming, computer vision, concept, cursor (user interface), dashboard (business), data science, data type, data visualization , django (web framework), engineering, experiment, firefox, firewall (computing), force-directed graph drawing, geodetic datum, gif, global positioning system, google chrome, gps tracking unit, histogram, holoviews, html, image processing, interactivity, javascript, jupiter, kernel (operating system), kernel density estimation, lag, latitude, library (computing), longitude, machine learning, macroeconomics, map, mathematical optimization, metadata, motivation, music, news, notebook, nothing, numpy, object (computer science), observation, oled, open source, open-source software, openstreetmap, outlier, panel, parameter, parameter (computer programming), perception, pixel, pointer (computer programming), polygon mesh, programming language, project jupyter, proxy server, python, python (programming language), python tutorial, python virtual conference, pyviz, quadtree, question, reason, research, safari (web browser), scatter plot, science, scientific computing, scientific computing conference 2021, scipy, scipy2021, scope (computer science), sea, sea level, seismic magnitude scales, seismology, seismometer, shader, simulation, software , software development, space, stack (abstract data type), statistics, string (computer science), subroutine, substance theory, table (information), tax, technical computing , temperature, usability, vertex (geometry), website, world wide web
Philipp Rudiger
Software Engineer at Anaconda
animation, aquarium, artificial intelligence, book, census, coast, community, computer vision, cursor (user interface), dashboard (business), data science, data visualization , engineering, experiment, geodetic datum, global positioning system, gps tracking unit, histogram, image processing, jupiter, latitude, longitude, map, mathematical optimization, motivation, music, news, notebook, nothing, oled, open source, outlier, pixel, polygon mesh, python, python tutorial, python virtual conference, quadtree, question, research, science, scientific computing, scientific computing conference 2021, scipy2021, sea, sea level, shader, simulation, space, stack (abstract data type), statistics, substance theory, tax, technical computing , temperature, usability, vertex (geometry)
Stevens Stevens
System Integrator at SoftWire Systems
aquarium, artificial intelligence, census, cursor (user interface), dashboard (business), data science, data visualization , engineering, geodetic datum, global positioning system, gps tracking unit, histogram, image processing, latitude, longitude, map, mathematical optimization, music, news, notebook, outlier, pixel, python, python tutorial, python virtual conference, science, scientific computing, scientific computing conference 2021, scipy2021, sea, sea level, space, statistics, tax, technical computing , temperature
Rahul Gupta
Head of Product Analytics and Strategy (OLX Europe) at OLX Group
analytics, aquarium, auction, behavior, bucket, business intelligence, business intelligence analyst, cloud computing, computer, computer science, crocs, data, data advisor, data analyst, data analytics, data protection advisor, data science, data scientist, database, decision-making, future, hybrid conference, hybrid events, knowledge, learning, machine, machine learning, managing data, managing data center, managing databases, online conference, online conference meeting, online conference platform, online event, online summit, science, steam, technology, travel visa, uber, virtual conference, virtual event, virtual event promo, virtual summit
Slava Murygin
SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert /Specialist at SMC LLC
aquarium, attention, book, computer, consultant, data model, database, database index, dba, information retrieval, ios, james cameron, memory, mind, pain, plant, reason, richard nixon, robot, sarah connor (terminator), sleep, sql, telephone directory, the terminator, tinder (app), yelp
Yilong Li
PhD Candidate at Stanford University
analytics, aquarium, behavior, budget, cartesian coordinate system, clock, coin, competition, computing, data analysis, function (mathematics), google, latency (engineering), measurement, memory, number, overhead (computing), paper, physics, prime number, scalability, server (computing), software , speculation, throughput, tornado
Eric Gauthier
Senior Solutions Architect at AWS
2020, aladdin (1992 disney film), amazon web services, aquarium, aws, aws events, aws summit online, beer, boosie badazz, canada, castle, columbus, ohio, electricity, french language track, general data protection regulation, google, hampshire, lego, level 200, may 13, menu, motel, new hampshire, oregon, q-tip (musician), sea, ship, texas, track: security, winchester, youtube
Dimitri Fontaine
Software Engineer at Citus Data
algorithm, api, aquarium, cloud computing, comma-separated values, database, database transaction, edb, enterprisedb, file system, foreign key, function (mathematics), http cookie, isolation (database systems), microsoft sql server, open-source software, oracle database, php, point of sale, postgres, postgresql, proprietary software, relational database, relational model, software , sql, streaming media, thread (computing)
Alexander Korotkov
Major Contributor, Committer at PostgreSQL Global Development Group
2017, amazon (company), application software, aquarium, bluetooth, central processing unit, database, database transaction, instagram, internet, microsoft excel, money, pgcon, pgcon 2020, pgcon2020, postgresql, proxy server, reliability engineering, replication (computing), research, server (computing), snapchat, steam (service), streaming media, visibility, water, youtube
Chris Seto
Software Enginee at Cockroach Labs
aquarium, big o notation, binary search algorithm, cloud computing, complexity, consensus (computer science), containers, control flow, correlation and dependence, data type, database, database transaction, django (web framework), docker, domain name, domain name system, engineer, function (mathematics), general data protection regulation, http cookie, infinity, information retrieval, internet, ip address, ipsec, isolation (database systems), join (sql), json, kubernetes , lag, load balancing (computing), memory, metastability, network address translation, number, object-relational mapping, provisioning (telecommunications), reliability engineering, replication (computing), robot, routing, select (sql), serializability, software quality, sql, startup company, subdomain, transport layer security, unique key
Audie Chamberlain
Founder and CEO at Lion & Orb Real Estate Public Relations
aquarium, attention, connect ny, current real estate news, denver, diazepam, drink, expert, for real estate agents, inman, inman connect, inman new york, inman news, inman real estate, inman real estate news, inman realty, inman select, inmannews, israel, jews, latest real estate news, lifestyle (sociology), london, midwestern united states, news, pinterest, politics, promotion (marketing), property, real estate, real estate agent help, real estate agent news, real estate broker, real estate companies, real estate marketing news, real estate news and advice, real estate news today, real estate news websites, real estate newspaper, realty news, religion, restaurant, street, take-out, tax, the real estate people, troy, united states, websites for realtors
Mor Zucker
Founder and Publisher at
aquarium, attention, connect ny, current real estate news, denver, diazepam, drink, expert, for real estate agents, inman, inman connect, inman new york, inman news, inman real estate, inman real estate news, inman realty, inman select, inmannews, israel, jews, latest real estate news, lifestyle (sociology), london, midwestern united states, news, pinterest, politics, promotion (marketing), property, real estate, real estate agent help, real estate agent news, real estate broker, real estate companies, real estate marketing news, real estate news and advice, real estate news today, real estate news websites, real estate newspaper, realty news, religion, restaurant, street, take-out, tax, the real estate people, troy, united states, websites for realtors
Tern Poh Lim
Principal AI Consultant at AI Singapore
ai, algorithm, apollo, apprenticeship, aquarium, automation, churn rate, copyright infringement, covid-19 pandemic, credit score, design, dialysis, english language, experiment, fossasia, free and open-source software, google, google translate, innovation, language, open source, opentechsummit, research, singapore, speech recognition, surgery, tensorflow
Bir Abhimanu Thakur
Technical Support at Vertica
aquarium, bbc, best practice, cast iron, central processing unit, coffee, computer keyboard, concurrency (computer science), credit card, data definition language, database, dave vellante, education, gender, hash table, hashtag, iron, john furrier, memory, parallel computing, rice, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, siri, stack (abstract data type), statistics, thecube, truth, usb flash drive, use case, wikibon
Boštjan Cigan
Architectual Lead at RESULT d.o.o.
api, apollo, aquarium, back to the future, capacitor, client (computing), database, database schema, domain name system, ecosystem, email, europe, google, interface (computing), learning, machine, machine learning, microservices, netflix, prototype, question, server (computing), tank, twitter, user (computing)
Daniel Woelfel
Co-Founder at OneGraph
api, aquarium, autocomplete, best practice, bit, cache (computing), central processing unit, command-line interface, computer, concept, database, facebook, github, graphql, information retrieval, introspection, javascript, knowledge, metadata, microsoft excel, python (programming language), search engine optimization, server (computing), upload, wiki
London Breed
Mayor at City of San Francisco
academic degree, affordable housing, african americans, aquarium, art, attention, avature, bit, bloomberg, bloomberg live, brassring, cantons of switzerland, ceo, china, chinese americans, cigarette, college, communication, community, company, construction, conversation, criminal justice, culture, demography, diploma, diversity, divorce, economic inequality, economy, electronic cigarette, employment, entrepreneurship, equity (economics), exercise, experience, face, feedback, felony, folk music, franciscans, generation, greenhouse, happiness, health, health equity, high school diploma, hiring, hiring success, homelessness, hope, hr, human, icims, inclusion, industry, infrastructure, innovation, inspiration, internship, interview, investment, job, job interview, jobs, jobvite, justice, kamala harris, laser, latino, law, lead, leadership, lever, life imprisonment, london, london breed, love, luck, lyft, market street (san francisco), mayor, mayor of san francisco, mental disorder, mental health professional, mentorship, mind, minority group, money, netherlands, oakland, california, patient, peer-to-peer ridesharing, pelican, person of color, poverty, prison, pump, reason, résumé, san francisco, san francisco board of supervisors, san francisco municipal railway, sap, sea, secondary school, shirt, smartrecruiters, social justice, social network, statistics, substance abuse, success, successfactors, syria, tax, technology, ted (conference), transport, uber, unemployment, united states, wealth, weather, weed, west coast of the united states, willie brown (politician), word of mouth, workday, workforce
Jerome Ternynck
Founder and CEO at SmartRecruiters
adolescence, advertising, airbnb, amsterdam, analytics, android (operating system), apartment, applicant tracking system, aquarium, association football, automation, avature, back office, backup, belgium, best practice, bit, boat, brand, brassring, budget, bus, cake, candy, car, ceo, chatbot, cheerleading, cheese, cher, chief executive officer, choctaw, coffee, communication, company, compassion, competition, concept, conversation, corporate social responsibility, corporate title, cost, cream, crux, curriculum, customer, customer relationship management, customer service, damascus, dashboard, data, data science, database, desert, design, digitization, diversity, divorce, dough, economy, education, electron, email, employment, engineering, europe, experience, experiment, factory, feedback, florida, fortune 500, france, future, gear, glass, glassdoor, graphic designer, greenhouse, hackathon, happiness, happy hour, harrogate, have a nice day, heron, hiring, hiring success, hiringsuccess, hooters, hr, human, ice, icims, inclusion, inclusion (education), industry, innovation, insight, inspiration, instant messaging, interaction, internet, interview, investment, investor, ios, jobs, jobvite, justice, keynote, labour economics, landing page, leadership, lever, linkedin, logistics, love, machine learning, market (economics), market segmentation, marketing mix, marketing plan, marketing strategy, matrix (mathematics), matter, mayor, mayor of san francisco, message, methodology, miami, molar (tooth), money, mortgage loan, moscow, motel, nature, netherlands, newspaper, north pole, nothing, onboarding, one direction, online advertising, online chat, operating model, organization, orpington, outsourcing, paper, percentage, perception, pizza, planet, predictive analytics, price, prison, privacy, productivity, programmer, pump, quantity, radiation, recruiting, recruitment, refugee, regiment, restaurant, rights, rio de janeiro, résumé, san francisco, sap, science, scientist, sea, singularity university, smartrecruiters, sms, social justice, social norm, society, software , solution, sorting, space, statistics, structural unemployment, success, successfactors, symbol, syria, technological singularity, technology, text messaging, time, trade, tree, twitter, unicorn, unicorn (finance), united states, value proposition, velocity, video, visa inc., war, whatsapp, wood, workday, youtube
Steve Korshakov
Co-Founder at Openland
apple inc., aquarium, backup, boxing, cloud computing, computing, data, database, distributed computing, go (programming language), google, java (programming language), jazz, language, library (computing), mathematical optimization, object (computer science), randomness, rocket, scala (programming language), science, sql, startup company, truth, weight
Guillaume Chau
Frontend engineer at Livestorm
9performancesecretsrevealed, api, aquarium, attention, brain, chrome plating, code, concept, coreteam, disability, email, eye, frame rate, frontend , github, guillaumechau, lag, learntocode, library, local variable, mind, music, playlist, prison, property, recycling, soul, variable (computer science), violence, vue, vueconf, vuejs, vuejscoreteam, web browser, wig
Sameer Al-Sakran
CEO at Metabase
analytics, aquarium, contract, conversation, data analytics startups, data science startups, data startups, data warehouse, database, datasets, datasets vs dashboards, dog, engineering, food, fraud, gender, history, horse, human, insurance, jargon, language, metabase, nothing, pet, pivot table, reason, sameer al sakran, sameer al sakran metabase, science
Olivia Jack
Developer at Instituto Distrital de las Artes
3d computer graphics, abstraction, analog signal, analogy, antenna (radio), application software, aquarium, cable television, camera, canvas, canvas element, central processing unit, china, chromium (web browser), client (computing), color, command-line interface, communication protocol, computer, computer network, data, desert, desktop computer, diagram, diffusion, distributed collaboration, etsy, experiment, feedback, fluid, fluid dynamics, fractal, frequency, function (mathematics), glitch, graphics, hawaii, hybrid (biology), image, information, input/output, internet, internet bot, javascript, javascript library, jsconfhi, kaleidoscope, lernaean hydra, lighting, live coding, message, metaphor, microsoft windows, modular arithmetic, modular synthesis, modular synthesizer, modularity, modulation, music, mystikal, object-oriented programming, oscillation, parameter, peer-to-peer, pixel, pressure, reaction–diffusion system, reason, recursion, regina, saskatchewan, sand, satellite, server (computing), shader, shape, signal, snake, software , sound, source-code editor, streaming media, synthesizer, tail, technology, texture mapping, time, times square, tool, triangle, twitter, twitter bot, user interface, video, video card, video synthesis, video synthesizer, web browser, web page, webcam, webgl, webrtc, website, word, world wide web
Jonathan Berkhahn
Software Engineer at IBM
amazon web services, api, application software, aquarium, backup, cloud computing, command-line interface, data center, database, domain name system, environment variable, information privacy, internet, kubernetes , mongodb, object storage, open api, password, postgresql, relational database, scope (computer science), sim card, sql, user (computing), world wide web
Ramesh Thomas
Software Engineer at Intel
aquarium, best, worst and average case, booting, cache (computing), calibration, cartesian coordinate system, central processing unit, determinism, information, infrastructure, instagram, intel, jitter, latency (engineering), law, linux foundation, linux kernel, patch (computing), property, quality of service, scheduling (computing), software framework, surveillance, time, wiki
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