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Alex Chepurnoy
Core Developer at Ergo Platform
ada, ada coin, algorand, back to the future, bitcoin, bitcoin protocol, blockchain, blockchain protocol, blockchain technology, c-fund, cardano, chainlink, charles hoskinson, communication, communication protocol, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, cryptography , culture, dapps, defi, design, eos, ethereum, finite-state machine, goguen, haskell, haskell coding, hoskinson, innovation, input output, input/output, iohk, java (programming language), language, logic, machine, mobile phone, mockup, multi-asset, native assets, ouroboros, privacy, proof of stake, proof of work, reddit, science, scientific method, shelley, smart contract, smart contracts, software , software development, startup company, tezos, vechain, voltaire, wen
Peter Löwendahl
Founder at Clever Compliance
actor, back to the future, bomb, car, consultant, covid-19 pandemic, database, dentistry, medical device, music, nothing, online and offline, pain, portugal, reason, regulatory compliance, risk, software , standardization, startup company, surveillance, tax, toilet, transport, youtube
Brydie Allen
Editor at National Liquor News
aaliyah, abstraction, acids in wine, advertising, alcoholic drink, apple inc., asset, back to the future, beer, behavior, big-box store, blog, brand, brewery, brick and mortar, budget, burger king, cider, coca-cola, cocktail, communication, competition, competition (economics), consumer behaviour, consumer choice, courage, craft brewery and microbrewery, creativity, culture, customer, decision-making, digital marketing, drink, education, entrepreneurship, ethanol, experience, experiment, face, facebook, feedback, fermentation, fermentation in winemaking, food, future, generation, grape, health, innovation, investment, jesus, knowledge, landscape, language, leadership, league of legends, learning, library, liquor, liquor store, lobbying, london, loyalty program, luck, matter, mentorship, mind, money, mother's day, new south wales, news, newtown, new south wales, nothing, pain, pleasure, policy, pricing, promise, question, research, restaurant, retail, rihanna, sales, science, self-control, shopping, soft drink, space, sparkling wine, sugars in wine, supply chain, sustainability, sydney, syrah, tax, technology, the bronx, traditional method, vineyard, water, wine, wine label, winemaking
Jane Daly
Chief Insight Officer at Peoplestar
#lt20uk, back to the future, behavior, conroe (microprocessor), corporate learning, culture, data, elearning, employment, feeling, future, future of learning, information, innovation, investment, language, learning, learning technology, learntech, machine learning, mcfly, mind, moon, nothing, pain, productivity, profession, reason, research, scenario planning, world economic forum
Tegan Clemow
Area Manager at Retail Liquor Specialist Group
back to the future, cider, communication, competition (economics), consumer choice, creativity, decision-making, education, future, generation, health, innovation, knowledge, landscape, leadership, liquor store, mentorship, news, question, retail, shopping, sustainability, tax, technology
Sharni Wise-Fenton
Retail Operations Manager at Vantage Group
back to the future, cider, communication, competition (economics), consumer choice, creativity, decision-making, education, future, generation, health, innovation, knowledge, landscape, leadership, liquor store, mentorship, news, question, retail, shopping, sustainability, tax, technology
Monique Strand
Store Manager at Dan Murphy's
back to the future, cider, communication, competition (economics), consumer choice, creativity, decision-making, education, future, generation, health, innovation, knowledge, landscape, leadership, liquor store, mentorship, news, question, retail, shopping, sustainability, tax, technology
Michael Waters
CEO at Retail Drinks Australia
alcoholic drink, analytics, back to the future, beer, behavior, best practice, big data, big-box store, black friday (shopping), brand, brewery, brick and mortar, champagne, cider, cocktail, communication, competition, competition (economics), competitive advantage, consumer choice, craft brewery and microbrewery, creativity, credit, customer experience, customer lifetime value, decision-making, demand, digital identity, dynamic pricing, ebay, education, entrepreneurship, food, future, generation, health, information sensitivity, innovation, insight, intelligence, knowledge, landscape, leadership, library, liquor, liquor store, lobbying, mastercard, mentorship, mobile app, mobile web, money, mother's day, news, omnichannel, pareto principle, point of sale, policy, pricing, privacy, profit (economics), question, regulatory compliance, retail, sales, self-control, shopping, signature, skype, soft drink, sustainability, tax, technology, touchpoint, usability, verification and validation, water, world wide web
Yona Levy
CEO at Alvit LCS Pharma
adherence (medicine), ageing, alcohol (drug), autism, back to the future, bioavailability, cancer, cannabidiol, cannabis, cannabis (drug), coffee, disease, drink, drug, fish oil, food and drug administration, future, gender, god, hash oil, health care, health claim, hemp, illegal drug trade, language, lawyer, lobbying, medical cannabis, medication, medicine, miracle, mitochondrion, neurology, pain, parent, patient, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacist, phonics, physician, plant, regulatory compliance, science, seat belt, tetrahydrocannabinol, truth, united states, wealth
Apoorva Aggarwal
Database Engineer at Clarisights
alchemy, api, apple inc., back to the future, bit, clock, concept, customer experience, database, database index, disk storage, email, grocery store, information, information retrieval, latency (engineering), memory, pointer (computer programming), price, reason, select (sql), sql, supply chain, table (database), thought
Boštjan Cigan
Architectual Lead at RESULT d.o.o.
api, apollo, aquarium, back to the future, capacitor, client (computing), database, database schema, domain name system, ecosystem, email, europe, google, interface (computing), learning, machine, machine learning, microservices, netflix, prototype, question, server (computing), tank, twitter, user (computing)
software engineer at freelance
back to the future, backtothevueture, bias, code, concept, confirmation bias, curiosity, delorean time machine, déjà vu, emmett brown, experience, feeling, frontend , hypothesis, learning, learntocode, marty mcfly, memory, music, nexttick, queue (abstract data type), semantic memory, semantics, sense, sheet music, space, stuckintheeventloop, syncopation, tessa, theory, time, time travel, vue, vueconf, vuejs
Michael Milken
Chairman at Milken Institute
1997 asian financial crisis, 21st century cures act, adverse effect, advertising, alibaba group, amazon (company), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, analytics, apple inc., asia, back to the future, balance sheet, bank, basic income, belt and road initiative, bill gates, biopharmaceutical, blue button, bond (finance), bond credit rating, bond market, brand, breast cancer, bretton woods system, brexit, brooke shields, caesars entertainment corporation, cancer, canine distemper, capital market, capital structure, capitalism, caregiver, carried interest, celebrity, central bank, child mortality, china, clinical trial, cloud computing, coco chanel, computer performance, computer security, corporate bond, corporate finance, cost of capital, covid-19 pandemic, covid-19 vaccine, creativity, credit, credit risk, credit suisse, crowdsourcing, curiosity, debt, debtor, default (finance), democracy, derivative (finance), devaluation, developed country, developing country, dianne feinstein, disease, distance education, diversification (finance), dividend, dodd–frank wall street reform and consumer protection act, donald trump, ebola, economic growth, economic inequality, economic system, economy, economy of the united states, education, electronic health record, ellen johnson sirleaf, elvis impersonator, emergency department, emerging market, employment, equity (finance), eradication of infectious diseases, exchange-traded fund, extreme poverty, family, fannie mae, fashion, fastercures, federal housing administration, federal reserve, feeling, female entrepreneurs, fiat money, finance, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–08, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial market, financial technology, first-mover advantage, flatten the curve, flipkart, food and drug administration, food delivery, food desert, food industry, forbearance, freddie mac, future, ge capital, gene therapy, globalization, goldman sachs, gross domestic product, health, health care, health care in the united states, health informatics, health insurance coverage in the united states, health technology in the united states, healthcare industry, hedge fund, high-yield debt, homeschooling, hospital, human capital, human development (economics), human genome, hyperinflation, impact investing, inflation, instagram, institute, interest, interest rate, interior design, international monetary fund, internet access, investment, investment banking, investment management, investor, jeans, joe biden, johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine, joint comprehensive plan of action, junk food, kohlberg kravis roberts, leadership, learning, leverage (finance), leveraged buyout, literacy, machine learning, madison avenue, management, management of hiv/aids, market liquidity, maternal death, medicaid, medical diagnosis, medical history, medical record, medical research, medicare (united states), mental health, mergers and acquisitions, micronutrient, microsoft, milken, mortgage loan, mortgage-backed security, munich security conference, municipal bond, music, non-disclosure agreement, nothing, operation warp speed, opioid epidemic, opioid epidemic in the united states, option (finance), patient protection and affordable care act, paul conrad, paul farmer, paycheck protection program, paypal, paytm, pension, pharmaceutical industry, phillips curve, poverty, poverty reduction, poverty threshold, predictive analytics, preventive healthcare, privacy, private banking, private equity, private equity secondary market, prostate cancer foundation, public health, public hospital, public–private investment program for legacy assets, question, race (human categorization), rate of return, real estate economics, recession, republican party (united states), repurchase agreement, retail, retirement, risk, risk premium, robert fogel, royalty payment, rule of law, s&p 500 index, saving, secondary market, securitization, security (finance), self-driving car, sell side, sequencing, share repurchase, small business, smartphone, social media, social mobility, softbank group, special relationship, spinal muscular atrophy, steven spielberg, stock, stock market, stroke, subsidy, sue desmond-hellmann, supply chain, sustainability, sustainable development, sustainable development goals, swap (finance), tax, telecommuting, telehealth, tencent, the blackstone group, tpg capital, tutoring, uncertainty, undergarment, unemployment, united arab emirates, unnecessary health care, vaccine, valuation (finance), value investing, venture capital, violence, viral vector, visa inc., vladimir putin, volcker rule, walmart, wealth, welfare state, wework, world bank, world peace, wynn resorts, yield (finance), zika fever, zipline (drone delivery)
Calvin Klein
Designer and Founder at Calvin Klein Inc.
advertising, android (operating system), back to the future, big data, bing (search engine), brand, brand loyalty, brooke shields, capital structure, celebrity, coco chanel, consumer behaviour, creativity, digital marketing, fabletics, fashion, feeling, firebase, first-mover advantage, future, google ads, google analytics, google maps, instagram, institute, interior design, ios, jeans, landing page, madison avenue, milken, music, nothing, personalization, pinterest, privacy, question, rihanna, royalty payment, social media, steven spielberg, touchpoint, transparency (behavior), undergarment, user-generated content, youtube
Jonni Walker
Senior Data Artist at Tableau
andrew digby, back to the future, behavior, brand, cat, douglas adams, fiordland, genome project, intelligence, kakapo, new zealand, nocturnality, parrot, rat, reason, resolution island (new zealand), science, species, stephen fry, superfood, understanding, vitamin, vitamin d, wikipedia, wildlife
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