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Julian Sanders
Managing Director at Spark Breweries and Distilleries
beer, beer bottle, beer judge certification program, break-even, brewery, brewing, business model, case study, contract, craft brewery and microbrewery, customer, design, direct-to-consumer, draught beer, drink, economics, england, fixed cost, food, gross income, growler (jug), income statement, jesus, keg, malt, money, net income, news, pain, prague, price, profit (economics), pub, ratio, revenue, spreadsheet, tax, tea, warehouse, water
Konstantin Slisenko
Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Systems
api, beer bottle, bluetooth, castlevania, chicken, ciara, cleveland, email, game, gautama buddha, google search, krishna, menu, mexico, modem, pain, playstation 4, smoke, streaming media, temperature, the three stooges, videotelephony, water heating, web browser
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