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Joshua Petty
Co-Founder at Twetch
bitcoin, bitcoinsv, blockchain, celebrity, coingeek london, database, encryption, facebook, fact-checking, fake news, initial coin offering, instagram, internet, internet celebrity, internet meme, internet troll, josh petty, linkedin, mark zuckerberg, microtransaction, online chat, privacy, private message, social media, tax, the social network, tweetdeck, twitter
Graig Wright
Chief Scientist at nChain
advertising, aibcsummit, bernie madoff, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin network, bitcoin sv, bitcoinsv, blackmail, blockchain, bounty (reward), bribery, bsv, btc, capitalism, child, child pornography, coingeek, coingeek london, coingeek london conference, communication protocol, computer, computer network, conference, contract, corruption, craig wright, craig wright satoshi, craigwright, credit card, crime, crypto, cryptocurrency, currency, cypherpunk, decentralization, developers, digital currency, digital signature, distributed computing, double-spending, ecology, electronic lock, email, encryption,, ethereum, evidence, explanation, exponential growth, facebook, fee, fentanyl, fiat money, financial transaction, fintech, fintect, fireside chat, firewall (computing), fraud, gateway (telecommunications), hacker, hbgary, heroin, hope, hyundai motor company, information, initial coin offering, internet, internet of things, internet protocol, internetwork packet exchange, investment, ip address, jimmy nguyen, julian assange, jurisdiction, kidnapping, law, liberty reserve, life imprisonment, london, malware, man-in-the-middle attack, message, micropayment, mining, monero, money, multiplayer video game, nakamoto, network packet, novell, online and offline, osi model, payment, paypal, peer-to-peer, pornography, price, privacy, proof of work, public key infrastructure, punishment, realsatoshi, reason, satoshi, satoshi nakamoto, security hacker, sentence (law), seoul, server (computing), silk road (marketplace), sms, south korea, statute of frauds, stock exchange, subsidy, taekwondo, technology, time, transmission control protocol, transport layer, u.s. securities and exchange commission, uk, ukraine, user datagram protocol, visa inc., web of trust, wikileaks, world of warcraft, world wide web
Daniel Krawisz
Director of Research at Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
application-specific integrated circuit, atlanta blockchain, attention, bch, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin satoshi vision, bitcoin sv, bitcoinsv, blockchain, borg, brainwashing, bsv, btc, collin enstad, communication protocol, concept, consciousness, consensus decision-making, constitution, criticism, cryptocurrency, cryptographic hash function, cult, daniel krawisz, data transmission, de facto, decentralization, distributed computing, economies of scale, goal, health system, hypnosis, inflation, information, investment, kevin pham, lightning network, mind, mining, nonsense, peafowl, prediction, productivity, proof of work, question, rationality, reason, risk, segwit, sha-2, socialism, socialist economics, state of emergency, tabconf, voting methods in deliberative assemblies, weird, zack voell
1-3 of 3