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Matthew Roszak
Chairman & co-founder at Bloq
airport security, anarchism, android (operating system), arbitrage, ava-labs, bank, basic income, bit, bitcoin, bitmain, blockchain, bloq, bond (finance), brave (web browser), business, business ethics, business model, business process, car, cash, cd2020, central bank, cloud computing, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, computer hardware, computer network, computing, cornell, corporation, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, database, decentralization, department of motor vehicles, digital currency, dividend, economics, economy, emin-gun-sirer, equifax, ethereum, ethics, facebook, fee, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial innovation, financial technology, firewall (computing), github, hash function, hedge (finance), hedge fund, ibm, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, internet, intranet, investment banking, it's-time-to-build, john d. rockefeller, kevin-werbach, libertarianism, marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, market liquidity, matthew-roszak, mining, mining pool, mobile payment, money, monopoly, net neutrality, netscape,, peer-to-peer, petro (cryptocurrency), plug and play, productivity, proof of work, recession, regulatory compliance, remittance, risk, routing, security, smart contract, smartphone, snapchat, social media, social networking service, space, speculation, statistics, supply chain, tax, tether (cryptocurrency), titan (supercomputer), tokenization (data security), trade, transportation security administration, twitter, unicorn (finance), user interface, value proposition, venture capital, wall street, wealth, western union, wharton
Emin Gun Sirer
Founder & CEO at Ava Labs
2021, aave, adam levy, alex skidanov, alon goren, amazon (company), api, arbitrage, art, auction, ava labs, ava-labs, avalanche, avax, bakers, bank, barbara liskov, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin network, bjorn wagner, blacklist (computing), blockchain, blockchain governance, blockchain interoperability, bloq, business, business ethics, cash, cash register, cd2020, central bank, cloud computing, coin, coindesk, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, community, computer network, computer programming, computing, conference, consensus (computer science), consensus decision-making, contract, conversation, cornell, corporation, covenant (law), craig russo, crowdfunding, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptographic hash function, currency, data, database, decentralization, decentralized finance, default (finance), defi, democracy, design, diem (digital currency), digital asset, digital security, disability, distributed computing, double-spending, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, eli ben-sasson, email, emergence, emin gun sirer, emin gün sirer, emin-gun-sirer, entrepreneurship, equal opportunity, ethereum, ethereum cross-chain, ethics, etoro, evan shapiro, event, facebook, finance, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, fintech, food, game theory, global financial system, globalization, goal, god, goldman sachs, governance, hackathon, heterogeneous network, history, imagination, imovie, information, information privacy, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, insight, insurance, interest, interest rate, internet, internet of things, internet protocol suite, interoperability, investor, it's-time-to-build, jeans, jihan wu, josef holm, kathleen breitman, kernel (operating system), kevin-werbach, kitchen, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, language, latency (engineering), law, layer 1, leslie lamport, libra (digital currency), library, live, london, machine learning, macroeconomics, managing editor, marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), market liquidity, mathematics, matthew-roszak, mina, mina foundation, mind, mining pool, monetary policy, money, money laundering, moneydance, narrative, natural language processing, near protocol, news, non-interactive zero-knowledge proof, olaf carlson wee, ownership, panel, password, peer-to-peer, piers ridyard, polar bear, polkadot, polychain capital, polyient games, price, printer (computing), privacy, privacy and blockchain, private equity, productivity, programming language, progress, promise, proof of stake, proof of work, protocols, quantitative easing, radix, reality, reason, recession, regulatory compliance, rocket, scalability, scaling, security, sergey nazarov, server (computing), siri, skale, skale labs, smart contract, smart contracts, social contract, social media, society, space, speculation, sputnik 1, stablecoin, stan kladko, stani kulechov, starkware, startup company, status, steve jobs, summit, supply chain, supply chain management, swap (finance), system, tax, tech, technology, telecommunication, telephone, tezos, throughput, tim draper, time, token2049, trial and error, truth, tumblr, twitter, usability, use case, user interface, venmo, venture capital, virtual economy, virtual machine, visa inc., wall street, wealth, web3, welfare, wharton, world wide web, wrapped btc, yap, zack seward, zcash, zk
Kevin Werbach
Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
accountability, arbitrage, ava-labs, bank, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, bloq, business ethics, cd2020, central bank, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, computing, consensus decision-making, cornell, corporate governance, corporation, cryptocurrency, economic system, economics, economy, emin-gun-sirer, ethics, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, game theory, governance, information system, internet, internet governance, it's-time-to-build, jurisdiction, justice, kevin-werbach, law of the united states, leak, legal tender, libra (cryptocurrency), marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, matthew-roszak, money, money laundering, productivity, recession, regulatory compliance, reid hoffman, security (finance), space, supply chain, tax, twitter, wealth, wharton, wire transfer
Manoj Patidar
Engineer at Bloq, Inc.
2019, bitcoin, blockchain, bloq, c19, coindesk, conference, consensus, consensus 2019, construct, jeff garzik, manoj patidar, new york, test drive
Jeff Garzik
Co-founder at Metronome
2019, amazon web services, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, bloq, business model, c19, cloud computing, coindesk, compiler, computer, computer network, computing, conference, consensus, consensus 2019, construct, cryptocurrency, cryptographic hash function, database, ethereum, free market, hedge (finance), jeff garzik, machine learning, man-in-the-middle attack, manoj patidar, money, new york, price, security token, software release life cycle, string (computer science), technology, test drive
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