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John Furrier
Cofounder & CEO at SiliconANGLE Media
#thecube, 19-inch rack, 2021, 3d computer graphics, 5g, @thecube, abstraction, abstraction (computer science), accenture, accessibility, addiction, advanced micro devices, advertising, aerospace, agile software development, air traffic control, aircraft pilot, algorithm, alibaba group, amazon, amazon (company), amazon alexa, amazon dynamodb, amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon web services, analysis, analytics, andy jassy, ansible, ansiblefest 2020, apache hadoop, api, app store (ios), apple inc., apple tv, apple watch, application software, architect, architecture, assembly line, attention, augmented reality, automated teller machine, automation, autonomous robot, aws, aws summit digital 2020, aws summit online 2020, backup, bank, banner, banyan vines, base station, behavior, bell, best practice, bias, big data, bill gates, bit, bitcoin, blackboard inc., body language, boston, brand, brand loyalty, bsd licenses, business, business model, california, california institute of technology, call centre, cambrian explosion, capacity planning, capital (economics), capital market, capital one, car, carbon black (company), caregiver, cash, cash transfer, category 5 cable, cellular network, central processing unit, change your mind (steven universe), charles de gaulle, chief executive officer, chief information officer, child abuse, child and family services, chris foster, cisco systems, citrix systems, civility, client (computing), client–server model, cloud, cloud computing, cloud native computing foundation, cloud storage, cloud- microservices architecture, cloudera, clustered file system, cold chain, communication protocol, community, competitive advantage, compliance (psychology), computer, computer architecture, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computer programming, computer science, computer security, computer vision, computing, consumer privacy, consumerization of information technology, containerization, continuous delivery, contract, control theory, conversation, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19 pandemic, covid-19 pandemic in the united states, covid-19 vaccine, creativity, credit card, crime, critical thinking, cryptography , culture, customer, customer experience, customer relationship management, customer service, data, data center, data governance, data in use, data lake, data quality, data security, data warehouse, database, database design, dave brown, dave vellante, david brown, dean grey, debit card, debt, debugging, decision-making, deep learning, definition, dell, dell emc, design, desktop computer, desktop virtualization, devops, digital transformation, dimension, distance education, distributed computing, distributed workforce, dividend, docker (software), dog food, donald trump, downtime, dream, dropbox (service), dunkin' donuts, dvd, ecological resilience, economy, ecosystem, edge computing, education, elasticsearch, electric battery, electronic benefit transfer, email, emergence, employment, encryption, end user, energy, engineer, engineering, enterprise software, entrepreneurship, ethernet, evolution, experience, expert, extract, transform, load, facebook, factory, fee, file system, financial industry regulatory authority, financial technology, firmware, food, force, franklin d. roosevelt, future, gateway (telecommunications), generation, generation z, gigabit ethernet, github, global catastrophic risk, goal, google, governance, graph database, graphics processing unit, grocery store, hashtag, headphones, headset (audio), health care, help desk, herain oberoi, hewlett packard enterprise, hewlett-packard, hillary clinton, history, human, humour, hybrid (biology), ibm, ibm z, ieee 1394, immersion (virtual reality), information, information technology, infrastructure, infrastructure as code, initial public offering, innovation, instagram, insurance, integrated circuit, intel, intelligence, interest, internet, internet of things, internet protocol, internet protocol suite, interoperability, interview, invention, inventory, investment, jeff frick, jimmy chen, john furrier, juniper networks, keynote, keynote analysis day 1, keynote analysis day 2, knowledge, knowledge base, kubernetes , language, laptop, latency (engineering), lawn, lawyer, leadership, learning, letter box, leverage (finance), license, life-cycle assessment, linkedin, linux, linux foundation, load balancing (computing), logos, los angeles unified school district, lumber, mac mini, macbook, machine learning, macintosh, macos, mainframe computer, mana, management, manufacturing, mark lohmeyer, market (economics), marketplace, mass media, mathematical optimization, mathematics, mergers and acquisitions, metadata, metal, methodology, microservices, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft excel, microsoft sql server, microsoft windows, microstrategy, mind, mindset, mining, mobile app, mobile banking, mobile phone, money, monopoly, moore's law, motivation, multiprotocol label switching, music, nature, negotiation, netflix, network switch, neural network, new york city, news, nigger, nike, inc., nitrous oxide engine, node (networking), nothing, nvidia, office 365, onboarding, online and offline, online banking, open innovation, open source, open world, open-source software, open-source-software movement, openshift, openstack, operating model, operating system, optum, oracle corporation, oracle database, orchestration, organization, outsourcing, overdrive (mechanics), package manager, pain, partnership, patch (computing), permissive software license, personal data, personal trainer, physics, physics engine, pixar, plastic, platform as a service, postgresql, prayer, prediction, predictive analytics, predictive maintenance, pressure, price, pricing, privacy, procurement, productivity, program optimization, programmer, project jupyter, propel, protocol stack, proton, provenance, psychology, punishment, quality of life, quantum algorithm, quantum computing, rackspace technology, radar, radio, rapid transit, raspberry pi, real-time computing, real-time data, real-time performance, reality, reason, recommender system, red hat, red hat summit, reddit, redis, redis labs, redshift, regulatory compliance, reinforcement, reinforcement learning, reliability engineering, rendering (computer graphics), reputation, research, retail, rhsummit, rights, risk, robot, robotics, router (computing), runtime system, sales, sales process engineering, salesforce, san francisco, sanjay poonen, scalability, scat singing, science, screw, secret superstar, security, self-service, selfie, semantics, sensor, server (computing), serverless computing, sewing, share repurchase, silicon valley, siliconangle, siliconangle inc, siliconangle media inc, simulation, skylab, skylab apps, slack (software), smart tv, snowflake, social media, social norm, social stigma, software , software as a service, software framework, software release life cycle, solar power, space, specification (technical standard), spectrum, speech recognition, splunk, sql, standardization, startup company, statistics, stock market, streaming media, stu miniman, studio, subnetwork, supercomputer, supplemental nutrition assistance program, supply chain, surveillance, synergy, system, systems theory, t-shirt, tablet computer, take-out, tattoo, taxonomy (biology), tc energy, technology, telco cloud, telecommunication, telecommuting, telehealth, telemetry, television, tensorflow, teradata, terraforming, tesla, inc., thecube, theory, thought, thoughts and prayers, thread (computing), throughput, thunderbolt (interface), token ring, tool, tornado, touchscreen, transmission control protocol, transparency (behavior), transport layer security, troubleshooting, truth, twilio, twitter, understanding, unemployment, unicellular organism, united states, unity (game engine), university, unstructured data, use case, value proposition, venmo, verizon communications, vibe (magazine), video on demand, videotelephony, virtual private network, virtual reality, virtual reality headset, virtualization, visualization (graphics), vmware, vmworld, vmworld 2020, vmworld 2020 analysis two, vmworld 2020 keynote analysis, vulnerability (computing), warehouse, water, waterfall model, watson (computer), wearable technology, web application, web browser, web service, weed, white-label product, wi-fi, wide area network, wikibon, wikipedia, wireless ad hoc network, women in the workforce, workload, world wide web, writer, youtube, zoom (software), zoom video communications
Ofer Bengal
CEO at Redis Labs
algorithm, amazon web services, analytics, android, api, apple, apple music, application software, audi, automation, bsd licenses, cloud computing, database, database transaction, digital transformation, docsis, enterprise software, entrepreneurship, geocaching, globalization, google, google (компания), google cloud platform, huawei, icloud, information retrieval, initial public offering, intelligence, internet of things, inventory, life (журнал), machine learning, microsoft, mobile app, open source, open-source software, oracle corporation, permissive software license, playstation, present simple, real-time computing, real-time data, reason, reddit, redis, redis labs, replication (computing), risk, search engine, search engine optimization, software , streaming media, supply chain, toyota, unity (game engine), xperia, байкал, барби, валютный рынок, интернет, ислам, минский тракторный завод, россия, солнце, стс, хоффман, дастин, цыгане
Gautam Khanna
Vice President at Infosys
application software, architect, automation, bsd licenses, business, cloud computing, contract, copyleft, customer experience, database, digital native, evaluation, fee, innovation, mentorship, microsoft, mobile phone, nature, occupational burnout, open-source software, pattern matching, postgresql, product placement, reality, startup company
Paul Moore
Technical Leader at Cisco
64-bit computing, advanced micro devices, api, bastille, berkeley packet filter, bios, booting, bsd licenses, chipset, compiler, computer file, computer science, cryptographic hash function, database, debugging, disk array controller, embedded system, encryption, eye, file system, firmware, gnu general public license, gnu grub, goal, grammar, ice, intel, interrupt, kernel (operating system), language, linux, linux kernel, linux security modules, microsoft, namespace, open source, option rom, parameter (computer programming), patch (computing), peripheral component interconnect, pointer (computer programming), pretty good privacy, privilege escalation, program optimization, python (programming language), raid, read-only memory, reason, risk, security-enhanced linux, sms, software , software bug, statistics, stream control transmission protocol, system call, tire, trusted execution technology, trusted platform module, twerking, understanding, unified extensible firmware interface, user space, vector processor, vulnerability (computing), web search engine, x86, x86-64
Matthew Schumpert
Director of Product Management at Cloudera
analytics, apache hadoop, api, backup, bsd licenses, budapest, cloud computing, cloudera, commercial software, communication protocol, conference, database, downtime, eclipse public license, economic growth, event, free software, gnu general public license, gnu lesser general public license, impact, innovation, key management, learning analytics, machine learning, matthew schumpert, open core, open source, open-source software, patch (computing), product lifecycle, product management, red hat, software innovation, strategic management, talk
Mike Anderson
director of technology at The PTR Group, Inc
analog-to-digital converter, analogue electronics, arduino, arm cortex-m, assembly language, berkeley packet filter, booting, bsd licenses, c++, can bus, card reader, caregiver, command-line interface, communication protocol, comparator, computer data storage, computer network, control theory, cpu cache, cross-platform software, cryptography , degrees of freedom (mechanics), dimmer, disassembler, disk encryption, ethernet, fedora (operating system), field-programmable gate array, file system, flash memory, general-purpose input/output, gnu general public license, hacker, hall effect, incremental encoder, inertial navigation system, instruction set architecture, internet protocol suite, interrupt, jtag, kernel (operating system), kubernetes , library (computing), lidar, linux distribution, linux mint, memory leak, message passing, mit license, modular connector, multitenancy, namespace, network interface controller, open source, oscilloscope, peer-to-peer, pentalobe security screw, phase-locked loop, potentiometer, process (computing), publish–subscribe pattern, quality of service, random-access memory, raspberry pi, regression analysis, resistor, reverse engineering, rotary encoder, rs-232, rsa (cryptosystem), satellite, scheduling (computing), screwdriver, serial port, server (computing), service-level agreement, servo (radio control), servomechanism, software repository, space debris, tempest (codename), test probe, thread (computing), time-of-flight camera, translation lookaside buffer, transmission control protocol, trusted platform module, ubuntu, ubuntu version history, usb, usb 3.0, user datagram protocol, virtual machine, virtualization, voltage, wireshark, x86
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