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Gene Kim
Author, Researcher at Business
accounting scandals, albert einstein, amazon (company), applause, apple inc., art, association football, audit, barnes & noble, bill gates, bit, bmw, book, brand, brian eno, business, business cycle, business value, ca technologies, canal, capital (economics), car, chaos engineering, comcast, community, competition, conversation, croissant, customer experience, data warehouse, david bowie, devo, devops, devops enterprise summit, devops enterprise summit las vegas, devops enterprise summit usa, digital transformation, discovery channel, does 2019, does19 las vegas, does19 us, doughnut, dropbox (service), economics, elon musk, email, email address, employee engagement, energy, enterprise resource planning, entertainment, envy, experiential learning, experiment, expert, external auditor, facebook, feedback, feeling, fifth beatle, financial capital, fonzie, food, future, gene, general motors, gil scott-heron, github, goal, google, google (компания), h&m, hope, hotel, hypothesis, information, information security, innovation, john lennon, keith primeau, knowledge, kubernetes , language, lawn, leadership, learning, lettuce, linkedin, luck, mars, matter, meaning of life, mezzanine, microsoft, microsoft excel, microsoft office, microsoft windows, microsoft word, mind, mobile app, motivation, music, national hockey league, nicolaus copernicus, nicole forsgren, nokia, nothing, operating system, organization, overtime (sports), paradigm shift, peer pressure, philadelphia, philadelphia flyers, phoenix, arizona, pittsburgh penguins, poetry, port, pride, procedural memory, property, psychological resilience, psychological safety, purescript, rail transport, reason, receipt, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, retail, science, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, scientific management, scientific method, scientific revolution, scotland, seiko epson, shopping, social media, social norm, software , soviet union, sport, stairs, startup company, steam power during the industrial revolution, steve jobs, symbian, talking heads, technology, the beatles, the last poets, the revolution will not be televised, thomas kuhn, time, toyota, transformer, truth, twitter, unicorn, unicorn horn, united states, url, vehicle, verizon communications, vodafone, wall street, warehouse, wealth, windows mobile, world of tanks, yamaha, youtube, европа, кашин, киев, латвия, мтз-80, омск, смартфон
Jim Sabogal
Senior Director for Healthcare and Life Sciences at T-Systems North America
5g, algorithm, authentication, basement, biology, biometrics, blockchain, canal, cargo, clinical trial, cloud computing, cold chain, computer hardware, computer network, coronavirus disease 2019, dose (biochemistry), electroencephalography, emergency department, fingerprint, food and drug administration, global positioning system, health, health care, health care in the united states, health informatics, internet of things, interoperability, inventory, logistics, lubricant, machine learning, medical record, medical ventilator, medication, nursing, operation warp speed, panama canal, patient, pharmacy, placebo, port, prescription drug, privacy, public health surveillance, reason, recycling, refrigerator, remote patient monitoring, science, scotty (star trek), shame, supply chain, surgery, surveillance, technology, telehealth, text messaging, the internet of things, time, transport, ventilation (architecture), wearable technology, wi-fi
James Whitcomb
CFO at Surterra
atlantic city, new jersey, brand, canal, cannabis, cannabis (drug), cash crop, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, florida, fortis (finance), hemp, irrigation, jimmy buffett, jimmy buffett's margaritaville, mass, matter, medmen, money, tallahassee, florida, tampa, florida, united states, vertical integration
Sirachai Arunrugstichai
Assignment Photographer at National Geographic Thailand
biodiversity, california, camera, canal, canal du midi, clock, coffee, community, endangered species, halloween, houston, love, marine conservation, mining, ocean, photography, resource, tap water, thailand, tourism, turkey, water, wolf, world heritage site, yuma, arizona
Conny Dorrestijn
Founding Partner at BankiFi
amsterdam, app store (ios), bank, canal, chrysler, denmark, derivative (finance), elf, english language, finance, financial technology, france, future, henry v of england, loan, management, mining, modem, money, netherlands, nothing, rembrandt, retail, shift money, shift money 2019, software release life cycle
Xu Yang
Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba
algorithm, api, calculator, canal, carburetor, concept, database, database schema, employment, honda, information, ios, kitchen, lasso (statistics), mobile app, nissan altima, percentage, pipeline (computing), reason, repeater, rifle, tempo
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