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Gary Bolles
Chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University
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Shawn Wang
Account Executive at CircleCI
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David LaChapelle
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Ann Lewnes
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Adobe
#acctags, #adobecc, #adobemax, #makeadobecc, adobe cc, adobe cloud, adobe creative cloud, adobe creative suite, adobe inc., adobe indesign, adobe keynote, adobe max, adobe max 2019, adobe max la, adobe max los angeles, adobe photoshop, american dream, andy warhol, animation, ann lewnes, art, astroworld (album), attention, austin, texas, australia, back to school (marketing), battle, billie eilish, biology, brand, business-to-business, camera, cathedral, catholic church, chief marketing officer, classroom, cloning, clothing, comfort object, consciousness, contemplation, content marketing strategy, creative cloud, creativity, creativity conference, cxo talk, david lachapelle, digital advertising, digital business, digital marketing, digital marketing campaign, digital marketing strategy, digital transformation, door, dragon ball, escapism, fashion, feeling, flashcard, food, god, home page, homelessness, honda, horror film, imagine dragons, instagram, internet, interview (magazine), japan, jean-michel basquiat, journalism, kanye west, keith haring, kenny scharf, language, laptop, lawyer, louis vuitton, marketing platform, marketing software, matter, max conference, max keynote, microprocessor, mind, mobile experience management, motion capture, museum, music, nazi germany, new york city, news, on-demand, overhead projector, ownership, pen, perception, photographer, photography, priest, prophecy, question, reason, reddit, reputation, research, rock music, sadness, science, sculpture, shantell martin, sibling, singing, siri, skateboard, social media, songs in the key of life, takashi murakami, technology, the new york times, the shining (film), the terminator, tokyo, tony hawk, trailer (promotion), truth, vampire weekend, vanity fair (magazine), vocabulary, vogue italia, web experience management, web traffic, wisdom, word, youtube
Alan Bucior
Lead Software Developer at MPC Film
abstraction, algorithm, association football, automation, business logic, c++, cathedral, computer graphics, data type, game engine, geometry, houdini (software), library (computing), life of pi (film), lighting, mind, opengl, parallel computing, pixar renderman, scripting language, shader, simulation, software , software framework, video game
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