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David Liu
Senior Technology Architect at Oracle
amazon music, bleeding, blockchain, blockchain explained, blockchain for business, blockchain technology, blockchain training, blockchain tutorial, blockchain tutorial for beginners, car, cave, chanel, cheese, cheetah, contributing to open source, email, georgia (u.s. state), golf, greenhouse, hyperledger, hyperledger blockchain, hyperledger fabric, hyperledger in blockchain, hyperledger projects, ice, introduction to hyperledger, italy, lahore, linux, milwaukee, mother, open source, open source software, plumbing, punjab, pakistan, shampoo, sushi, t-shirt, tom brady, united states, what is blockchain, what is hyperledger, what is open source, youtube, zika fever
Jim Tincher
Journey Mapper-in-Chief, Customer Experience Expert at Heart of the Customer
7-eleven, advertising, allstate, amazon (company), analytics, apple inc., art, atb financial, atlanta, atlanta hawks, attention, bank, behavior, belief, best practice, bit, blog, brainstorming, brand, budget, business-to-business, canada, canadian imperial bank of commerce, car, case study, cave, charles, prince of wales, chatbot, cherry picking, chief executive officer, cloud computing, cognition, columbus, ohio, commercial off-the-shelf, competition, concept, conversation, covid-19 pandemic, credit, credit card, credit union, culture, customer, customer experience, dashboard (business), data, demography, design, design thinking, digital transformation, e-book, education, email, empathy, employee retention, employment, engineering, ethos, experience, experiment, expert, extraversion and introversion, facebook, feedback, feeling, fellow, financial services, firefox, folk music, food safety, franklin county, ohio, future, ge healthcare, gift card, god, google ads, google chrome, grape, grocery store, hashtag, health, health care, hindsight bias, homeschooling, hope, hour, http cookie, hubspot, human, incentive, information, innovation, insurance, intelligence, internet, interview, investment, investor, jaw, jeff bezos, jim cantore, keynote, knowledge, knowledge management, lag, landing page, language, leadership, learning, leech, linkedin, loyalty program, luck, m&t bank, machine, machine learning, map, meaning of life, medallia, microsoft, millennials, mind, mindset, mining, minneapolis, minnesota, mirror, mobile phone, motivation, music, nashville, tennessee, neonatal intensive care unit, nerve, net income, net promoter, north america, north carolina, ocean, ohio, omaha, nebraska, omnichannel, onboarding, online advertising, online and offline, online chat, ontario, operationalization, organization, password, patient, persona, personalization, philadelphia, physical education, plant, poles, post-it note, price, prince of darkness (ozzy osbourne album), problem solving, property, property tax, psychological safety, psychology, quality assurance, question, quiz, raleigh, north carolina, rap-up, real-time computing, reason, research, restaurant, retail, risk, sales, sampling (statistics), san francisco, science, scotiabank, sentiment analysis, service blueprint, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, shopping, smartphone, social justice, social media, software engineering, space, startup company, state farm, strategy, supermarket, sympathy, target audience, target corporation, tax, tax levy, taxpayer, team, technology, ted (conference), telecommuting, telemetry, temperature, text messaging, the home depot, thought, ticketmaster, time, title insurance, tool, touchpoint, transparency (behavior), troubleshooting, trust (social science), twitter, understanding, united kingdom, united states, usability, usability testing, user experience design, vehicle insurance, verizon communications, vice president of the united states, videotelephony, virtual event, visa inc., weather, web browser, wi-fi, youtube, zendesk, zoom (software)
Alexander Cloninger
Assistant Professor at University of California San Diego
algorithm, billy talent, bit, cave, greece, houston, indicator function, italy, mass, mathematics, monkey, monte carlo method, newport, wales, oregon, panama, science, spinal cord, understanding, weighted arithmetic mean
Frank Savage
Director Engineering, Android Gaming and Graphics at Google
android, android (operating system), android 10, android application package, android dev summit '19, android dev summit 2019, android developers, android developers summit 2019, android devs, android devs 2019, announcement, api, cave, computer, computer hardware, debugging, electric battery, emulator, engineering, gaming, google, google play, graphics, information, integrated circuit, lightning talk, memory, new in android 2019, original equipment manufacturer, random-access memory, reason, software framework, thread (computing), tool, united states, unity (game engine)
Anthony Scopatz
Senior Community Manager at Quansight
abstract syntax tree, algorithm, apache hadoop, batch file, big data, c++, cave, clock, computer data storage, computer network, context-free grammar, cuda, data science, deep learning, dependent and independent variables, disco, diversity, entropy (information theory), environment variable, eval, for loop, formal grammar, gender, generation, gpu, graduate school, graphics processing unit, heuristic, hyperparameter optimization, interpreter (computing), json, lava, leadership, library (computing), light, linux distribution, machine learning, mapreduce, matter, namespace, neural network, news, non-binary gender, number, numpy, nvidia, open source software, open-source-software movement, ordinary least squares, parameter (computer programming), parent process, pipeline (unix), project jupyter, python, python syntax and semantics, race (human categorization), rapids, regression analysis, regular expression, regularization (mathematics), reserved word, scipy, scripting language, serialization, shell (computing), software , soul, spectrum, standard streams, string (computer science), subroutine, the volcano (british columbia), theory, tide, twitter, ubuntu, volcano, water, xonsh
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