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Yaxiong Xie
Postdoctoral Researcher at Princeton University
android (operating system), bandwidth (computing), cell site, cellular network, computer network, electric battery, encryption, experiment, facebook, google drive, information, infrastructure, internet, internet troll, mobile app, motivation, network, network congestion, playstation 4, question, server (computing), smartphone, waze, wireless, youtube
Kabir Rustogi
Head - Data Sciences at Delhivery
ai, algorithm, amazon (company), cell site, centroid, chord (peer-to-peer), data science, delivery (commerce), geocode, global positioning system, google, gps signals, hash function, joke, k-nearest neighbors algorithm, locality polygons, logistics, machine learning, mathematical optimization, news, nonlinear system, odsc, odsc india, open source, routing, signal, startup company, statistical classification, technology, warehouse, white noise
Hans Vestberg
Chairman & CEO at Verizon Communications
2019 tech picks, 3g, 4g, 5g, aaron levie, accessibility, amazon web services, application software, ashton kutcher, at&t, aws, aws cloud, aws wavelength, behavior, brand new tech, business, capitalism, cell site, child care, cloud, cloud computing, competition, computer, computer data storage, computer network, computing, corporate social responsibility, covid-19 pandemic, curriculum, data center, dennis crowley, edge computing, education, employment, entrepreneurship, fiber to the x, gadgets, globalization, grocery store, hcl technologies, health care, health system, hitrecord, hottest gadgets 2019, hottest technology, innovation, internet, internet access, joseph-gordon levitt, last mile, latency (engineering), leadership, learning, lte (telecommunication), machine learning, marc benioff, mind, mobile edge computing, netflix, newest technology, password, recession, smartphone, sms, software-defined networking, supply chain, sustainability, tc disrupt 2019, tcdisrupt, tech, techcrunch, techcrunch disrupt, technology, technology gadgets, telecommunication, telecommuting, throughput, tool, training, ultra-low latency, usability, verizon, verizon communications, verizon fios, video, virtual reality, visa inc., vodafone, wi-fi, will smith, women in the workforce
David Sacks
Co-Founder at Craft Ventures
angel investor, attention, billionaire, business development, cell site, competition, consumerization of information technology, craft ventures, dial-up internet access, documentary, ebay, economic bubble, email marketing, entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, facebook, inc., financial technology, fundraising, future, hotspot (wi-fi), how to, how to be an entrepreneur, how to start a business, human, incentive, innovation, inspiration, integrated circuit, internet, internet access, internet of things, invention, investing, law, macroeconomics, matter, mental disorder, microsoft, mind, mobile app, money, motivation, neuropsychology, organizational culture, personal computer, price, psychology, reason, risk, san francisco, silicon valley, silicon valley startups, small satellite, startup advice, startup business tips, startup company, startup entrepreneurs, startup grind, startup ideas, startup news, startup stories, startup tips, startups, stock, stubhub, success story, technology, technology news, thank you for smoking, traffic light, truth, uber, unicorn, universe, venture capital, wi-fi
Kara Nortman
Partner at Upfront Ventures
2019 tech picks, 23andme, aaron levie, abuse, accuracy and precision, adoption, aerospace, affirmative action, african americans, aggression, airbnb, alias (tv series), alzheimer's disease, amazon (company), american broadcasting company, analytics, angel investor, antibody, anxiety, application software, ashton kutcher, atmosphere of earth, audit, backup, bad robot productions, behavior, best practice, big data, biosensor, blockchain, bluetooth, board of directors, brand, brand new tech, breast, breast milk, breastfeeding, business, cancer, capitalism, cardiovascular disease, catalyst (nonprofit organization), cell site, census, chemical reaction, chemical substance, chemistry, chief executive officer, child, cholera, chronic condition, civil rights movement, clarence thomas, climate change denial, computer hardware, computer security, consumer behaviour, consumerization of information technology, conversation, craft ventures, craigslist, creativity, deep learning, dennis crowley, depression (mood), design, dial-up internet access, digital native, discrimination, disease, distribution (marketing), dna, drinking water, drug discovery, ebay, economics, ecosystem, educational technology, elon musk, empathy, employment, engineering, entertainment, entrepreneurship, escherichia coli, espn, ethics, experiment, facebook, farmworker, feeling, female entrepreneurs, fiduciary, filibuster, finance, financial technology, fine chemical, food and drug administration, food system, forgiveness, gadgets, gender, gender equality, gene, geographic information system, global positioning system, global warming, gold standard (test), greenwashing, harassment, health, health care, health system, hedge fund, hispanic and latino americans, hitrecord, hot air balloon, hotspot (wi-fi), hottest gadgets 2019, hottest technology, huffpost, hypertension, implicit-association test, in-group favoritism, infection, instagram, institute, institutional racism, insurance, integrated circuit, interest, internet, internet access, internet of things, intersectionality, invention, investor, j. j. abrams, james webb space telescope, jeff bezos, jeff jordan (venture capitalist), jet propulsion laboratory, john h. noseworthy, joke, joseph-gordon levitt, laboratory, leadership, liquid-propellant rocket, logistics, love, low earth orbit, low-carbon economy, machine learning, marc benioff, marketplace, masters of scale, medical laboratory, medication, mental health, mentorship, metaphor, mhealth, microfluidics, microscope, microsoft, milken, millennials, mind, mobile app, mondelez international, multistage rocket, nasa, netflix, newest technology, news, nothing, occupational burnout, olivia pope, oppression, optimism, orbital spaceflight, parent, parenting, partnership, paypal, personal computer, pharmaceutical industry, polymerase chain reaction, potato, poverty, pregnancy, price, privacy, private equity, property, protagonist, psychology, question, race (human categorization), racism, reality television, reason, reputation, research and development, resource, retail, reusable launch system, risk, robot, rocket, rocket lab, sales, satellite, seed money, sensitivity and specificity, shit, small satellite, smartphone, social media, social norm, social psychology, software , soundtrack, spacecraft propulsion, spacex, star wars, star wars: the force awakens, startup company, startups, stepfamily, storytelling, stubhub, sun-synchronous orbit, supply chain, supreme court of the united states, surveillance, sustainability, system, target audience, target corporation, tc disrupt 2019, tcdisrupt, tech, techcrunch, techcrunch disrupt, technology, technology gadgets, telehealth, tesla, inc., thank you for smoking, theatre, thought, thrive global, time's up (movement), traffic light, transparency (behavior), transport, truth, twitter, typhoid fever, uber, understanding, user interface, usher (musician), valuation (finance), value proposition, venture capital, viscosity, water, wi-fi, will smith, youtube
Dan Pilone
CEO at Element 84
amazon (company), amazon alexa, amazon dynamodb, amazon web services, analytics, android (operating system), automation, autoscaling, big data, butte creek (butte county, california), cell site, chico, california, cloud computing, codec, color, compositing, computer data storage, data compression, database, disaster response, encoding (memory), false color, feeling, file system, flood, geographic information system, google file system, http live streaming, machine learning, metadata, mobile app, netcdf, netflix, philosophy, program optimization, radar, real-time computing, remote sensing, rendering (computer graphics), scalability, serverless computing, software release life cycle, streaming media, telecommunications link, transcoding
Joe Flasher
Open Geospatial Data Lead at AWS
2010 haiti earthquake, aerial photography, amazon (company), amazon alexa, amazon dynamodb, amazon elastic compute cloud, amazon web services, american red cross, android (operating system), application software, automation, big data, butte creek (butte county, california), cell site, chico, california, citizen science, climate change, cloud computing, complexity, computer programming, computer vision, crowdsourcing, cubesat, database, digitalglobe, dimension, disaster response, emergency, emergency medical services, emerging technologies, facebook, feeling, flood, geographic information system, github, global positioning system, ground truth, hashtag, hurricane maria, image segmentation, imagenet, innovation, internet, internet of things, interoperability, machine learning, metadata, mind, mobile app, médecins sans frontières, natural environment, navigation, open data, open-source software, openstreetmap, radar, real-time computing, remote sensing, rendering (computer graphics), routing, san juan, puerto rico, satellite imagery, satellite navigation device, scalability, seismic magnitude scales, self-driving car, serverless computing, social media, software , software release life cycle, specification (technical standard), streaming media, telecommunications link, three-dimensional space, traffic, training, validation, and test sets, twitter, unmanned aerial vehicle, visual perception, waze, wikipedia, wireless sensor network
Altaf Shaik
Principal Security Researcher at Technical University of Berlin and Kaitiaki Labs
2g, 5g, amazon alexa, android (operating system), authentication, cell site, cellular network, communication protocol, computer network, database, denial-of-service attack, elevator, gsm, handover, image scanner, internet, ios, ip address, man-in-the-middle attack, mobile phone, self-organizing network, sim card, software bug, system, telephone
Ravishankar Borgaonkar
Research Scientist at Sintef Digital and Kaitiaki Labs
2g, 5g, amazon alexa, android (operating system), authentication, cell site, cellular network, cloud computing, communication protocol, computer network, database, denial-of-service attack, elevator, encryption, gsm, handover, home network, image scanner, input/output, intel, international mobile equipment identity, internet, internet of things, ios, ip address, laptop, lte (telecommunication), man-in-the-middle attack, mobile app, mobile phone, privacy, self-organizing network, sim card, smart grid, smart meter, sms, software bug, system, telephone, usb, voice over lte, wireless
Brujo Benavides
Staff Engineer at NextRoll
30 rock, 3d printing, acura, airline, amelia island, android (operating system), anomaly detection, anonymous function, apple inc., application software, aquarium, aurora (disney), ballistics, barometer, behavior, binary file, bit, blog, boolean data type, brown dwarf, california, callback (computer programming), canada, cell site, central processing unit, cisco systems, classical element, classical guitar, code, colombia, color, command-line interface, communication, compiler, computer, computer data storage, computer hardware, computer network, computer programming, computing, confidentiality, covid-19 pandemic, cut, copy, and paste, database, dell, dental braces, directory (computing), dog, ebay, elijah, elmo, elvis presley, email, emoji, employment, encapsulation (computer programming), error, espn, feedback, feeling, floating-point arithmetic, food, function (mathematics), functional programming, glasses, google, gradient descent, graphics processing unit, guitar, hippie, hispanic and latino americans, http cookie, information, information retrieval, interface (computing), internet, internet of things, interview, intrusion detection system, ios, java (programming language), knowledge, language, lawyer, learning curve, lease, library, library (computing), list comprehension, logic, love, luck, machine, machine learning, magic (supernatural), makefile, mars, mars landing, mathematical optimization, mathematics, meme, memory, metadata, metallica, method (computer programming), mobile app, modular programming, mother, motivation, music, navigation, neural network, news, nothing, nvidia, observation, open source, open-source-software movement, oregon, paragraph, parameter (computer programming), perception, perseverance (rover), philadelphia, philippines, playstation, playstation vita, price, property, random-access memory, raspberry pi, real-time computing, reason, recursion, recursion (computer science), reddit, reliability engineering, research, return statement, rock music, ruby (programming language), runtime system, samsung galaxy s4, satellite, sauce, semicolon, server (computing), sibling, siri, software , source code, source lines of code, space, spain, spanish language, speech synthesis, statistics, string (computer science), stroke, stylus, subroutine, text messaging, the home depot, the runaways (2010 film), time, timer, truth, twitter, type system, united states, vector processor, version control, video card, visual basic, wind, youtube
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