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Ray Youssef
CEO at Paxful
africa, bitcoin, bitcoin 2022, bitcoin 2022 conference, bitcoin 2022 miami live, bitcoin conf 2022, bitcoin conference, bitcoin culture, bitcoin history, bitcoin journalism, bitcoin magazine, bitcoin news, bitcoin news today, bitcoin price, bitcoin talk, bitcoin trading, bitcoiners, black market, cd2020, china, coindesktv, companies bitcoin, credit, credit card, crypto, crypto news today, cryptocurrency, currency, currency appreciation and depreciation, currency war, desiree dickens, emerge, emerging market, grey market, hong kong, human, latin america, lightning, lightning bitcoin, lucia-gallardo, money, paxful, payment, pound sterling, price, ray-yousseff, satoshi, smartphone, stacking sats, stock market, trade, use case, venezuela, wallet, yusuf nessary, yusuf nessary bitcoin
Bailey Reutzel
Independent Content Creator
analytics, authentication, bailey reutzel, bitcoin, bitcoin wallet, blockchain, blockstream, cd2020, coinbase, coindesktv, crypto wallet, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallet, cryptography , cybercrime, digital wallet, fee, financial transaction, internet, ios, kiara bickers, money laundering, open source, password, personal data, privacy, random number generation, regulatory compliance, segwit, tor (anonymity network), understanding
Kiara Bickers
analytics, authentication, bailey reutzel, bitcoin, bitcoin wallet, blockchain, blockstream, cd2020, coinbase, coindesktv, crypto wallet, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency wallet, cryptography , cybercrime, digital wallet, fee, financial transaction, internet, ios, kiara bickers, money laundering, open source, password, personal data, privacy, random number generation, regulatory compliance, segwit, tor (anonymity network), understanding
Lawrence H. Summers
Professor at Harvard University
bailout, basic income, ben bernanke, business cycle, cash, cd2020, central bank, china–united states trade war, coindesktv, cold war, consensus: distributed 2020, currency, debt, digital currency, economics, economy, economy of the united states, european central bank, federal reserve, fiscal policy, global governance, governance, government spending, great depression, henry kissinger, inflation, inflationism, insurance, interest, interest rate, international monetary fund, jimmy carter, labour economics, larry summers, market (economics), money, money laundering, money reimagined, precedent, presidency of donald trump, privacy, productivity, public policy, reason, reserve currency, richard nixon, special drawing rights, tax, tax rate, technological unemployment, unemployment, united states treasury secretary, welfare
Matthew Roszak
Chairman & co-founder at Bloq
airport security, anarchism, android (operating system), arbitrage, ava-labs, bank, basic income, bit, bitcoin, bitmain, blockchain, bloq, bond (finance), brave (web browser), business, business ethics, business model, business process, car, cash, cd2020, central bank, cloud computing, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, computer hardware, computer network, computing, cornell, corporation, crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, cryptography , currency, database, decentralization, department of motor vehicles, digital currency, dividend, economics, economy, emin-gun-sirer, equifax, ethereum, ethics, facebook, fee, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, financial innovation, financial technology, firewall (computing), github, hash function, hedge (finance), hedge fund, ibm, initial coin offering, innovation, insurance, internet, intranet, investment banking, it's-time-to-build, john d. rockefeller, kevin-werbach, libertarianism, marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, market liquidity, matthew-roszak, mining, mining pool, mobile payment, money, monopoly, net neutrality, netscape,, peer-to-peer, petro (cryptocurrency), plug and play, productivity, proof of work, recession, regulatory compliance, remittance, risk, routing, security, smart contract, smartphone, snapchat, social media, social networking service, space, speculation, statistics, supply chain, tax, tether (cryptocurrency), titan (supercomputer), tokenization (data security), trade, transportation security administration, twitter, unicorn (finance), user interface, value proposition, venture capital, wall street, wealth, western union, wharton
Emin Gun Sirer
Founder & CEO at Ava Labs
2021, aave, adam levy, alex skidanov, alon goren, amazon (company), api, arbitrage, art, auction, ava labs, ava-labs, avalanche, avax, bakers, bank, barbara liskov, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin network, bjorn wagner, blacklist (computing), blockchain, blockchain governance, blockchain interoperability, bloq, business, business ethics, cash, cash register, cd2020, central bank, cloud computing, coin, coindesk, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, community, computer network, computer programming, computing, conference, consensus (computer science), consensus decision-making, contract, conversation, cornell, corporation, covenant (law), craig russo, crowdfunding, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptographic hash function, currency, data, database, decentralization, decentralized finance, default (finance), defi, democracy, design, diem (digital currency), digital asset, digital security, disability, distributed computing, double-spending, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, eli ben-sasson, email, emergence, emin gun sirer, emin gün sirer, emin-gun-sirer, entrepreneurship, equal opportunity, ethereum, ethereum cross-chain, ethics, etoro, evan shapiro, event, facebook, finance, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, fintech, food, game theory, global financial system, globalization, goal, god, goldman sachs, governance, hackathon, heterogeneous network, history, imagination, imovie, information, information privacy, infrastructure, initial coin offering, innovation, insight, insurance, interest, interest rate, internet, internet of things, internet protocol suite, interoperability, investor, it's-time-to-build, jeans, jihan wu, josef holm, kathleen breitman, kernel (operating system), kevin-werbach, kitchen, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, language, latency (engineering), law, layer 1, leslie lamport, libra (digital currency), library, live, london, machine learning, macroeconomics, managing editor, marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, mark zuckerberg, market (economics), market liquidity, mathematics, matthew-roszak, mina, mina foundation, mind, mining pool, monetary policy, money, money laundering, moneydance, narrative, natural language processing, near protocol, news, non-interactive zero-knowledge proof, olaf carlson wee, ownership, panel, password, peer-to-peer, piers ridyard, polar bear, polkadot, polychain capital, polyient games, price, printer (computing), privacy, privacy and blockchain, private equity, productivity, programming language, progress, promise, proof of stake, proof of work, protocols, quantitative easing, radix, reality, reason, recession, regulatory compliance, rocket, scalability, scaling, security, sergey nazarov, server (computing), siri, skale, skale labs, smart contract, smart contracts, social contract, social media, society, space, speculation, sputnik 1, stablecoin, stan kladko, stani kulechov, starkware, startup company, status, steve jobs, summit, supply chain, supply chain management, swap (finance), system, tax, tech, technology, telecommunication, telephone, tezos, throughput, tim draper, time, token2049, trial and error, truth, tumblr, twitter, usability, use case, user interface, venmo, venture capital, virtual economy, virtual machine, visa inc., wall street, wealth, web3, welfare, wharton, world wide web, wrapped btc, yap, zack seward, zcash, zk
Kevin Werbach
Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
accountability, arbitrage, ava-labs, bank, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, bloq, business ethics, cd2020, central bank, coindesktv, communication, communication protocol, computing, consensus decision-making, cornell, corporate governance, corporation, cryptocurrency, economic system, economics, economy, emin-gun-sirer, ethics, financial crisis, financial crisis of 2007–2008, game theory, governance, information system, internet, internet governance, it's-time-to-build, jurisdiction, justice, kevin-werbach, law of the united states, leak, legal tender, libra (cryptocurrency), marc andreessen, marc-andreesen, matthew-roszak, money, money laundering, productivity, recession, regulatory compliance, reid hoffman, security (finance), space, supply chain, tax, twitter, wealth, wharton, wire transfer
Paul Tudor Jones
Founder at Tudor Investment Corp
bank, benchmark (crude oil), bitcoin, brad-keoun, cami-russo, cd2020, chicago mercantile exchange, cme, coinbase, coindesktv, commodity futures trading commission, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, ethereum, fiat money, financial market, ftx, futures contract, gemini (company), hedge (finance), interest, kevin-beardsley, kraken (company), kraken-future, litecoin, marketplace, money, option (finance), paul-tudor-jones, price, price discovery, risk, samuel-bankman-fried, supply and demand, tim-mccourt, wall street
Kathleen Breitman
Cofounder at Tezos
2021, 3d computer graphics, aave, abra, adam levy, adoption, algorithm, alon goren, amber group, android (operating system), annabelle huang, api, apple inc., art, arthur breitman, asset, attention, autonomy, ava labs, avalanche, avatar (computing), avax, bakers, baking, battle-for-the-base-layer, big tech, bioshock, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin conference 2022, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain week, blockfin, brady dale, brady-dale, brand, btcmiami, btcmiami2022, business model, capital (economics), capital market, cash register, cd2020, clock, coase, cogx2021, coinbase, coindesk, coindesk-tv, coindesktv, collectible card game, comic book, communication protocol, community, competition, computer, conference, consciousness, consensus decision-making, contract, craig russo, creativity, creator economy, credit, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, data analytics, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, design, digital collectible card game, digital identity, digital security, disability, dividend, dogecoin, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, ecosystem, edge & node, education, elias simos, emergence, emin gun sirer, emotion, equal opportunity, ethereum, ethereum kathleen breitman, ethics, etoro, event, experience, experiment, facebook, finance, financial technology, fintech, food, fortnight, fortnite, future, gaming, genre, gnosis, god, goldman sachs, google, graph, grassroots, hackathon, history, inflation, infrastructure, innovation, instagram, interest, internet, jointheconversation, josef holm, kathleen breitman, kathleen-breitman, kernel (operating system), keynote, kyle rojas, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, language, law, layer 1, learning, lendit fintech, live, loan, logic, london, magic (supernatural), magic: the gathering, market (economics), market liquidity, martin koppelmann, mass, matt boseo, matter, meme, miami blockchain week, mind, money, moneydance, narrative, new york city, news, north american bitcoin conference, olaf carlson wee, option (finance), panel, paradigm, password, paypal, perception, polychain capital, polyient games, precedent, prediction, price, privacy, privacy and blockchain, private equity, private equity secondary market, proof of stake, proof of work, property, protocols, psychological resilience, quantity, reality, reason, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, research, retail, roblox, robustness (computer science), scalability, science, sergey nazarov, siri, smart contract, smart contracts, snapchat, social media, social networking service, space, spades (card game), speedo, spotify, stani kulechov, startup company, status, steve jobs, summit, tax, tech, technological convergence, technology, tesla, inc., tezos, the beatles, the gathering (lan party), the graph, the north american bitcoin conference 2022, theory, thought, tim draper, tnabc, tnabc 2022, tnabc miami, token2049, trade-off, tradition, transaction cost, transparency (behavior), truth, twitter, uber, use case, venture capital, virtual economy, virtual reality, virtue, war, web 2.0, web 3.0, web3, will-foxley, wizards of the coast, xtz
Changpeng Zhao
CEO at Binance
academy awards, actor, adam levy, adoption, aesthetics, africa, al capone, aldi, alon goren, amazon alexa, android (operating system), anna irrera, anthony-pompliano, arcade game, art, aset kripto, asia, asset, attention, bailey-reutze, bailout, bank, behavior, big bang, binance, bitcoin, blacklist (computing), blockchain, bnb, bond (finance), bsc, business model, capital control, capital formation, car, cash, cd2020, cefi, cell (biology), central bank, ceo, changpeng zhao, changpeng-zhao, chief correspondent, chief executive officer, china, cogx2021, coin, coinbase, coindesktv, colorist, competition, concept, conference, conscience, contactless payment, contract, coronavirus disease 2019, covid-19, covid-19 pandemic, credibility, credit card, crypto, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency exchange, cuan, currency, cybercrime, cz, cz-stays-home, debit card, decentralization, decentralized finance, defi, definition, derivative (finance), digital currency, digital economy, digital security, doge, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economics, economy, economy of the united states, entrepreneurship, etherealsummit, etherealvirtual, ethereum, ethereum reuters, etoro, event, facial recognition system, fiat money, finance, financial crisis, financial market, financial technology, fintech, fireside chat, fireside chats, first-mover advantage, flag, flag of indonesia, food, founder, free trade, frédéric bastiat, future, futures contract, galaxy, ghetto, goal, hacker, hedge (finance), horizon, hotel, human, ibw, indonesia, indonesian language, inflation, interest, interest rate, internet, investment, ios, jersey, jesus, jointheconversation, josef holm, know your customer, kodak, kripto, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, laura shin, lebanon, legal tender, leverage (finance), libra (digital currency), loan, logo, luck, machine, market (economics), market liquidity, market maker, mass-adoption, metamask, mind, mobile app, mobile phone, monetary policy, money, money laundering, moneyness, moon, morgan-creek, netflix, network effect, new jersey, news, nigeria, option (finance), password, payment, paypal, perception, pharmacy, physical therapy, pine, plantation, politics, price, privacy, proof of stake, property, quarantine, question, race (human categorization), radio, rebate (marketing), regulatory compliance, renminbi, satoshi nakamoto, security (finance), severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, singapore, smart contract, social media, sonar, southeast asia, spamming, spotify, stablecoin, startup company, steam (service), stock, stock market, summit, super bowl, surgery, tax, telecommuting, telegram (software), terraria, the perfect storm (film), tim draper, time, tko, toko token, tokocrypto, too big to fail, tool, trade, trading, twitter, unemployment, united states, upload, usability, use case, user (computing), user experience, user interface, visa inc., wechat, whatsapp, wheel, xrp, youtube, zhaochangpeng
Henri Arslanian
Global Crypto Leader at PwC
#asia, #crypto, #hkbcw, #hkblockchainweek, #hkblockchainweek2020, #hongkong, absolute return, access to finance, altcoin, bank, bitcoin, bitcoin 101, bitcoincash, bitcoinmining, bitcoinnews, bitcoinprice, bitcoins, bitcointrading, blockchain, blockchain conference, blockchain education, blockchaintechnology, btc, business, cash, cashless society, cd2020, central bank, cesc, coindesktv, communication, contract, credit, crypto, crypto hedge-fund, cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency, cryptoeconomics, cryptonews, cryptotrading, decentralization, deforestation, derivative (finance), digital currency, diversification (finance), due diligence, economics, economy, education, electronic communication network, elwood, eth, ethereum, euro, european central bank, european union, exchange-traded fund, fee, finance, financial action task force, financial endowment, financial inclusion, financial industry regulatory authority, financial services authority, financial stability board, financial technology, g20, gangnam style, gas, hedge (finance), hedge fund, henri-arslanian, high-net-worth individual, index fund, insurance, internet, invest, investing, investment, investment fund, investment management, investor, libra (digital currency), litecoin, lock (water navigation), market (economics), market liquidity, mind, money, money laundering, money supply, option (finance), paul-tudor-jones, payment system, paypal, pension, physics, policy, price, privacy, prudential financial, pwc, quantitative easing, race (human categorization), reality, reinsurance, renting, retail, risk, risk management, saft, san francisco blockchain week, security (finance), self-regulatory organization, sf blockchain week, sfbw19, sfbw2020, single euro payments area, social media, speculation, sustainable development, times square, trader, trading, uncertainty, venture capital, wechat
Jon Karas
President and Co-Founder at Akoin
accessibility, africa, akoin, akon, art, asia, authentication, bank, basketball, batman, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, board of directors, botswana, brand, cash, cd2020, celebrity, coindesktv, community, computer, computer security, creativity, credit, credit card, cryptocurrency, currency, debit card, dell, digital currency, digitization, dollar, drag and drop, ebay, ecology, ecosystem, education, elon musk, emerging market, emergingmarkets, energy, entrepreneurship, ethereum, euro, evolution, facebook, feature phone, fee, fiat money, finance, financial transaction, food, fungibility, generation, google, infrastructure, interest, internet, investment, investor, john lennon, jon-karas, kenya, libra (digital currency), love, lucia-gallardo, management, market liquidity, market maker, mastercard, metadata, microcredit, mining, mobile device, mobile payment, mobile phone, money, multi-factor authentication, naismith memorial basketball hall of fame, news, nothing, online and offline, online banking, ownership, payment, pound sterling, power station, prepaid mobile phone, prepayment for service, price, property, reason, renewable energy, retail, rihanna, security (finance), senegal, singapore, smart city, smartphone, social media, society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, southeast asia, stablecoin, streaming media, supermarket, sustainability, swap (finance), tanzania, technology, technology roadmap, tether (cryptocurrency), uber, united states dollar, universal health care, utility, value (economics), wi-fi
Michael Casey
Chief Content Officer at CoinDesk
advertising, amazon (company), analytics, anonymity, apple inc., art, authentication, axios (website), bailout, bank, ben bernanke, bernie sanders, best crypto to buy, best cryptocurrency app, best cryptocurrency to invest 2021, best investment, best trading app, bias, big data, bit, bitcoin, bitcoin for beginners, blockchain, bloomberg l.p., brand, business model, business-to-business, buy cryptocurrency, capitalism, cash, caucus, cd2020, central bank, cheque, china, clickbait, cloud computing, coindesk, coindesktv, commerce, commodity futures trading commission, communication protocol, community, competition, computer, concept, consensus (computer science), consensus: distributed 2020, copyright, crypto, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency for beginners, currency, database, debt, decentralization, deposit insurance, digital currency, digitization, dividends, double-spending, echo chamber (media), elon musk, entertainment, entrepreneurship, ethereum, ethics, eureka effect, european central bank, exchange value, facebook, federal reserve, financial market participants, financial system, financial technology, first-sale doctrine, fiscal policy, free market, future, futures contract, global governance, google, governance, hedge (finance), hedge fund, how to buy bitcoin 2021, how to invest in crypto, human nature, idea, incentive, inflation, inflationism, information, infrastructure, innovation, intellectual property, interest, interest rate, international monetary fund, internet, investing for beginners, investing in cryptocurrency, investor, journalism, journalism ethics and standards, know your customer, language, larry summers, legal tender, libor, libra (cryptocurrency), libra (digital currency), license, machine learning, market (economics), mass media, meme, microgrid, mind, monetary, monetary system, money, money laundering, money reimagined, money supply, narrative, news, news media, nft, nftnyc, nfts, non-fungible tokens, nothing, ownership, passive income, payment, paywall, peer-to-peer, policy, price, prism (surveillance program), privacy, privacy and blockchain, programming language, property, reality, reason, regulatory compliance, reputation, research, reserve currency, richard dawkins, ripple labs, risk, sales, semantic web, short (finance), shoshana zuboff, social media, social security (united states), society, society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, space, special drawing rights, spotify, stablecoin, startup company, stock, storytelling, surveillance capitalism, sustainability, systemic risk, tank, tax, technology, tesla, inc., the godfather, the wall street journal, time, too big to fail, top cryptocurrency 2021, top cryptocurrency to invest in 2021, transparency (behavior), transport layer security, twitter, u.s. securities and exchange commission, united states congress, united states senate, united states treasury secretary, usability, valuation (finance), viral phenomenon, virtual world, wall street, world wide web, zero-knowledge proof
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