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Gilbert Cockton
Emeritus Professor at Northumbria University
accessibility, behaviour psychology, bruno latour, computer science, creative design work, design, design methods, design methods movement, design thinking, effective team player, engineering design process, history, innovation, motivation, privacy, prototype, reality, reason, research, research on design thoughtfulness, science, scientific method, scrum (software development), siri, sociology, software , software development, use case, ux, vocabulary, wicked problem
Veronica Hanus
Tech Public Speaker
art, ascii, best practice, call stack, code comments, code refactoring, cognition, commenting style, communication, compiler, computer, creativity, design, design methods, django, djangocon, djangocon us, docstring, emoji, folk music, future, google slides, graphical user interface, guitar, information, internet, javascript, language, learning, man page, memory, microsoft powerpoint, mind, p-value, pain, problem solving, python, python (programming language), question, reason, research, scipy, screenshot, six feet up, sixfeetup, software , thought, twitter, understanding, veronica hanus, version control, web development
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