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William Entriken
Lead author at ERC-721
adobe photoshop, advertising, andy warhol, application software, art, asset, auction, authentication, bank, bitcoin latinum, black market, blockchain, blockchain contracts, blockchain proof of workshop, brand, certificate of authenticity, computer file, contract, copyright, covid-19 testing, creating your own nft contract, cut, copy, and paste, database, dcentral miami, dcentral miami pow, dcentralcon, dcentralcon miami, dcentralcon miami pow, desktop computer, development, digital economy, discord (software), donatello (teenage mutant ninja turtles), dropbox, erc 721, erc-721, ethereum, experience, facebook, federal reserve, google chrome, how to create your own nft contract, how to make your own nft contract,, html, instagram, internet, javascript, jean-michel basquiat, kanye west, laptop, leonardo da vinci, macintosh, marvel comics, meta platforms, metadata, michelangelo, microsoft, mining, money, nft, nft contract, nft contracts, nike, inc., non-fungible token, oracle corporation, pdf, pop-up ad, proof of workshop, qr code, quentin tarantino, raphael, reese witherspoon, renaissance, royalty payment, scalable vector graphics, shortcut (computing), smart contracts, smart contracts nft, spotify, subtitles, tab (interface), tag (metadata), the pirate bay, thumbnail, twitter, upload, vector graphics, web page, web server, what are nfts, what is an nft, william entriken, world wide web, youtube
Prashant G Bhoyar
Cloud Solution Architect at AIS
amazon alexa, analytics, api, apple inc., application software, artificial general intelligence, automation, business process, c sharp (programming language), cloud computing, computer, cortana, credit card, database, deep learning, desktop environment, dropbox, email, google drive, human–computer interaction, ipod, iron man, j.a.r.v.i.s., java (programming language), life-cycle assessment, linkedin, linux, machine learning, microsoft 365, microsoft excel, microsoft visual studio, microsoft windows, microsoft word, mind, mobile app, node.js, patch (computing), pdf, platform as a service, pricing, python (programming language), question, research, science fiction film, serverless computing, sharepoint, smartphone, software as a service, speech recognition, speech synthesis, spotify, subscription business model, subtitles, twitter, virtual assistant, virtual reality, web portal, youtube
Alastair Simpson
VP of Design at Dropbox
2021, adolescence, airplane, alan cooper, alastair simpson, ambiguity, analogy, arc, arc dev, arc developer, arc devs, arc dot dev,, arcdotdev, argument, asynchronous communication, atlassian, atlassian summit 2019, attention, behavior, belief, blog, brainstorming, career, ci, cloud computing, co-creation, code, codementor, codementorx, collaborate, collaboration, communication, community, conference call, consultant, continuous integration, conversation, conversational development, creativity, culture, decision-making, design, designer, developers, distraction, dropbox, elvis presley, emotional intelligence, empathy, engineer, equal opportunity, everyday life, freelance developer, freelance developers, freelance platform, full time developer, gigster, git, git repository, gitlab, goal, health, hire developer, human, industrial revolution, integrate, integration, intelligence, internship, interview, job interview, knowledge, leadership, linkedin, maslow's hierarchy of needs, mentorship, menu, mind, mindset, motivation, mural, music, myth, narrative, news, nonlinear gameplay, on-premises git solutions, online chat, open source, organization, organizational culture, pipelines, product, programmers, prototype, question, reason, reddit, remote, remote by gitlab, remote dev team, remote developer, remote developers, remote engineering team, remote work, research design, revolution, risk, rosenfeld media, résumé, self, server, siri, social exclusion, social media, software development, stand-up comedy, storytelling, success, system, team, technology, telecommuting, tetris, texas, theory, thought, thumb signal, time, toptal, tradition, trailer (promotion), truth, tutorial, usability, usability testing, user experience, ux, value (ethics), vcs , version control system, videotelephony, virtue, working time
Lauren Peikert
Marketing Campaign Manager at
343 industries, adobe photoshop, advertising, alastair simpson, ambiguity, apple inc., arc, arc dev, arc developer, arc devs, arc dot dev,, arcdotdev, argument, asynchronous communication, attention, authenticity, autonomy, backlink, blog, blogging, brand, career, codementor, codementorx, communication, community, consultant, conversation, costco, courtny cotten, creative director, css , culture, design, design thinking, designer, dropbox, emotion, emotional intelligence, employment, english language, expert, facebook, feeling, freelance developer, freelance developers, freelance platform, frozen (2013 film), full time developer, gigster, gitlab, google search, graphical user interface, graphics, halo (franchise), hire developer, html, human factors and ergonomics, idea, incentive, innovation, intelligence, internship, interview, job, job application, job interview, job search, keyword research, leadership, learning, linkedin, lisa smith, maslow's hierarchy of needs, memory, mentorship, microsoft, microsoft powerpoint, mind, mindset, mood (psychology), moonpig, motivation, nadia udalova, narrative, newspaper, nonlinear gameplay, online community, pet sounds, product, product management, product manager, productivity, public speaking, question, reason, recruitment, remote, remote dev team, remote developer, remote developers, remote engineering team, remote work, retail, résumé, search engine optimization, social media, software , steph smith, storytelling, success, technology, telecommuting, the hustle, thought, tim zallmann, toptal, true self, truth, twitter, understanding, usability, volunteering, web design, working time, world wide web, writer, youtube, zapier
Yamini Rangan
Chief Customer Officer at HubSpot
2019, 5 myths, academy, best practice, blogging, brand, brian halligan, bring your own device, business, business model, case study, cloud computing, community growth, community playbook, customer relationship management, customers, digital marketing, dropbox, dropbox (service), entrepreneurs , entrepreneurship, export, founder, g suite, go to market, hubspot cmx summit, internet, internet access, investor, knowledge worker, leverage (finance), luxury goods, machine learning, market (economics), marketing, mobile app, moving upmarket, price, product differentiation, return on investment, saas events, saas marketing, saas speaker, saastr, saastr annual, sales, salesforce, scaling, segmentation, seo, speaker, startups, the product strategy, upselling, what is hubspot, yamini rangan
Rondy Ng
Senior Vice President, Applications Development at Oracle
30804383, ai, business analytics epm apps cloud, business model change, cao, dropbox, erp cloud, internet of things, iot, keynote presentation, machine learning, ml, oow, oow 2018, oow2018, oow2018-gallery, openworld keynotes (full), oracle, oracle erp, oracle open world 2018, oracle openworld, ow-18-33, product keynote, search-gallery, senior vice president adaptive intelligent apps, sessions, svp product development, vp it applications
Tonis Tiigi
Software Engineer at Docker
Matt Rickard
MBA Candidate at Stanford Graduate School of Business
Akihiro Suda
Software Engineer at NTT
actuator, android (operating system), api, apple inc., black belt, computer data storage, computer file, computer hardware, computing, containers, corporation, covid-19 pandemic, docker, environment variable, fedora (operating system), file system, insurance, internet, japan, library, lightweight directory access protocol, marcus junius brutus, microsoft windows, network file system, network information service, open source, open-source software, password, pinterest, playstation 4, port (computer networking), research, sake, saudi arabia, siri, software , ssh (secure shell), superuser, systemd, tax, transmission control protocol, user (computing), user datagram protocol, vehicle insurance, vulnerability (computing), waze
Ross Piper
VP of Entertainment Strategy at Dropbox
adobe inc., advertising, api, application software, cic, cloud, cloud computing, cloud innovation conference, collaborate, computer data storage, computer file, consumerization of information technology, dropbox, dropbox (service), education, email, enable innovation., encryption, etc, etcentric, filmmaking, hard disk drive, innovation, internet, m&e, market (economics), mass media, media, metadata, mobile app, nab, personal computer, ross piper, sales, sca, usc, version control, vnab, vnab 2016, vp of entertainment strategy
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