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Krista Pawley
Co-Founder, Head of Impact and Reputation at SingularityU Canada
alberta, canada, catalysis, cavalry, child, community, edmonton, esight, exponential canada, exponential thinking, financial technology, future, generation, geordi la forge, health care, hell, inclusion, innovation, legally blonde, mexico, organization, podcast, porcelain, roomba, singularity university, singularityu canada, star trek, summit, technological singularity, technology, tool
Jane Kearns
Senior Advisor, Cleantech at MaRS Discovery District
car, carbon capture and storage, carbon engineering, carbon-neutral fuel, clean technology, cleantech, combustion, economics, edmonton, electric vehicle, electricity generation, energy development, engine, exponential canada, exponential thinking, fossil fuel, fuel, gasoline, inclusion, innovation, internal combustion engine, levelized cost of energy, methane, natural gas, petroleum, renewable energy, renewable natural gas, singularity university, singularityu canada, summit, transport, vehicle, wind power
Zayna Khayat
Future Strategist at SE Health
3d printing, babylon health, biopsy, caregiver, consumerization of information technology, ct scan, disease, dose (biochemistry), edmonton, eric topol, exponential canada, exponential thinking, health insurance, health system, health technology, healthcare in canada, healthsingularityu, hospital, inclusion, innovation, magnetic resonance imaging, medicare (canada), national health service, nursing, patient, pharmacy, physician, primary care, radiology, retail, singularity university, singularityu canada, summit
Tiffany Vora
Faculty & Vice Chair, Digital Biology & Medicine at Singularity University
23andme, base pair, blockchain, cell potency, crispr, dna, dna sequencing, edmonton, exponential canada, exponential thinking, gene, genetic engineering, genetics, genome project, genomics, george church (geneticist), human genome project, inclusion, induced pluripotent stem cell, innovation, machine learning, medical diagnosis, medical tricorder, nucleic acid double helix, nucleic acid sequence, organ transplantation, sequencing, singularity university, singularityu canada, summit, synthetic biology, technological singularity
Gabrielle Scrimshaw
Strategy Consultant & Speaker at
africa, anthropology, apple inc., canada, canadian aboriginal syllabics, canadian indian residential school system, culture, edmonton, exponential canada, exponential thinking, firstvoices, google maps, inclusion, indigenous, indigenous peoples, innovation, language, learning, mental health, mentorship, north america, pow wow, reconciliation, self, shopify, singularity university, singularityu canada, summit, technology, telepresence, truth and reconciliation commission, truth and reconciliation commission (south africa), truth and reconciliation commission of canada, understanding
Lisa Solomon
Designer in Residence: Futures and Frontiers of Design at Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford ( )
3d printing, ai, alita (battle angel alita), amputation, anthropology, anxiety, ar, artificial intelligence, attention, augmented reality, automation, ball, bionics, biotechnology, blockchain, child, chronic condition, collaboration, collage, communication, computing, conversation, credibility, crispr, critical thinking, culture, curriculum, decision-making, design thinking, designing thinking, disability, disease, edmonton, education, educational technology, emotion recognition, empathy, england, entrepreneurship, exponential canada, exponential medicine, exponential thinking, finger, fintech, food and drug administration, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futurism, futurist, genetics, global summit, grit (personality trait), hand, haptic technology, health, healthtech, imagination, inclusion, innovation, leadership, learning, learning management system, longevity, machine learning, market (economics), medtech, memory, millennials, mindfulness, mindset, nanotechnology, neisseria meningitidis, open bionics, personalized medicine, peter diamandis, pride, prosthesis, psychological resilience, psychology, puppet, ray kurzweil, reason, robot, robotics, science, self-awareness, sense, service-learning, singularity hub, singularity university, singularityhub, singularityu canada, skepticism, social media, social science, social skills, somatosensory system, summit, talks, team, technology, thought, tilly lockey, understanding, vibration, virtual reality, vr, worldview, worry, xmed
Tilly Lockey
Ambassador at Open Bionics
alita (battle angel alita), amputation, ball, bionics, child, collage, disability, edmonton, england, exponential canada, exponential thinking, finger, futurist, hand, haptic technology, imagination, inclusion, innovation, neisseria meningitidis, open bionics, pride, prosthesis, puppet, robotics, sense, singularity university, singularityu canada, social media, somatosensory system, summit, technology, tilly lockey, vibration
Nick Dechev
Acting Chairman Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Victoria
3d printing, 3d scanning, alternative medicine, amputation, assistive technology, business model, carpentry, computing, cosmetics, disability, economics, edmonton, exponential canada, exponential thinking, forge, hospital, image scanner, inclusion, innovation, orthopedic surgery, patient, price, prosthesis, reason, singularity university, singularityu canada, social stigma, stainless steel, summit, technology, tool, university of victoria, world health organization
Irwin Adam Eydelnant
Future of Food Faculty at Singularity University
agriculture, automation, carbon dioxide, carbon sequestration, cereal, crispr, edmonton, exponential canada, exponential thinking, fertilizer, food, food security, food system, future, genetic engineering, genetically modified organism, genome editing, global positioning system, green revolution, greenhouse gas, inclusion, innovation, meat, perennial plant, plant breeding, pollination, robobee, singularity university, singularityu canada, soil, summit, the land institute, wheat
Taddy Blecher
CEO at Community Individual Development Association and Maharishi Institute
anxiety, consciousness, creativity, dysthymia, economic inequality, edmonton, education, elon musk, exponential canada, exponential thinking, inclusion, innovation, meditation, metacognition, nous, post-traumatic stress disorder, poverty, problem solving, psychological trauma, psychology, ray kurzweil, robot, self-esteem, self-harm, sense, singularity university, singularityu canada, stress (biology), summit, technological singularity, unemployment, virgin group, what a piece of work is a man
Suzanne Gildert
Founder & CEO at Sanctuary AI
3d printing, ai, amazon echo, analytics, ar, architecture, artifical intelligence, artificial general intelligence, artificial intelligence, artificial neural network, augmented reality, automation, biotechnology, blockchain, boston dynamics, brain–computer interface, computing, concept, consciousness, crispr, deep learning, designing thinking, dolphin, edmonton, education, educational technology, engineer, entrepreneurship, ethics, evidence-based medicine, evolution, expert, exponential canada, exponential thinking, feeling, fintech, future, future forecasting, future of learning, future of work, futurism, futurist, genetics, global summit, graphics processing unit, hanson robotics, hawaii, health, healthtech, humanoid, humanoid robot, hypercholesterolemia, hypothesis, idea, inclusion, innovation, instinct, intelligence, internet of things, leadership, learning, machine learning, medtech, memory, mind, nanotechnology, new york (state), perception, perceptron, peter diamandis, predation, privacy, problem solving, qualia, rain, ray kurzweil, reality, reason, risk, robot, robotics, science, self-driving car, sentience, simulation, singularity hub, singularity university, singularityhub, singularityu canada, siri, sophia (robot), summit, talks, technological singularity, technology, thought, time, time travel, uncanny valley, understanding, virtual reality, vr, westworld (film)
Oren Berkovich
Founder and CEO at SingularityU Canada
blackfoot confederacy, canada, canadians, chief executive officer, cree, culture, deloitte, edmonton, education, exponential canada, exponential thinking, food, health, history, inclusion, indigenous peoples, innovation, inuit, kpmg, language, meaning of life, nakota, news, question, singularity university, singularityu canada, sioux, summit, technological singularity, technology, treaty 6
Ajay Agrawal
Geoffrey Taber Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Toronto
alfred p. sloan foundation, apple inc., arkansas, baltimore, broadway (manhattan), canada, canadian institute for advanced research, computer, creative destruction, edmonton, electricity, elon musk, eye, facebook, furniture, georgia (u.s. state), google, hot springs, arkansas, intelligence, karaoke, learning, machine, machine learning, montreal, nike, inc., pharmacy, podcast, research, science, south dakota, temperature, tesla, inc., toronto, wisconsin, xbox, xbox one
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