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Graig Wright
Chief Scientist at nChain
advertising, aibcsummit, bernie madoff, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin network, bitcoin sv, bitcoinsv, blackmail, blockchain, bounty (reward), bribery, bsv, btc, capitalism, child, child pornography, coingeek, coingeek london, coingeek london conference, communication protocol, computer, computer network, conference, contract, corruption, craig wright, craig wright satoshi, craigwright, credit card, crime, crypto, cryptocurrency, currency, cypherpunk, decentralization, developers, digital currency, digital signature, distributed computing, double-spending, ecology, electronic lock, email, encryption,, ethereum, evidence, explanation, exponential growth, facebook, fee, fentanyl, fiat money, financial transaction, fintech, fintect, fireside chat, firewall (computing), fraud, gateway (telecommunications), hacker, hbgary, heroin, hope, hyundai motor company, information, initial coin offering, internet, internet of things, internet protocol, internetwork packet exchange, investment, ip address, jimmy nguyen, julian assange, jurisdiction, kidnapping, law, liberty reserve, life imprisonment, london, malware, man-in-the-middle attack, message, micropayment, mining, monero, money, multiplayer video game, nakamoto, network packet, novell, online and offline, osi model, payment, paypal, peer-to-peer, pornography, price, privacy, proof of work, public key infrastructure, punishment, realsatoshi, reason, satoshi, satoshi nakamoto, security hacker, sentence (law), seoul, server (computing), silk road (marketplace), sms, south korea, statute of frauds, stock exchange, subsidy, taekwondo, technology, time, transmission control protocol, transport layer, u.s. securities and exchange commission, uk, ukraine, user datagram protocol, visa inc., web of trust, wikileaks, world of warcraft, world wide web
Jimmy Nguyen
Founding President & Co-Founder at Bitcoin Association
advertising, algorithmic trading, andreessen horowitz, bank, belief, billingsgate, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin core, bitcoin network, bitcoin sv, blockchain, blog, bsv, building, business, business model, business software, capitalism, cheating, city of london, coin, coingeek, communication protocol, competition, computer network, conference, contract, craig steven wright, craig wright, credit, credit card, crowdsourcing, crypto, cryptocurrency, currency, derivative (finance), digital currency, digital electronics, distributed computing, diversification (finance), doping in russia, doping in sport, economics, economy, ecosystem, electronic health record, electronic lock, encryption, entrepreneurship,, ethereum, facebook, fee, fentanyl, fiat money, financial transaction, fireside chat, fireside chats, hackathon, hedge (finance), hedge fund, heroin, hyperledger, inflation, information, initial coin offering, interest, internet, internet of things, internet protocol, internetwork packet exchange, interoperability, investment, investment fund, investment management, investor, ip address, islamic banking and finance, jimmy nguyen, julian assange, know your customer, language, law, lightning network, loan, london, market (economics), microcredit, microfinance, micropayment, microtransaction, mining pool, monero, money, money laundering, nakamoto, nature, netflix, novell, online and offline, option (finance), payment system, peer-to-peer, personal data, pharmaceutical industry, pig, point of sale, pound sterling, price, privacy, privacy and blockchain, private equity, privately held company, proof of work, regulatory compliance, reliability engineering, risk, sasha williams (the walking dead), satoshi, satoshi nakamoto, securitization, security (finance), self-driving car, seoul, shakers, smart contract, social media, south korea, spotify, startup company, streaming media, subscription business model, tax, technology, time, truth, twitter, united states dollar, vehicle, venture capital, visa inc., vitalik buterin, web application, website, website monitoring, wikileaks, world anti-doping agency, youtube
Jeff Beck
Director Of Engineering at SmartThings
amazon alexa, application software, authentication, booting, building automation, cloud computing, computer network, direct connect (protocol), electronic lock, emergency exit, encryption, firmware, identifier, lock and key, principle of least privilege, public-key cryptography, read-only memory, security alarm, signature, siri, smartthings, use case, world wide web, z-wave, zigbee
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