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Greg Bennett
Director of Conversation Design at Salesforce
accent (sociolinguistics), accessibility, affordance, anthropomorphism, backchannel (linguistics), brand, business, chatbot, cloud computing, communication, conversation, conversation analysis, correlation and dependence, discourse analysis, email address, empathy, engineering, english language, experiment, gameplay of pokémon, goal, google assistant, hatred, idea, interactive voice response, intonation (linguistics), language, linguistics, linkedin, menu (computing), mind, mobile app, multimedia, multimodal interaction, omnichannel, password, perception, persona, questionnaire, reason, research, robot, salesforce, science, screen reader, sense, sensitivity and specificity, sociology, speech synthesis, startup company, statistics, storytelling, technical support, text messaging, tone (linguistics), turn-taking, twitter, understanding, use case, utterance, virtual assistant
Sami Start
Co-Founder & CEO at Transak
2021, bank, bank account, bitcoin, car, chocolate, computer, crypto, cryptocurrency, customer, email, email address, ethereum, experience, jargon, keynote, live, london, making blockchain applications available to mainstream users, minnie mouse, mobile app, money, nothing, one-time password, password, payment, payment processor, proposition, public-key cryptography, regulatory compliance, sami start, token2049, transak, united kingdom
Chris Oliver
Podcast at Remote Ruby
computer file, css , email, email address, email box, email client, gmail, html, html element, identifier, internet forum, javascript, letter box, mobile app, parameter, real-time computing, ruby (programming language), ruby on rails, thread (computing), twitter, variable (computer science), web template system, youtube
Beth Alderson
Teams Integration Manager at eXp Realty
adolescence, apartment, brand, breitbart news, contract, conversation, data, education, email, email address, fee, goal, hawaii, information, intercom, knowledge, knowledge base, onboarding, payment, pleasure, question, real estate, real property, tea, toll-free telephone number
Todd Little
Chief Architect at Oracle Blockchain Platform
adam levy, alon goren, analytics, api, automation, bank, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain explained, blockchain for business, blockchain technology, blockchain training, blockchain tutorial, blockchain tutorial for beginners, booting, business, business process, central bank, conference, consensys, contract, contributing to open source, crypto, cryptocurrencies, dan doney, decentralized finance, defi, digital currency, digital security, draper goren holm, draper venture network, economy, email, email address, enterprise blockchain, ethereum shailee adinolfi, etoro, event, exchange-traded fund, fiat money, finance, github, goal, governance, hedera hashgraph, human-readable medium, hyperledger, hyperledger blockchain, hyperledger fabric, hyperledger in blockchain, hyperledger projects, interest, internet relay chat, introduction to hyperledger, investment, investor, jordan fried, josef holm, jpmorgan chase, jules hilliard, kadena, la blockchain summit, la blockchain week, law, linux, majority , money, money laundering, open source, open source software, oracle, organization, out-of-band management, pain, paypal, privacy and blockchain, product lifecycle, reason, secure block tech, securrency, signature, smart contract, stablecoin, stock, stock exchange, summit, technological convergence, tim draper, todd little, tool, united nations, veto, visa inc., what is blockchain, what is hyperledger, what is open source, will martino
Jas Suri
IAM Senior Program Manager at Microsoft
apple id, apple inc., authentication, authenticator, blockchain, build, build secure b2c applications​ with azure ad external identities | od500, c1x9, christer ljung, digicert, domain name system, email, email address, gayan randeny, jas suri, login, macos, microsoft, microsoft account, microsoft build, microsoft build 2021, microsoft developer, mobile app, msft build, msft build 2021, multi-factor authentication, od500, on-demand, password, qr code, security, security token, skype, steam (service), transport layer security, user (computing), web browser, web portal, world wide web
Ryan MacLean
DevOps Practitioner, Tech Evangelist at Datadog
android (operating system), api, azure, bit, build, c1x9, christmas, cigarette, dog, electronic cigarette, email, email address, github, hell, hope, how to monitor your aks microservices with datadog | od484, infrastructure, internet, jaime easter, kubernetes , microservices, microsoft, microsoft build, microsoft build 2021, microsoft developer, mobile app, msft build, msft build 2021, netherlands, network socket, od484, on-demand, point of sale, resource, ryan maclean, tablet computer, url, web api, world wide web
Nik Charledois
Senior Program Manager - Microsoft Graph at Microsoft
analytics, binary file, build, c1x9, cartesian coordinate system, cloud computing, computer file, conceptual model, data visualization , directory (computing), drag and drop, email, email address, getting started with microsoft graph data connect | od483, icon (computing), information privacy, json, kinect, line chart, microsoft, microsoft azure, microsoft build, microsoft build 2021, microsoft developer, microsoft onedrive, mobile app, modern work, msft build, msft build 2021, nikolas-laprade charlebois, od483, office 365, on-demand, pipeline (computing), privacy, text editor, web portal
Bianca Baumann
Director, Learning Experience at GP Strategies
#lt20uk, body language, brainstorming, brand, chatbot, credit card, educational technology, elearning, email address, email marketing, google sheets, intelligence, internet, internet bot, interview, inventory, learning management system, learning technology, marketing learning, mentorship, motivation, multimedia, music, sales, slack (software), target audience, test (assessment), touchpoint, white paper
Rich Dawson
Senior Manager Learning Development at Burberry
art, bed, bespoke, brand, bread, business intelligence, educational technology, email, email address, facebook, feeling, laptop, leadership, learning, mailchimp, news, onboarding, pain, privacy, promotional merchandise, refrigerator, social media, union (american civil war), world wide web
Andrew Chee
Senior Sales Engineer at LightStep
ancient greece, android (operating system), api, application software, architecture, behavior, cash, continuous delivery, data, database, email, email address, hand, inventory, ios, latency (engineering), map, midfielder, question, regression analysis, root, software , wendy's, world wide web
Nitin Sharma
Senior Research Scientist at PayPal Risk Sciences
adversarial machine learning, automation, credit, credit card, demography, design, email address, function (mathematics), information, lawn, learning, loss function, market (economics), mastercard, mathematical optimization, money, motivation, paypal, prediction, reason, risk, social media, timer, visa inc., vulnerability (computing)
Salar Rahmanian
Senior Software Engineer at Collective Health
actor model, application software, behavior, boolean algebra, central processing unit, communication, communication protocol, computer hardware, database, email, email address, email box, health, ibm personal computer, intel, intel 80486, personal computer, prototype, skype, subscription business model, switch, system, telemetry, twitch (service), twitter
Sam Olsen
Software Engineer at Google
android (operating system), authentication, cloud computing, complexity, email, email address, facebook, firebase, firebase authentication, gmail, google drive, ios, json, login, password, security token, serverless computing, social media, software development kit, uniform resource identifier, url, url redirection, use case, user identifier, web browser, world wide web
Malcolm Deck
Senior Software Engineer at Google
android (operating system), authentication, cloud computing, complexity, email, email address, facebook, firebase, firebase authentication, gmail, google drive, ios, json, login, password, security token, serverless computing, social media, software development kit, uniform resource identifier, url, url redirection, use case, user identifier, web browser, world wide web
Maxwell Krohn
Head of Security Engineering at Zoom
alice and bob, backdoor (computing), client (computing), cloud computing, cryptographic hash function, cryptography , email, email address, encryption, end-to-end encryption, github, key (cryptography), laptop, man-in-the-middle attack, martin hellman, patch (computing), public-key cryptography, server (computing), single sign-on, social engineering (security), telephone, transport layer security, videotelephony, whitfield diffie, zoom (software)
Asgeir Gunnarsson
Owner at North insight
adoption, art, audit, authentication, barrel, data, database, email, email address, funeral, inventory, json, login, microsoft sql server, office 365, overtime, password, property, reason, regulatory compliance, representational state transfer, sharepoint, siri, software , speech recognition, sql
Vin Yu
Product Manager at Microsoft
active directory, azure devops server, central processing unit, cloud computing, code, command-line interface, continuous integration, database, domain name system, email address, kubernetes , linux, linux distribution, microsoft azure, microsoft sql server, operating system, password, powershell, public key certificate, public-key cryptography, quantifier (logic), rsa (cryptosystem), server, sql, transport layer security, windows 8, world wide web
Laurie Rowly
CEO & Co-Founder at Icon Savings Plan
401(k), ai, angel investor, asset, attention, bank, banking, banks and financial institutions, batch file, bit, bitcoin, blockchain, chief executive officer, dam, design, economy, email, email address, employment, fee, financial adviser, generation, icon (computing), information, innovation, interest, interview, investment, it, know your customer, mergers and acquisitions, music, onboarding, password, payroll, pension, portable, question, racism, restaurant, retirement, seattle, snowshoe, space, space exploration, spacex, sport, steve jobs, switch, technology, user identifier, workforce, workplace
Laura Weinflash
Senior Payments Executive at Early Warning
automated teller machine, bank, behavior, cash, conversation, credit, credit card, credit union, customer experience, debit card, ebay, email, email address, financial transaction, focus group, grocery store, insurance, mobile phone, money, payment, payments, personal identification number, point of sale, social norm, text messaging, zelle (payment service)
Andy Clemenko
Principal Specialist Solution Architect at Red Hat
abstraction, application software, base64, command-line interface, computer file, containers, continuous integration, digitalocean, docker, email, email address, full body scanner, function (mathematics), github, image scanner, information, jenkins (software), kubernetes , language, metadata, reason, server (computing), stack (abstract data type), standardization, use case, version control, xml schema
Ben Preston-Marriott
Senior Product Owner (Director) at GAIN Credit
bank, bit, car, cloud computing, contract, customer, customer experience, digital identity, driver's license, email, email address, experience, false positives and false negatives, fantasy sport, innovation, language, license, life-cycle assessment, payment, regulatory compliance, risk, risk assessment, selfie, touchpoint, workflow
James Bennett
Web developer for the World Company of Lawrence, Kansas
capital ẞ, character (computing), character encoding, control character, diaeresis (diacritic), email address, filename, flag semaphore, interpreter (computing), letter case, morse code, orthographic ligature, plane (unicode), precomposed character, punched tape, regular expression, string (computer science), telegraph code, telegraphy, unicode, unicode equivalence, utf-16, utf-32, utf-8, ß
Yiting Jin
Senior Product Manager at Atlassian
apple inc., atlassian, audit, bitbucket, cloud computing, data loss, data loss prevention software, domain name, email, email address, end user, identity provider, mobile app, multi-factor authentication, password, password policy, password strength, procurement, product lifecycle, remote summit 2020, retail loss prevention, screenshot, single sign-on, smartphone, subscription business model, tablet computer, use case
Derric Haynie
Chief Ecommerce Technologist at Ecommerce Tech
advertising, agnosticism, airbnb, amazon (company), android (operating system), angel investor, apple inc., attention, audiobook, automation, beats electronics, behavior, belief, bias, blog, brainstorming, brand, brand awareness, brazilian jiu-jitsu ranking system, business, business marketing, business-to-business, buzzfeed, candy, chatbot, chief marketing officer, click-through rate, cold email, content marketing, coupon, creativity, credit card, culture, customer experience, customer lifetime value, digital marketing, digital marketing expert, distraction, domain name, dream, e-book, education, email address, email marketing, email spam, empathy, employment, entrepreneurship, experiment, facebook, faq, fiction, forbes, goal, google, google chrome, google play, growth hacking, hacker, hashtag, health care, hubspot, hypothesis, innovation, instagram, interest, internet bot, internet celebrity, internet meme, interview, inventory, investor, landing page, language, lead generation, leadership, lean startup, learning, lens, linkedin, livechat, luxury goods, market (economics), marketing channel, marketing communications, marketing strategy, mass media, mergers and acquisitions, microsoft excel, mind, mindset, mobile app, neo (the matrix), net promoter, netflix, news, nothing, onboarding, online and offline, opportunism, organizational culture, pay television, personal branding, personalization, philips hue, podcast, point of sale, pr newswire, pricing, promise, property, psychology, publishing, qualitative research, question, reality, reason, research, retail, risk, rotten tomatoes, sales, sampling (statistics), search engine optimization, serial killer, shareware, shopify, social media, spotify, spreadsheet, sql, startup company, statistical significance, statistics, steam (service), stitcher radio, subscription business model, sweepstake, take-out, target corporation, targeted advertising, team, technology, technology roadmap, the matrix, the new york times, the oracle (the matrix), the plain dealer, tik tok (song), tim kennedy (fighter), time, touchpoint, truth, twitter, ubm plc, usability, usability testing, use case, video game, viral phenomenon, vlog, web conferencing, web syndication, web widget, whatsapp, writer, youtube
Reza Rad
CEO, Coach, Consultant at RADACAD
20-minute theater, advanced (300), aggregation and composite model: microsoft power bi fast and furious - thr3016, architect (technical), big data, bit, business analyst, community session, concept, consultant (technical), cremation, dashboard (business), data, data transformation, database, database index, database transaction, democracy, dodge, email, email address, fact table, graphical user interface, hierarchy, information, information retrieval, infrastructure architect, internet, it professional / developer, language, law, login, lookup table, matter, mbas19, mbas2019, memory, microsoft excel, microsoft power bi: unleash row level security patterns in power bi - thr3015, microsoft sql server, organization, payroll, power bi, price, provenance, qr code, reddit, roseanne barr, sales, solution implementer, sql, table (database), table (information), tax, united states, user (computing), web portal, working memory
Paul Stansel
Director, National EUC Practice at Presidio
active directory, analytics, authentication, authenticator, business, citrix cloud, citrix synergy 2019, citrix systems, cloud, collaboration, command-line interface, content-control software, desktop environment, email, email address, enterprise, face id, firewall (computing), gmail, google authenticator, hard disk drive, internet protocol, load balancing (computing), mergers and acquisitions, microsoft azure, microsoft sql server, mobility, multi-factor authentication, netscaler, networking, office 365, packet loss, password, proxy server, screenshot, security token, single sign-on, software , split tunneling, technology, touch id, transport layer security, tunneling protocol, user datagram protocol, virtual desktop, virtual private network, virtualization, workspace, world wide web, youtube
Shane O'Neill
Senior Solutions Architect at Enterprise Solutions Ltd
active directory, analytics, authentication, authenticator, business, citrix cloud, citrix synergy 2019, citrix systems, cloud, collaboration, command-line interface, email, email address, enterprise, gmail, google authenticator, mergers and acquisitions, microsoft azure, mobility, multi-factor authentication, netscaler, networking, packet loss, password, proxy server, screenshot, security token, single sign-on, software , split tunneling, technology, virtual private network, virtualization, workspace, youtube
Alan Hickmon
Sales Engineer at Zoho
adoption, advertising, application programming interface, application software, british columbia, checkbox, cloud computing, customer relationship management, cut, copy, and paste, direct marketing, dropbox (service), eastbound & down, email, email address, email authentication, email client, form (html), gmail, godaddy, google, google chrome, image scanner, internet message access protocol, landing page, lead generation, linkedin, mail, microsoft, microsoft excel, microsoft exchange server, microsoft outlook, mobile app, office 365, password, pdf, reason, sales force management system, sales process engineering, social media, spreadsheet, tab (interface), time management, world wide web, yahoo!, zillow, zoho, zoholics, zoholics 2019, zoholics austin
Wienke Giezeman
CEO & Co-founder at The Things Industries
agnosticism, amazon web services, atlanta, bit, bluetooth, brazil, brittany, business, business model, cloud computing, common gateway interface, computer data storage, computer network, crowd, cryptography , customer relationship management, data, data center, ecosystem, email, email address, encryption, end-to-end encryption, ethernet, feedback, firmware, frontrunner, future, github, gnu general public license, google, hardware security module, home network, ibm personal computer, india, industry, interest, internet, internet of things, interoperability, iot, kinect, lora, lorawan, meal, mexico, microcontroller, microsoft, microsoft azure, mixed reality, mobile phone, multitenancy, network, norway, of, open source, phosphorus, positive feedback, prediction, privacy, provisioning (telecommunications), qr code, quality of service, raspberry pi, router (computing), routing, salesforce, server (computing), sim card, single sign-on, slovenia, smart city, software , source code, subscription business model, synergy, technologie, technology, the, things, time, ttn, united kingdom, united states, web browser, weed, wi-fi
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